2012 / December (719 releases)

December 2012

Download Website 09 Dec 00:20 French Word Searches 0.2b


French Word Searches is designed for beginner to intermediate learners of French, such as those preparing for the UK GCSE French exam. It allows the user to play word searches based on 1,200 items of essential French vocabulary. Word searches may be tailored to the user's desired combination of topics.

Release Notes: You can now select whether to allow words backwards. Your preferences (selected topics and whether words are allowed backwards and diagonally) are now saved. A "bug report" item has been added to the menu.

Download Website 09 Dec 00:19 ZABBIX 2.0.4


ZABBIX is an enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, and other IT resources. It supports distributed and Web-based monitoring, auto-discovery, real-time monitoring, SLA assurance, trending, and more.

Release Notes: This release candidate introduces a few minor features and a number of bugfixes.

Download Website 09 Dec 00:18 TreeFrog Framework 1.1


TreeFrog Framework is a high-speed and full-stack C++ framework for developing Web applications. It provides an O/R mapping system and template system on an MVC architecture, and aims to achieve high productivity through the policy of convention over configuration.

Release Notes: This release adds access to multi-database systems from a controller, enhancements to form validation, access restrictions, Unix domain socket support, query log output support, a restart option for the treefrog command, and bugfixes.

Download Website 08 Dec 13:36 Mup 6.1


Mup produces very high quality PostScript printed music or a MIDI file from a text input file. It can handle almost any kind of music, instrumental or vocal, including tablature, shaped notes, guitar grids, alternate tunings, user-defined symbols, and much more. Mup has been under active development since 1992.

Release Notes: The license was changed from shareware to a BSD-style license. This version contains all the features of the previous shareware release, as well as a new feature for automatically doing gradual MIDI changes. 32- and 64-bit .deb packages are now provided in addition to .rpm and .tgz.

Download Website 08 Dec 13:32 CLFSWM 1212


CLFSWM (Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager) is an X11 window manager where windows are almost always fullscreen maximized or tiled. It can be driven using the keyboard alone or with the mouse.

Release Notes: Changes has been made in load.lisp and Makefile to ease usage for Lisp newbies. Some non xinerama and monitor change on-the-fly bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 08 Dec 13:32 OfficeFloor 2.6.0


OfficeFloor provides true inversion of control for building simple static to complex real-time Web applications that are "build once, run anywhere" - even with cloud computing. It allows you to wire together a working prototype in minutes, extend the prototype to a working Web site in hours, and deploy and run anywhere. The code is self documenting to make support easier. It aims to be "The Java Web Answer" for rapid application development for Web applications.

Release Notes: This release provides the URL path as meta-data on the tasks to decouple the URL continuation path from the task structure. This means that WoOF template URLs have been simplified to the form http://server/<template>[-<link>].woof .

No download No website 08 Dec 13:31 Vendetta Online 1.8.238


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: A massive new 39-mission tree was added. Graphics for the standard cargo crate have been completely updated with a new asset. This crate will eventually be used at multiple sizes to visually indicate crates that have larger quantities of items or use more cubic units of space.

No download Website 08 Dec 13:31 MSS Code Factory 1.11.5365 Beta 1


MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system for translating application models to source code.

Release Notes: The PostgreSQL 9.1 implementation has been updated to make use of stored procedures, prepared SQL statements, and every other performance-tuning trick known by the author. Subsequent betas will be released as additional databases are brought to the same level of integration as this release for PostgreSQL. MySQL 5.5 support is as complete as it will ever be, and basic DB/2 LUW 10.1 support is also provided.

Download Website 08 Dec 13:30 upstart 1.6.1


upstart is a replacement for the /sbin/init daemon that handles starting of tasks and services during boot, stopping them during shutdown, and supervising them while the system is running.

Release Notes: Re-exec performance was improved. Issues in the logger with unflushed data were fixed. The re-exec scenario is now handled when requested from within a chroot. A minor serialisation data format change was made for sessions. Extra re-exec tests were added. Jobs running within a chroot now log their output within the chroot. New Restart and GetState D-Bus methods were added. 'telinit u' was changed to use the "Restart" D-Bus method rather than sending SIGTERM to play nicely when busybox(1) is init.

Download Website 08 Dec 03:53 MSGViewer 1.6


MSGViewer can display Microsoft Outlook MSG files without the requirement of having Microsoft Outlook installed. The mail messages can be displayed and attachments can be extracted.

