2012 / December / 2 (29 releases)

2 December 2012

Download Website 02 Dec 19:05 hamsterdb Embedded Storage 2.0.5


hamsterdb Embedded Storage is an embedded database engine for C/C++, including wrappers for Java, .NET, and Erlang. It supports in-memory databases, very fast database cursors, "record number" databases, ACID transactions, and duplicate keys. hamsterdb is very fast and highly configurable. It compiles and runs on Unix platforms, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and embedded platforms.

Release Notes: This release fixes a few minor bugs, has a few performance improvements, and fixes a segmentation fault in the .NET API. The internal C++ implementation has been moved into namespace “ham” to avoid conflicts with other symbols. Please check the README for upcoming API changes in the next release.

Download Website 02 Dec 19:03 LDAP Account Manager 4.0.RC1


LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a web frontend for managing entries (e.g. users, groups, DHCP settings) stored in an LDAP directory. LAM was designed to make LDAP management as easy as possible for the user. It abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without technical background to manage LDAP entries. If needed, power users may still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.

Release Notes: All account profiles and PDF structures are now saved separately for each server profile. LAM Pro supports QMail, MIT Kerberos, and custom fields for the admin interface. Please note that this is a test version.

Download Website 02 Dec 19:02 Foswiki 1.1.6


Foswiki is wiki software, supporting the editing of Web pages in an ordinary Web browser by end users. What makes Foswiki special is that it supports the embedding of active and passive macros that enhance the page content (e.g. with global or dynamic information) and allow end-users to build applications that store and process data in a structured manner.

Release Notes: This release fixes some important issues, including some minor security related issues. It contains 94 fixes and 27 enhancements. For users, TinyMCE has been updated to release 3.4.9, and markup within input fields is no longer rendered. For administrators, duplicate email checks are applied to pending registrations, stale pending registrations are removed, configure makes a backup before saving configuration changes, and some performance problems with renaming and log rotation have been addressed.

Download Website 02 Dec 19:00 Mahotas 0.9.6


Mahotas is an image processing library for Python. It includes a couple of algorithms implemented in C++ for speed while operating in numpy arrays. The main algorithms are watershed and Otsu thresholding.

Release Notes: This release adds a color conversion module (mahotas.color) as well as a basic SLIC super-pixels implementation and a few extra label handling functions: relabel and remove_regions. There are bugfixes for distance function and median_filter.

Download Website 02 Dec 18:57 jug 0.9.3


Jug is a task-based parallelism framework. Jug allows you to write code that is broken up into tasks and run different tasks on different processors. It uses the filesystem to communicate between processes and works correctly over NFS, so you can coordinate processes on different machines. Jug is a pure Python implementation and should work on any platform that can run Python.

Release Notes: This version fixes a few bugs with caching of status and CompoundTasks. Jug now works correctly on new versions of Python (with the random hash fix). This version adds --cache --clear suboption to status and regular expression support to invalidate.

Download Website 02 Dec 18:56 Gaupol 0.21


Gaupol is an editor for text-based subtitle files. It supports multiple subtitle file formats and provides means of creating subtitles, editing text, and timing subtitles to match video. The user interface is designed with attention to batch processing of multiple documents and convenience of translating.

Release Notes: This release restores inline spell-check using pygtkspellcheck and fixes some minor issues.

Download Website 02 Dec 18:46 mcabber 0.10.2


MCabber is a small Jabber console client. It features SASL/TLS/SSL support, multi-user chat, PGP support, history logging, dynamic modules, and external actions triggers. It also has support for Aspell/Enchant for spell checking and OTR (Off-The-Record) messaging.

Release Notes: This version contains many small improvements and bugfixes. Message Delivery Receipts and Entity Capabilities have been updated, as well as MUC support. Some features have been moved into their own modules (FIFO and url_regex). MCabber does not complain anymore when 256-color numbers are used in the configuration file, and a new "readmark" shows where each buffer was last read.

Download Website 02 Dec 18:44 Java Algebra System 2.4.4308


The Java Algebra System (JAS) is an object oriented, type safe, multi-threaded approach to computer algebra. JAS provides a well designed software library using generic types for algebraic computations implemented in the Java programming language. The library can be used as any other Java software package, or it can be used interactively or interpreted through a Jython or JRuby front end. The focus at the moment is on commutative and solvable polynomials, power-series, multivariate polynomial factorization, Gröbner bases, and applications.

Release Notes: This release provides mostly performance optimizations, small improvements, and fixes. The optimizations include combined methods for polynomials like scaleSubtractMultiple(b, g, a, e, S) to compute the expression "b x^g this - a x^e S" in one rush. There is now a first version of a JAS Android App. The app uses its JRuby scripting interface and runs within the Ruby IRB Android app Ruboto.

No download Website 02 Dec 18:41 Devel Live CD 5.0-17


Devel Live CD includes a minimal toolchain from Fedora which makes it possible to compile the Linux kernel and other software. It has been created to compile programs for 4MLinux. There is no dependency tracking in 4MLinux, so this may be a useful tool for developers who are interested in building fully-customized Linux operating systems.

