2012 / November / 10 (27 releases)

10 November 2012

No download No website 10 Nov 01:24 FreeDiams 0.8.0


FreeDiams is a program for making prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs and testing their interactions. It is the result of building the FreeMedForms prescriber plugins into a standalone application. It is developed by medical doctors and is intended for use by these same professionals. It can be used to prescribe drugs and test drug interactions within a prescription. It can be linked to any application by way of its command line parameters. FreeDiams can use several drug databases, including the FDA_USA drug database, the French AFSSAPS drug database, the Canadian drug databases, and the South African drug database (SAEPI).

Release Notes: This release adds some new options (like refilling prescriptions) and many bugfixes.

Download No website 10 Nov 01:22 360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit and Repai...


360-FAAR (Firewall Analysis Audit and Repair) is an offline, command line, Perl firewall policy manipulation tool to filter, compare to logs, merge, translate, and output firewall commands for new policies, in Checkpoint dbedit, Cisco ASA, or ScreenOS commands. It is all contained in one file. It can read policy and logs for: Checkpoint FW1 (in odumper.csv / logexport format), Netscreen ScreenOS (in get config / syslog format), and Cisco ASA (show run / syslog format). It uses both inclusive and exclusive CIDR and text filters, permitting you to split large policies into smaller ones for virutalization at the same time as removing unused connectivity. It supports policy to log association, object translation, rulebase reordering and simplification, rule moves, and duplicate matching automatically. It allows you to seamlessly move rules to where you need them. 'print' mode creates a spreadsheet for your audit needs with one command.


Release Notes: This release fixes many of the bugs in the Cisco reader and writer sections. Cisco configurations can now be processed, written, re-read, processed, and written again cyclically. Access lists using proto groups, specifying only protocol details or using "ip/any" services, are now handled. Protocol group objects are written and used in rules for service groups with many different protocol types specified within them. "port-objects" are read in service objects, service groups, and protocol groups alike. The Cisco "echo" default service has been updated to remove TCP and UDP from its listed ports.

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