Release Notes: MSGViewer can now convert MSG files into EML files, so you can open these files with Thunderbird or any other mail client. A new commandline option switch also allows hiding the menubar (-hidemenubar). This is useful when using MSGViewer on an internet kiosk PC.

No download Website 08 Dec 03:53 ClearOS 6.4.0 Alpha 1


ClearOS is an integrated network server gateway solution for small and distributed organizations. The software provides all the necessary server tools to run an organization including email, anti-virus, anti-spam, file sharing, groupware, VPN, firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, multi-WAN, and more. You can think of it as a next generation small business server. Through the intuitive Web-based management console, an administrator can configure the server software along with integrated cloud-based services.


Release Notes: Along with the usual round of bugfixes and enhancements, this release introduces a new reports engine, a storage manager, an antimalware file scanner, a basic POP/IMAP server, and upstream proxy support. A number of new reports are available with the release of the reports engine: a filter and proxy report, a resource report, and a network report.

No download Website 08 Dec 03:48 Toorox 11.2012 "GNOME"


Toorox is a Linux live DVD based on Gentoo which starts as bootable media using KNOPPIX technology. It is designed for ease of use, with a simple control center and a hard disk installer. It contains many applications and uses KDE, GNOME, or XFCE as a working environment. A live USB pen drive image maker is also present on the desktop. It is multi-lingual and contains the unstable branch of Gentoo (x86 and amd64).

Release Notes: This release is based on the Linux kernel 3.5.7-gentoo. GNOME has been updated to the latest version, 3.6.2. All packages have been updated: Xorg-Server 1.12.4, Mesa 9.0.1, LibreOffice, Gimp 2.8.2, Wine 1.5.17, Chromium 24.0.1312.14, etc. This edition now provides 11 languages.

No download No website 08 Dec 03:47 Audible TTS 0.4.0


Audible TTS reads text aloud from other apps, the clipboard, or from text files. It can get text from applications such as Feedme or K9-Mail, the clipboard (using Copy and Paste), or from files on the MicroSD card. It also reads each sentence using the proper language and voice in mixed texts, without having to select it manually. You must have installed a voice synthesizer (such as PICO or SVOX) and voices for the languages ​​to be used. It currently supports German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


Release Notes: This release improves rotation, fixes bug 31 (an error launching from some apps), asks to enable languages when "detect" is activated, does not detect disabled languages (even when loaded), and fixes minor bugs.

Download Website 08 Dec 03:46 PM Report 4.6


PM Report is a PHP/MySQL report generator. It creates customizable reports and is very simple to setup and use. You can select which database, table, and individual fields to use on your report. You can also select the order in which the fields should appear on the report, the field you would like to group by, the field you would like to sort by, and whether or not you would like a total for each column. Once the report has been generated, you can highlight individual rows and export the results to CSV.

Release Notes: This release fixes minor bugs related to PDF creation and includes a newer FPDF library.

No download Website 08 Dec 03:41 xosview 1.12


xosview is the classic system monitoring tool. It displays statistics such as CPU usage, load average, memory, swap space, network usage and more in an X window.

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of long-standing issues with screen updates and redrawing.

Download Website 08 Dec 02:53 Observium


Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring system focused primarily on Cisco and Linux networks but includes support for a wide range of network hardware and operating systems. Observium has grown out of a lack of easy to use NMSes. It is intended to provide a more navigable interface to the health and performance of your network. Its design goals include collecting as much historical data about devices as possible, being completely autodiscovered with little or no manual intervention, and having a very intuitive interface.


Release Notes: This release adds PostgreSQL statistics collection via the Unix agent, and many more cleanups and improvements to the UI.

Download Website 08 Dec 02:53 ltrace 0.7.2


ltrace is a debugging program which runs a specified command until it exits. While the command is executing, ltrace intercepts and records the dynamic library calls which are called by the executed process and the signals received by that process. It can also intercept and print the system calls executed by the program. The program to be traced need not be recompiled for this, so you can use it on binaries for which you don't have the source handy. You should install ltrace if you need a sysadmin tool for tracking the execution of processes.

Release Notes: This release brings several minor bugfixes.

