2012 / December (719 releases)

December 2012

Download Website 18 Dec 06:47 Embedthis Ejscript 2.2.0


Ejscript is a complete server-side JavaScript Web framework. It supports both async and sync paradigms and includes Web templating, routing, and a complete class library.

Release Notes: This minor feature release added a Mail module for sending mail messages. It also refined the Bit build tool's capabilities.

No download Website 18 Dec 04:44 pkgtxt2db 0.2.1


Pkgtxt2db is a utility for Slackware and Slackware-based operating systems which converts PACKAGES.TXT to various database formats. It currently supports CSV, JSON, SQLite, and XML.

Release Notes: This release adds SQLite exporting and code cleanup.

Download Website 18 Dec 04:43 Embedthis Appweb 4.2.0


Embedthis Appweb is a fast, little embedded Web server. It is unmatched in efficiency and serves pages at native speed, using an event-driven, non-blocking core to serve multiple requests using minimal resources. It has integrated caching and the ESP "C" Web framework. Without compromising performance, it has extensive security controls and a rigorous security sandbox that helps protect the server and mitigate denial-of-service attacks. It is one of the most widely deployed embedded Web servers and is used in networking equipment, telephony, mobile devices, industrial control, and consumer and office equipment, and in high-performance Web services.

Release Notes: This release greatly boosts performance and improves scalability. Performance is now close to that of Nginx for smaller workloads. The release adds defensive security measures for denial-of-service attacks by limiting the request header parse time via the LimitParseTimeout directive.

Download Website 18 Dec 04:42 LDAP Account Manager 4.0


LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a web frontend for managing entries (e.g. users, groups, DHCP settings) stored in an LDAP directory. LAM was designed to make LDAP management as easy as possible for the user. It abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without technical background to manage LDAP entries. If needed, power users may still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.

Release Notes: All account profiles and PDF structures are now saved separately for each server profile. LAM Pro supports QMail, MIT Kerberos, and custom fields for the admin interface (allowing you to manage your own object classes).

Download No website 18 Dec 04:42 gpFinder 2.0


gpFinder is a file manager based on the elFinder project. Written in JavaScript using jQuery UI, it can be easily integrated with all of the most popular Web editors (elRTE, CKEditor, and TinyMCE).

Release Notes: A few bug fixes have been made.

No download Website 18 Dec 04:39 GitFS 0.01


GitFS is a fuse- and git-based remote filesystem with local cache for disconnected operation. It does periodic commits and pushes/pulls to keep a local shadow file system in sync with a remote repository. The filesystem should continue to work when you are disconnected. Merging after disconnected updates from multiple locations is left to git.

Release Notes: The minimal program suite to make this somewhat usable now works in at least one or two cases on Mac OS X. Development should switch to Linux shortly. This software is not recommended for anyone who is not git-savvy and comfortable hacking Python. To make this do anything close to useful probably requires a bit of both. It is definitely alpha, but might be usable now for a handful of people.

No download Website 18 Dec 04:38 RSyntaxTextArea


RSyntaxTextArea is a syntax highlighting, code folding text editor. It has support for over 30 programming languages and is completely customizable. By extending JTextComponent, it easily integrates into any Swing application and provides an easy way to add syntax highlighting to a program.

Release Notes: This release fixes a keyboard handling bug on non-QWERTY keyboards and updates the Arabic translation.

Download Website 18 Dec 04:37 Genius 1.0.16


Genius is an arbitrary precision integer and multiple precision floating point calculator. It includes its own programming language similar in some aspects to C, bc, or Pascal. It can deal with rational numbers and complex numbers. It has matrix support as well. It uses the gmp library so it is very fast for calculations of large numbers. It has a command line and a GNOME interface. The GNOME interface supports plotting functions and 3D surfaces.

Release Notes: This release adds plotting enhancements, new functions, many fixes, and translation updates.

Download No website 18 Dec 04:37 KDE-Services 1.6-6


KDE-Services extends the features of the Dolphin File Manager right-click menu in the KDE graphical environment. It allows you to play and convert between several video formats, extract audio from movies and convert them to MP3 or FLAC, convert audio to MP3 or FLAC, securely send a file or directory to Mailx as an email, send files to Thunderbird as attachments, burn and checksum ISO images, execute scripts and applications, get low-level information on video files, build ISO images from folders, replace text, search, SSH, use Midnight Commander, use system, network, and backup/restore tools, use Samba, extract subtitles from MKV video, multiplex subtitles into MPEG-2 videos, and work with YouTube, DVDs, multimedia, GPG. You can add a timestamp prefix to a filename or directory name. A paranoid shredder, an HTTP publisher, graphic tools, RPM package tools, Xorg configuration, and Dropbox tools are included.


