2012 / December / 2 (29 releases)

2 December 2012

Download Website 02 Dec 00:54 Bocfel 0.6.2


Bocfel is an interpreter for the Z-machine, which means that it can be used to play Infocom games as well as other games based on the Z-machine. It is compliant with version 1.1 of the Z-Machine Standards Document for all Z-machine versions other than 6.

Release Notes: Arbitrary in-memory save points can now be created. Undo is supported in more V5 Infocom games. Various other small enhancements and bugfixes have been added.

Download Website 02 Dec 00:50 GNUmed 1.2.6


GNUmed is a comprehensive scalable software solution for electronic medical practices with an emphasis on privacy protection, secure patient centric record sharing, decision support, and ease of use. It is intended to become a sophisticated decision support system that will elevate the quality of medical care that can be delivered.

Release Notes: This release fixes a failure to merge patients with identical names.

Download Website 02 Dec 00:50 PyParticles 0.3.3


PyParticles is a particle simulation toolbox entirely written in Python. It simulates a particle-by-particle model with the most popular integrations methods, including Euler, Runge Kutta, and Midpoint. It represents the results on an OpenGL or Matplotlib plot, and offers an easy-to-use API.

Release Notes: This release adds fast particle rendering, electromagnetic filed support, improved support for electromagnetism, and a plotting vector filed function.

Download Website 02 Dec 00:47 EJDB 1.0.24


EJDB is an embedded JSON database engine. It aims to be a fast MongoDB-like NoSQL library that can be embedded into C/C++/Nodejs/Python3/Lua applications. It features collection-level write locking, collection level transactions, string token matching queries, and a Node.js binding.

Release Notes: This release fixes various threading issues, fixes a crash when using the "$strand" and "$stror" operations, adds a "$dropall" query operation in order to in-place removal of matched records, and implements better boolean type support.

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