Download Website 08 Dec 01:07 Unicorn 4.5.0


Unicorn is a Unix and LAN/localhost-optimized fork of the Mongrel HTTP server. It takes full advantage of functionality exclusive to Unix-like operating systems. It will reap and restart workers that die from broken apps, and there is no need to manage multiple processes yourself. Load balancing is done entirely by the operating system kernel. Requests never pile up behind a busy worker. The server does not care if your application is thread-safe or not, as workers all run within their own isolated address space and only serve one client at a time. All Rack applications are supported along with pre-Rack versions of Ruby on Rails via a Rack wrapper. It also supports atomic log cycling, nginx-style binary re-execution without losing connections, before_fork and after_fork hooks, and optional copy-on-write-friendly memory management.

Release Notes: The new check_client_connection option allows unicorn to detect most disconnected local clients before potentially expensive application processing begins.

Download Website 08 Dec 01:07 procenv 0.18


procenv is a tool that dumps all attributes of its environment. It can be run as a test tool, to understand what environment a process runs in and for system comparison.

Release Notes: This release improves Apparmor+SELinux handling and fixes prctl.

Download Website 08 Dec 01:03 Calcurse 3.1.1


Calcurse is a text-based calendar and scheduling application. It helps keep track of events, appointments, and everyday tasks. A configurable notification system reminds the user of upcoming deadlines, and the curses based interface can be customized to suit user needs. All of the commands are documented within an online help system.

Release Notes: This release fixes an off-by-one error which could result in a garbled panel layout under certain circumstances. It also contains fixes for several clang warnings.

No download No website 08 Dec 00:25 JunkieTheSniffer 2.3.2


Junkie is a real-time packet sniffer and analyzer. It is modular enough to accomplish many different tasks. It can be a helpful companion to the modern network administrator and analyst. Compared to previously available tools, junkie lies in between tcpdump and wireshark. Unlike tcpdump, its purpose is to parse protocols of any depth; unlike wireshark, though, it is designed to analyze traffic in real-time and so cannot parse traffic as exhaustively as wireshark does. In addition, its design encompasses extendability and speed. It has a plug-in system and high-level extension language that eases the development and combination of new functionalities; threaded packet capture and analysis for handling of high bandwidth networks; and a modular architecture to ease the addition of any protocol layer. It is based on libpcap for portability, and well-tested on professional settings.

Release Notes: Many fixes regarding the network events description language, and some minor changes (a smarter deduplication process) and additions (such as a user-agent HTTP field addition to HTTP information).

Download Website 08 Dec 00:24 SOGo 2.0.3


SOGo is a very fast and scalable modern collaboration suite (or groupware). It offers calendaring, address book management, and a full-featured Webmail client along with resource sharing and permission handling. It also makes use of documented standards (IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, etc.) and thereby provides native connectivity (without plugins) to many clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, the iPhone, Mozilla Lightning, and a plethora of mobile devices via SyncML. It can reuse any existing email and database infrastructure, avoiding long hours of site restructuring.


Release Notes: This release adds support for SAML2 and the "AUTHENTICATE" command and SASL mechanisms, adds a domain default SieveHostFieldName, adds a search field for tasks, allows you to place the answer after the quoted text in HTML mode, improves memory usage of "sogo-tool restore", fixes invitations status in OSX iCal.app/Calendar.app, adds a Slovak translation, fixes LDIF and ICS imports, fixes the modification date when dnd'ing events, fixes missing header and invitations in Outlook, has fixes JS for FF and IE7, fixes all-day event display, fixes parsing of alarm, and fixes Sieve server URL fallback.

Download Website 08 Dec 00:21 abcMIDI 20121201


The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways.


Release Notes: A few bugs were fixed.

Download Website 08 Dec 00:21 abcm2ps 7.3.1


abcm2ps is a commandline program which converts ABC to sheet music in PostScript or SVG format. It is an extension of abc2ps which can handle many voices per staff.


Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed. The option "hidden" was added in the %%dynamic, %%gchord, %%ornament, %%vocal, and %%volume commands.

Download Website 08 Dec 00:20 check_ssl_cert 1.14.4


check_ssl_cert is a Nagios plugin to check X.509 certificates. It checks if the server is running and delivers a valid certificate. It also checks if the CA matches a given pattern, and checks the validity.


Release Notes: This release fixes a bug causing -N to always compare the CN with 'localhost'.

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