2012 / October / 18 (21 releases)

18 October 2012

Download Website 18 Oct 22:24 Atlassian Stash 1.3


Atlassian Stash delivers a central, secure solution for creating and managing distributed Git repositories on your own servers. It has an easy-to-use interface for adding users and groups and creating and managing repositories, and a Project Structure for logically grouping your repositories. Installed on your own network, administrators have full control over how Stash fits into their environment. It supports Atlassian’s plugin framework plus a full, open REST API for customized integrations. Key features include simple administration, easy permissions around Git repositories, LDAP (Active Directory) integration, JIRA issue tracker integration, cloning, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Pull Request and inline commenting. Stash pull requests provide a mechanism to propose code changes, initiate a code review, comment on code, and incorporate changes into your existing code base. Also, as part of pull requests, you can add Reviewers to easily accept or decline changes, giving you a lightweight approval process.

Download Website 18 Oct 22:24 dlib C++ Library 17.48


dlib is a C++ library for developing portable applications dealing with networking, threads, graphical interfaces, data structures, linear algebra, machine learning, XML and text parsing, numerical optimization, Bayesian nets, and numerous other tasks.

Release Notes: In addition to a number of minor usability and feature improvements, this release also gives dlib's object detection tools the ability to model objects with movable parts.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:31 Wing IDE 4.1.9


Wing IDE is a software development environment for Python. It provides powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, testing, debugging, and search capabilities that reduce development and debugging time, cut down on coding errors, and make it easier to understand and navigate Python code.

Release Notes: This release adds a preference to show property values in the debugger (off by default to avoid calling user code), shows inherited class attributes in Stack Data and Watch tools, fixes several VI mode bugs, fixes several Turbo mode auto-completer mode bugs, fixes the Pretty Print option in the Python Shell and Debug Probe, fixes stepping over and out of Django templates, fixes debugging files with non-ASCII characters in their names under Python 3, improves NUKE/NUKEX support, and adds about 25 other bugfixes and minor improvements.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:31 Zoph


There are many photo-gallery programs available. Zoph is different, as it concentrates on the management of large collection of photos instead of just showing them on the Web. It can store a lot of information about your photos, including the regular EXIF info, photographer, location, title, description, rating, and the people in the photo. Photos can appear in multiple albums and categories. Additional features include search, slideshows, lightboxes, email, access privileges, and multiple languages.

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for all known bugs. It is recommended that everyone upgrade. The most important fixes are PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.4.4 compatibility. You can still use Zoph with PHP 5.3 and older MySQL versions. PHP 5.2 and older are no longer supported. Other fixes include some PHP warnings that would display in a few cases, fixes for the geotagging function that broke down in v0.9, and some layout fixes.

No download Website 18 Oct 21:30 BlueMind 1.0 RC3


BlueMind is a messaging and collaboration platform. It offers scalable shared messaging, calendars, contacts, and instant messaging with advanced mobility (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), and Outlook, Thunderbird, and CalDAV connectivity support. Designed with simplicity as a goal, it uses Web 2.0 technologies with a JavaScript UI, offline Web capability, and a Web-services-oriented pluggable architecture.

Release Notes: This should be the last release candidate before 1.0. It provides many bugfixes and a lot of polish over all applications. A strong focus has been made on improving the overall performance of the platform, resulting in quicker administrative tasks (up to 300% gain on user creation, backup, etc.).

Download Website 18 Oct 21:29 vifm 0.7.4


Vifm is an ncurses-based file manager with vi-like keybindings, which also borrows some useful ideas from mutt.

Release Notes: There are two main directions in which improvements were made. One of them is TUI, which now has support for multiple columns and ls-like view as well as customizable file name decoration (prefix and suffix). The second one is connected with the command interpreter, which now supports built-in functions, conditional operators, and conditional execution of commands (using if-else-endif statements). Additionally, vifm's memory footprint was made smaller and running of programs associated with files made smarter (won't stop until an existing program is found).