Release Notes: This release relocates icons for better compatibility with other desktop environments.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:25 XiX Music Player 0.16a


XiX Music Player is a music player for MP3, Ogg, M4A, AAC, FLAC, APE, and OPUS files. It is easy to create and maintain your own playlists. There is an integrated lyric viewer that searches for the lyric of the song you are listening to. If the CD cover is found, it is also shown. You can also rip CD tracks to MP3 or FLAC. Listening to your favorite online radio stations is also possible. The focus is on having fast control of all your music.


Release Notes: This release adds support for online radio stations. It updates the radio listing online. Lyrics also works when performer and title are submitted by the radio station.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:24 eXtplorer 2.1.2


eXtplorer is a Web-based file manager. It allows you to copy and move files and directories by drag and drop, display a dynamic directory tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories, create and edit files with syntax highlighting, access files either directly or through FTP to overcome permission and file ownership issues, upload and download files, create and extract archives, and set up users with different permission levels. It can be used standalone or as a component for Joomla!.

Release Notes: This release fixes an XSS issue and fixes J! 2.5 installation.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:23 patool 0.18


Various archive formats can be created, extracted, tested, listed, searched, compared, and repacked by patool. The advantage of patool is its simplicity in handling archive files without having to remember myriad programs and options. The archive format is determined by the file(1) program and as a fallback by the archive file extension. patool supports 7z (.7z), ACE (.ace), ADF (.adf), ALZIP (.alz), APE (.ape), AR (.a), ARC (.arc), ARJ (.arj), bzip2 (.bz2), CAB (.cab), COMPRESS (.Z), CPIO (.cpio), deb (.deb), DMS (.dms), FLAC (.flac), gzip (.gz), ISO (.iso), LRZIP (.lrz), LZH (.lha, .lzh), LZIP (.lz), LZMA (.lzma), LZOP (.lzo), RPM (.rpm), RAR (.rar), RZIP (.rz), SHN (.shn), tar (.tar), XZ (.xz), zip (.zip, .jar), and ZOO (.zoo) formats. It relies on helper applications to handle those archive formats (for example bzip2 for BZIP2 archives). The archive formats tar, zip, bzip2, and gzip are supported natively and do not require helper applications to be installed.


Release Notes: Support has been added for chmlib and archmage handling Microsoft ITSS/CHM (.chm) archives. The project has moved from Sourceforge to Github.

No download Website 18 Dec 03:22 Burp 1.3.20


Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

Release Notes: This release has a bugfix for split/strip_vss = 1 on the client side always causing all files to be backed up. It makes configure report /usr as the default prefix.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:21 LPAR2RRD 3.30


LPAR2RRD makes historical, future trends and nearly "realtime" CPU utilization graphs of LPARs and shared CPU usage of IBM Power servers. It collects complete physical and logical configuration of all servers/LPARs. It is agent-less (it gets everything from the HMC/SDMC or IVM). It supports all kinds of logical partitions (AIX/AS400/Linux/VIOS).

Release Notes: This release enhances the CPU Workload Estimator and Active Memory Sharing support.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:21 procenv 0.19


procenv is a tool that dumps all attributes of its environment. It can be run as a test tool, to understand what environment a process runs in and for system comparison.

Release Notes: This release fixes an assertion failure if running with nice -1.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:20 DataCleaner 3.1


DataCleaner is a data quality analysis tool that allows you to perform data profiling, validating, and minor ETL-like tasks. These activities help you administer and monitor your data quality in order to ensure that your data is useful and applicable to your business situation. It can be used for master data management (MDM) methodologies, data warehousing projects, statistical research, preparation for extract-transform-load activities, and more.

Release Notes: Data Quality KPIs can now be defined as formulas (mathematical expressions), not just raw metrics. It is now possible to fire ad-hoc SQL queries towards all datastores (DB, CSV, Excel, and more). A new analysis option, the Value matcher, was added. With this analysis, it's easy to identify unexpected values in a field. Management of jobs, including copying and deleting jobs, has been made a lot easier by exposing the functionality directly in the UI. It has been made possible to change historic data quality metrics in order to reposition results into the timeline.

Download Website 18 Dec 03:16 DBeaver 2.0.4


DBeaver is a universal database manager and SQL Client. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Mimer, HSQLDB, SQLite, Derby, and any database that has a JDBC driver. It is a GUI program that allows you to view the structure of a database, execute SQL queries and scripts, browse and export table data, handle BLOB/CLOB values, modify database meta objects, etc. It has a native UI (provided by the Eclipse SWT library), great performance, and relatively low memory consumption.