Release Notes: This release is based on 4MLinux 5.0 and Fedora 17 (x86/32-bit/smp).

No download No website 02 Dec 18:39 scrap2rtf 0.4


scrap2rtf is a simple program to convert Shell Scrap Object Files (.shs) to Rich Text Format.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that occurred when converting to RTF. Code comments have been translated to English. This release fixes reading from stdin (can now use: cat scrap.shs | scrap2rtf, find . -name '.shs' | xargs -d '\n' scrap2rtf).

No download Website 02 Dec 18:38 MP3 Diags 1.1.21


MP3 Diags finds problems in MP3 files and helps the user fix many of them. It looks at both the audio part (VBR info, quality, normalization) and the tags containing track information (ID3). It has a tag editor, which can download album information (including cover art) from MusicBrainz and Discogs, as well as paste data from the clipboard. Track information can also be extracted from a file's name. Another component is the file renamer, which can rename files based on the fields in their ID3V2 tag (artist, track number, album, genre, etc.).

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused a "%s" to be shown instead of information about the files that were about to be processed.

No download No website 02 Dec 18:07 Cube Trains 1.0.0


Cube Trains is a puzzle game where you build elevated railways in a city. It features 3D puzzles, unlimited undo/redo, and smart placement of pieces. The non-linear level graph means you don't have to beat a level before unlocking the next one. The game comes with a built-in level editor, so you can build and share your own corners of the city.

Release Notes: The most noticeable change is that the program has a decent GUI now.

Download No website 02 Dec 18:04 Galera Load Balancer 0.8.1


GLB is a user-space TCP load balancer similar to Pen. It lacks most advanced Pen features, as the aim was to make a user-space TCP proxy that is as fast as possible. It can utilize multiple CPU cores. A list of destinations can be adjusted in runtime. Destination "draining" is supported. It supports "least connected", "round-robin", "random", and "source tracking" balancing policies.

Release Notes: This is a major update. It fixes connection loss when too many connections were attempted at once. It significantly improves performance under certain kinds of load (like sysbench). It adds a max connections option. It implements basic "source tracking" capability. It adds a start/stop service script and is generally much more suitable to be run as a "service".

Download Website 02 Dec 18:03 Cainteoir Text-to-Speech 0.8


Cainteoir Text-to-Speech is a GNOME/GTK+ GUI for the Cainteoir Text-to-Speech Engine. It allows you to listen to your documents or record them for use on the move using any of the eSpeak or MBROLA text-to-speech voices.

Release Notes: Remembers the voice settings (name, pitch, rate, …) between sessions. Updates the timebar after changing voice settings to reflect the new estimated read time. Selecting table of contents entries now takes you to the text instead of the blank line before the text. Maps the new Cainteoir Engine styles structure to text view formatting (GtkTextTag objects) to provide better document rendering.

Download No website 02 Dec 18:02 genpuppet 1.9


genpuppet is a script to automatically generate a puppet manifest based on a series of user inputs. Think of it as a kernel "make config" for puppet. With genpuppet, the most frequently used resources are prompted for so one can quickly generate a working manifest without having to concentrate on syntax and spacing.

Release Notes: There are major changes to support more resources with less code. This release handles the following puppet resource types: file, service, package, exec, computer, cron, group, host, mailalias, mount, notify, ssh_authorized_keys, sshkey, and user. A configuration file is used to specify resource type and its parameters, and it is easily extensible.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:32 ChaiScript 5.2.0


ChaiScript is an embedded scripting language designed from the ground up to directly target C++ and take advantage of modern C++ development techniques. Being a native C++ application, it has some advantages over existing embedded scripting languages. It uses a header-only approach, which makes it easy to integrate with existing projects. It maintains type safety between your C++ application and user scripts. It supports a variety of C++ techniques including callbacks, overloaded functions, class methods, and STL containers.

Release Notes: This release is in the C++11 series, supporting gcc and llvm. It adds support for automatic conversion of arithmetic types when possible and when no ambiguous method dispatch exists. Initial support for MinGW 4.7 with C++11 (ChaiScript 5.2.0) has been added.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:31 Podget 0.6.8


Podget is a simple podcast aggregator optimized for running as a scheduled background job (i.e. cron). It features support for downloading podcasts from RSS and XML feeds, for sorting the podcasts into folders and categories, for importing podcast URLs from iTunes PCAST files and OPML lists, automatic M3U and ASX playlist creation, and automatic cleanup of old podcasts. It also features automatic UTF-16 conversion for podcasts hosted on Windows servers and includes the ability to handle authentication for premium podcasts.

Release Notes: This release updates the Makefile and the Debian packages.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:31 Tiny BASIC for Curses 0.6.6


Tiny BASIC for Curses (tinybc) is a BASIC interpreter for the curses character screen handling library which fully corresponds to the Tiny BASIC specification. The engine is thread-safe and can be embedded into other code. It can be used as a game or a minimalist challenge.