Download Website 18 Oct 21:28 Jaro Mail 1.1


Jaro Mail is an integrated suite of interoperable tools for GNU/Linux and Apple/OS X to manage email communication in a private way, without relying on online services (in fact, encouraging users to store email locally). It mainly features a system for mailinglist filtering, address-book integrated whitelisting, strong encryption and anonymous remailing, long-term email storage and archiving with functions for fast search and usage statistics. To accomplish all that, it makes use of solid Unix tools like Mutt, Fetchmail, Mairix, Msmtp, GnuPG, Abook, ELinks, and Mixmaster.

Release Notes: This release includes several bugfixes and usability improvements. The address book system has been refactored to allow editing of entries, avoid duplicates, and import/export in VCard format. Encrypted correspondence is now possible when GnuPG is installed. Vim is used as the default editor, and is pre-configured for email quoting and paragraph justification. Overall speed when searching and opening folders is improved. Stability fixes are improving multiple account management, mailbox filtering, merging, and backup.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:24 pcapfix 0.7


pcapfix is a repair tool for corrupted pcap and pcapng files. It checks for an intact pcap global header and packet block and repairs it if there are any corrupted bytes. If a header is not present, one is created and added to the beginning of the file. It then tries to find pcap packet headers or packet blocks, and checks and repairs them.

Release Notes: This release adds support for swapped (big endian) pcap files and compiles on OpenBSD properly now. It fixes a file pointer exception on Windows 64-bit systems, a detection bug when a corrupted packet is larger than 65536 bytes, and the minimal packet limit to cope with WLAN traffic.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:23 gp|Easy CMS 3.0.5


gpEasy is a complete content management system that lets users create rich and flexible Web sites with a simple and easy-to-use interface. The embedded design of the admin interface allows users to instantly see changes in a single browser window.

Release Notes: This release fixes a few issues and incorporates CKEditor 3.6.5, which fixes a small but annoying bug with HTML list editing. Fixed issues include a couple of XSS vulnerabilities, issues with the remote update process, and mod_rewrite compatibility.

Download No website 18 Oct 21:22 LeechCraft 0.5.85


LeechCraft is a modular Internet client. It allows you to browse the Web; read RSS/Atom feeds; download files via BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP; automatically download, play, or stream podcasts (and other media files); and much more.

Release Notes: Improves rules matching speed in the CleanWeb ad blocker by an order of magnitude. Adds Launchy, a third-party app launcher. Adds a HotStreams module for access to radios at DI, SkyFM, SomaFM, and Icecast streams from dir.xiph.org. LMP media player and LastFMScrobble now support fetching recommended events. Improved transcoding support in LMP. Adds autosync in the NetStoreManager cloud storage client. Improved file transfers in Azoth IM-client, adding integration with NetStoreManager-like plugins. Adds support for DjVu format in the Monocle document viewer. Adds support for Mac OS X.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:19 CCruncher 2.0


CCruncher is a project for quantifying portfolio credit risk using the copula approach. It is a framework consisting of two elements: a technical document that explains the theory, and a software program that implements it. CCruncher evaluates the portfolio credit risk by sampling the portfolio loss distribution and computing the Expected Loss (EL), Value at Risk (VaR), and Expected Shortfall (ES) statistics. The portfolio losses are obtained simulating the default times of obligors and simulating the EADs and LGDs of their assets.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the multi-factor model, rewrites the documentation from scratch, and makes some minor changes in the input file format.

No download Website 18 Oct 21:19 Apache MetaModel (incubation) 3.2.1


With MetaModel, you use a type-safe SQL-like API for querying any datastore. It is a data access framework providing a common interface for exploration and querying of different types of datastores. It isn't a data mapping framework. Instead, it emphasizes abstraction of metadata and the ability to add data sources at runtime, making MetaModel great for generic data processing applications, but less so for applications modeled around a particular domain.