Release Notes: Connection types supported (dev, test, prod). Oracle create/drop schema support. A Vertica database driver has been added. PostgreSQL and Vertica autocomplete have been fixed. Plugin mode fixes (perspective UI, branding). UI fixes (database selector, copy/paste in dialogs). Miscellaneous bugfixes.

Download Website 17 Dec 22:16 GNU Typist 2.9.2


GNU Typist (gtypist) is a universal typing tutor. It includes typing tutorials in several languages and for several keyboard layouts. GNU Typist is a direct descendant of the famous program "Typist".

Release Notes: Fixes a collision between Unicode 0x107 (c with accent) and KEY_BACKSPACE. Changes the documentation license so that there are no invariant sections.

No download No website 17 Dec 22:14 uma::bson 2.1


uma::bson is a DOM-style C++ API for reading/writing BSON data. Unlike the MongoDB C++ API, which exposes a read-only interface with a separate interface for creating a BSON representation, this API allows reading/writing on the existing data. The API is designed primarily for serialising/deserialising BSON data to/from streams (files, socket connections, etc.).

Release Notes: This release adds a Document::isEquivalentTo method to compare two documents for equivalence, where two documents have the same elements but in different order (in contrast to equality check, which requires the same element ordering). It fixes a bug in BinaryData::getSize implementation where it was not reporting the 5 extra bytes (4 for the length of the binary data and 1 for the binary data type) included in the BSON representation. It refactors BinaryData to use a PIMPL to allow for efficient pass-by-value semantics.

Download Website 17 Dec 22:13 Fimex 0.41


Fimex is a the File Interpolation, Manipulation, and EXtraction library for gridded geospatial data. It converts between different, extensible data formats (currently netcdf, NcML, grib1/2, metgm, wdb, and felt). It enables you to change the projection and interpolation of scalar and vector grids. It makes it possible to subset the gridded data and to extract only parts of the files. For simple usage, Fimex also comes with the command line program fimex.


Release Notes: This release comes bundled with an R interface, allowing R users to access gridded data from all supported formats. In addition, R users can use Fimex to detect the coordinate system of the data and simplify extraction. The extract.selectVariables option is much more intelligent, i.e. it automatically selects additional variables that are required to read the chosen variable, e.g. coordinates, projections, and bounds. It is possible to compile the Fimex library with log4cpp support for use in an environment where logging is important.

No download Website 17 Dec 22:12 dhcpy6d 20121217


dhcpy6d delivers IPv6 addresses for DHCPv6 clients, which can be identified by DUID, hostname, or MAC address, as in the good old IPv4 days. Addresses may be generated randomly, by range, or by arbitrary ID or MAC address. Clients can get more than one address, leases and client configuration can be stored in databases, and DNS can be updated dynamically.

Release Notes: Adds support for Mac OS X. Fixes a bug in lease storage.

Download Website 17 Dec 22:12 cdrtools 3.01a10


cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) creates home-burned CDs/DVDs with a CDR/CDRW/DVD/BluRay recorder. It works as a burn engine for several applications. It supports CD/DVD/BD recorders from many different vendors; all SCSI-3/mmc- and ATAPI/mmc-compliant drives should also work. Supported features include IDE/ATAPI, parallel port, and SCSI drives; audio CDs, data CDs, and mixed CDs; full multi-session support; CD-RWs, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, BD-R/BD-RE; and TAO, DAO, RAW, and human-readable error messages. cdrtools includes remote SCSI support and can access local or remote CD/DVD/BD writers.

Release Notes: Fixes a problem with DVD-Video padding introduced in 3.01a09 as a result of a false Valgrind warning. Adds support for semi-static (preconfigured) include files for Android: include/schily/armv5tejl-linux-gcc/xconfig.h.

No download Website 17 Dec 22:11 Piggydb 6.5


Piggydb is a flexible and scalable knowledge building platform that supports a heuristic or bottom-up approach to discover new concepts or ideas based on your input. You can begin with using it as a flexible outliner, diary or notebook, and as your database grows, Piggydb helps you to shape or elaborate your own knowledge. Piggydb is a Web application provided as a self-contained package that contains a Web server and database engine.

Release Notes: This release adds a description label to Fragments View. The label also shows the number of found fragments.

No download Website 17 Dec 22:11 JIB 2012-Dec-17


JIB (Jinn in the Bottle) is a collection of Windows applications ready for easy deployment on Linux. Each application is just one executable without any dependencies. This executable can be run on either i386 or x86-64 with any Linux distribution.

Release Notes: All programs were repackaged with Ermine 3.1.0, which provides quicker start up.

Download Website 17 Dec 22:11 Samba 3.5.20


Samba is a software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

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