Release Notes: This release includes the manual for beginners and fixes the colors and error messages.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:31 Observium


Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring system focused primarily on Cisco and Linux networks but includes support for a wide range of network hardware and operating systems. Observium has grown out of a lack of easy to use NMSes. It is intended to provide a more navigable interface to the health and performance of your network. Its design goals include collecting as much historical data about devices as possible, being completely autodiscovered with little or no manual intervention, and having a very intuitive interface.


Release Notes: This release replaces OverLib in favour of qTip 2.0. It also adds support for collecting per-VLAN Q-BRIDGE-MIB MAC forwarding tables.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:30 Cainteoir Engine 0.11


The Cainteoir Engine is a library for reading and recording different document formats (ePub, HTML, MHT, RTF, email, and others) to various audio output formats (such as PulseAudio, WAV, and Ogg/Vorbis). It also provides the following command-line tools: cainteoir, a front-end to the Cainteoir text-to-speech library; metadata, which extracts metadata from documents to RDF tuples; and tagcloud, which generates tag clouds and tag cloud data.

Release Notes: This release preserves the event information from the readers into the document model, reworks the document event structure to use a CSS-like subset, models the CSS3 Counter Styles (previously Lists) spec for defining the disc and decimal list types, adds support for onix and marc metadata in ePub 3 documents, and fixes reading MHT documents.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:26 Monitoringplug 0.14


Monitoringplug is a collection of monitoring plugins for Nagios. This collection uses libraries like net-snmp, curl, ldns, selinux, xmlrpc-c, and expat to check services.

Release Notes: This release adds check_oping, check_dns_authoritative, and check_memcached, adds hidden master support for check_dns_sync, and fixes minor bugs.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:25 aria2 1.16.0


aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. It has a powerful segmented downloading ability, downloading a file from multiple sources and multiple protocols and utilizing your download bandwidth to the maximum. It supports downloading a file from HTTP(S)/FTP and BitTorrent at the same time, while the data downloaded from HTTP(S)/FTP is uploaded to the BitTorrent swarm. Using Metalink's chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file like BitTorrent.

Release Notes: This release adds SSL/TLS encryption support in RPC transport. The new RPC method aria2.appendUri has been added (it's a wrapper to aria2.changeUri). The Content-Disposition parser is now RFC 6266-conformant. The resource leak in XmlParser, JSON, and Bencode parser has been fixed. The uploaded data size calculation bug has been fixed. For the MinGW32 build, files are now opened with read/write shared mode.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:23 Sphirewall


Sphirewall is a user-centric analytical network firewall/router. Out-of-the box, it provides user authentication coupled with powerful analytics which provide you with complete control over your network and users. With Sphirewall, you can manage and understand what is happening on your network with features such as qos, bandwidth quotas, user authentication, and much more. Not built on iptables, it is able to do things which other Open Source firewalls can't. Its very flexible, and with its open JSON API, can easily be plugged into any existing environment.

Release Notes: This release has seen a major change to the Kernel –> Userspace communication, both the commandline and Web-based management interfaces have seen improvements in handling user input and presentation, and there are many small improvements and bugfixes.

No download Website 02 Dec 01:11 Fotoxx 12.12


Fotoxx navigates an image collection using a thumbnail browser to choose images to view or edit. Edit functions include brightness, contrast, color, gamma, white balance, tone mapping, red eyes, sharpen, blur, noise suppression, smart erase, trim (crop), resize, rotate, add text, bend/warp, many art effects, HDR, HDF, stack, and panorama. Edit functions use movable curves and sliders. Feedback is live using the whole image. RAW files can be edited and saved with deep color. Areas or objects can be selected using freehand draw, follow edge, and tone matching. Selections can be edited in place with adjustable blending. They can also be cut and pasted into other images. Any metadata can be edited, reported, and searched (filenames, tags, dates, geotags, comments, captions, ratings, etc.). Collections (arbitrary subsets) can be defined and viewed. Batch functions are available for rename, resize/export, RAW conversion, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to create images with false colors. There are several minor UI improvements for convenience and simplicity. Two significant bugs and four minor ones have been fixed.

Download Website 02 Dec 01:10 SymmetricDS 3.1.11


SymmetricDS provides file and database synchronization with support for multi-master replication, filtered synchronization, and transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment. It supports multiple subscribers with one-direction or bi-directional, asynchronous data replication. It uses Web and database technologies to replicate data as a scheduled or near-realtime operation. The software has been designed to scale for a large number of nodes, work across low-bandwidth connections, and withstand periods of network outage. It works with most operating systems, file systems, and databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (including Azure), IBM DB2, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Firebird, Interbase, Informix, Greenplum, SQLite (including Android), Sybase ASE, and Sybase ASA (SQL Anywhere) databases.

Release Notes: This release includes some performance tweaks for Oracle, the push/pull interval, and heartbeats on large multi-node systems.

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