2012 / October / 29 (3 releases)

29 October 2012

Download Website 29 Oct 03:17 Galera wsrep provider 2.2


Galera wsrep provider is a dlopenable generic replication library which implements the wsrep provider API. It provides very efficient synchronous replication, and multi-master and "parallel applying" capabilities for opaque data buffers. Its primary focus is data consistency. A transaction is either committed on every node, or not at all. It works anywhere TCP works, including on WAN, and can utilize UDP multicast where available. It is used by the MySQL-wsrep patch project to create true multi-master MySQL/InnoDB clusters.

Release Notes: This release contains important bugfixes, new features, and performance improvements. Fixed: causal reads guarantee violation at cluster partitioning, exclusive keys didn't produce dependency on shared keys, a race condition in the desync method (could break RSU), IST not working across different EC2 accessibility zones (and similar), and causal reads timeout configuration was ignored. Added: an wsrep_incoming_addresses status variable, the ability to specify several node addresses in a gcomm:// URL. Significant speedups and memory footprint reduction on ranged queries.

Download Website 29 Oct 03:16 musl 0.9.7


musl is a new implementation of the standard library for Linux-based systems. It is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and strives to be correct in the sense of standards-conformance and safety. It includes a wrapper for building programs against musl in place of the system standard library (e.g. glibc), making it possible to immediately evaluate the library and build compact statically linked binaries with it.

Release Notes: Major new features include support for thread-local storage (__thread/_Thread_local keyword) and a port to Microblaze. Notable quality and conformance improvements have been made in the areas of setting the close-on-exec flag for library-internal file descriptors to avoid fd leaks, using vfork in posix_spawn, system, and popen to make these functions work well even in very large programs, support for recursive calls to dlopen (from constructors), and avoiding executable stacks. Various low-impact bugs have also been fixed.

Download Website 29 Oct 03:16 libquickmail 0.1.6


libquickmail is a library intended to give C/C++ developers a quick and easy way to send email from their applications. It supports multiple To/Cc/Bcc recipients and multiple MIME attachments without size limitation. It uses libcurl for SMTP communication, but a light version is also included without the libcurl dependancy. The library can also be used to just create a multipart MIME message body. It also comes with a command line application for sending mail (with optional attachments).

Release Notes: This release has fixes needed for building on Linux.

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