2012 / December / 6 (11 releases)

6 December 2012

No download Website 06 Dec 23:57 Rainbows! 4.4.2


Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications. It is based on Unicorn, but designed to handle applications that expect long request/response times and/or slow clients. For Rack applications not heavily bound by slow external network dependencies, consider Unicorn instead as it simpler and easier to debug.

Release Notes: This release adds a bugfix to allow stream(:keep_open) in Sinatra (and possibly other async.callback users) to work properly with EventMachine. There are no changes for non-EventMachine users.

No download Website 06 Dec 23:56 PinaCMS 1.01


PinaCMS is a batch Web site launcher. Use it as a content management system for a Web site chain or build your own SaaS CMS solution. It allows you to easily create, manage, and replicate common components, control each site individually or apply updates to all of them simultaneously, offer your clients a quick and easy way to create and manage their Web sites, and enjoy easy administration and a flexible mechanism for access control.

Release Notes: This is the first public release.

No download No website 06 Dec 13:53 libQtCassandra 0.4.6


The libQtCassandra library is an advanced C++ library used to access Cassandra servers. Unlike the basic Cassadra server interface, this C++ library provides separate objects that handle each level of the server data, i.e. the cluster, contexts, table, rows, and cells. It uses Qt and the Qt style for all the classes, which makes it very easy to use if you already know Qt.


Release Notes: This release added direct support for QUuid as row and column keys, and for char * and wchar_t *, removing the need to first cast strings to QString everywhere. A bug with testing the row key size to limit of 64535 instead of 65535 was fixed. A test for empty row and column keys was added. These will now throw an error immediately. The documentation was updated accordingly and enhanced.

Download Website 06 Dec 13:50 French Word Searches 0.1b


French Word Searches is designed for beginner to intermediate learners of French, such as those preparing for the UK GCSE French exam. It allows the user to play word searches based on 1,200 items of essential French vocabulary. Word searches may be tailored to the user's desired combination of topics.

Release Notes: Initial public beta release.

Download Website 06 Dec 13:50 pyPEG 2.8.1


pyPEG is a quick and easy solution for creating a parser in Python programs. pyPEG uses a PEG language in Python data structures to parse, so it can be used dynamically to parse nearly every context free language. The output is a plain Python data structure called pyAST, or, as an alternative, XML.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with a case mismatch of module names in setup.

Download Website 06 Dec 13:48 DbWrench 2.3.2


DbWrench is multi-vendor, multi-platform database design and synchronization software. Features include a syntax highlighting SQL query editor, support for many of today's most popular databases, a graphic entity relation diagram (ERD) designer, and the ability to forward and reverse engineer databases. Its multi-vendor and multi-platform functionality makes it ideal for heterogeneous database environments.

Release Notes: This release focused on reducing the application memory footprint, in particular regarding the design diagrams. Also, rendering performance and responsiveness of diagrams was improved. Other bugs were addressed too.

Download Website 06 Dec 13:48 Orthanc 0.3.1


Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for health care and medical research.

Release Notes: This release introduces the ability to download an archive of patients, studies, or series as ZIP files.

Download Website 06 Dec 06:38 uranos 1.2025


Unattended installation of several Linux(kickstart,preseed,autoyast) and Windows(2000,XP,2003,2003R2,Vista,7,8,2008,2012). Features: inventory, software management, dhcp-ldap, dns-ldap, php-ssh, syslog-ng, rsyslog, switch managment, ldap browser, pxe manager, central cron management, license management.

Release Notes: The global cron module is now usable on Windows, and on systems with bash (Linux, Unix, Mac OS X). It is now possible to place the windows ISOs directly in /z/os/ and install from there. wimlib was added for installing Windows Vista, 7, 8, 2008, and 2012 directly from the install.wim. New templates were provided for Windows 8 and 2012 and for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Windows updates can be imported into the software list directly from your machines. Many bugs were fixed and features added. Support for Active Directory was provided in Ldap Manager.

Download No website 06 Dec 03:41 ivykis 0.36


ivykis is a library for asynchronous I/O readiness notification. It is a thin, portable wrapper around OS-provided mechanisms such as /dev/poll, epoll_create(2), kqueue(2), poll(2), and port_create(3C). ivykis was mainly designed for building high-performance network servers, but can be used as building block for any kind of event-driven application that uses poll(2)able file descriptors as its inputs.

Release Notes: This release fixes various bugs in the Windows polling support and in the iv_event and iv_work modules, adds support for polling /dev/klog with kqueue() on FreeBSD, and reworks the timer radix tree to be more memory efficient.

Download Website 06 Dec 03:41 TCPDF 5.9.200


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This release contains three bugfixes.

Download Website 06 Dec 03:36 EZblue Business Server 3.12.6


EZblue Business Server is a complete software package consisting of the EZblue Linux OS, a Debian-based Linux. The Business Server applications and the EZblue Magellan desktop client software are all loaded on one CD. It is fast and simple to install. It provides a fully integrated file server, print server, Web server, and mail server. You can use it for your home or business.

Release Notes: This release has moved to a new Linux kernel, updates all the new hardware drivers, adds a new incremental backup and restoration system, updates hamachi to the latest version, and fixes several minor bugs.

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