Release Notes: This release drastically improves the performance of "DELETE FROM" statements on CSV files. It adds mapping of unavailable-to-available data types when issuing "CREATE TABLE" statements containing unavailable data types on e.g. DB2 or PostgreSQL. It fixes a bug pertaining to multi-threaded execution of compiled JDBC queries. A pool of prepared statements has been created to ensure parallel execution of compiled queries. A bug has been fixed pertaining to proper quoting of HAVING clause operands when the data type of the aggregate function is different from the data type of the functions argument.

No download Website 18 Oct 21:18 CFEngine 3.3.8


Cfengine is a tool for setting up and maintaining BSD and System-5-like operating system optionally attached to a TCP/IP network. You can think of cfengine as a very high level language, much higher level than Perl or shell: a single statement can result in many hundreds of operations being performed on multiple hosts. Cfengine is good at performing a lot of common system administration tasks, and allows you to build on its strengths with your own scripts.

Release Notes: Bugfixes and stability improvements.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:16 relax 2.1.2


relax is a program designed for the study of the dynamics of proteins and other macromolecules though the analysis of experimental NMR data. It supports exponential curve fitting for the calculation of the R1 and R2 relaxation rates, calculation of the NOE, reduced spectral density mapping, the Lipari and Szabo model-free analysis, study of domain motions via the N-state model (or ensemble analysis) and frame order dynamics theories using anisotropic NMR parameters such as RDCs and PCSs, the investigation of stereochemistry in dynamic ensembles, and the analysis of relaxation dispersion.

Release Notes: This is the Python super-compatibility release; relax will now run on Python 2.3 all the way to Python 3.3, a span of over 9 years of Python development. Some exceptions are Python 3.0 (as numpy and scipy are not compatible with that release), the execution of external programs in Python 2.3 not being supported, and the GUI currently not available on Python 3 due to the wxPython project not being compatible with this new Python design yet. A number of important bugfixes are also included.

Download Website 18 Oct 21:16 MiniMagAsm bde2815675


MiniMagAsm is minimalistic, but powerful and flexible content management system (CMS). It is a rewrite of MiniMag in assembly language (FASM). As expected, it is a very small and very fast Web application. It has a flexible architecture and is highly customizable by the user without the need for the code to be changed and recompiled. The system uses .txt files to store articles, formatted with a lightweight markup language which is very similar to Markdown. MiniMagAsm is portable CGI application which runs on Windows or Linux Web hosting.

Release Notes: The engine was changed in order to get MiniMagAsm independent of external libraries in Linux. Now it does not import any functions from shared libraries, and can work on 64-bit Linux hosting without 32-bit compatibility packages installed.

Download Website 18 Oct 13:29 Corlpack 0.3


Corlpack is a faster Ada implementation of the basic types from the R Language. It includes calculations with units of measurement, a broad range of other basic types such as urn-like identifiers, coordinate, and monetary amounts. Basic types are represented as 128-bit UUIDs so heterogenous arrays, without predesigned structure, can be easily built. Heap allocation for complex structures is minimized, hopefully resulting in much shorter and more predictable execution time. An API with a small number of generic functions aims to simplify Ada programming for computational applications, especially for scientists from non-IT fields.

Release Notes: This release features the specification and implementation of an extended scheme of 128-bit UUIDs (EXTUUID) including limited length symbols with various encodings (18 to 22 characters), high resolution time, physical quantities with units decomposable in SI units (for example: 22.4m/s), financial quantities as fixed point numbers with currency/financial instrument unit, V1-V5 UUIDs of the RFC-4122 specification, and potential support for serial numbers, colors, coordinates, functions, etc. A preliminary implementation of I/O of the first five varieties was included.

Download No website 18 Oct 11:39 Aspose.Pdf for Java 3.3.0


Aspose.Pdf is a Java component to create PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports floating boxes, PDF form fields, PDF attachments, security, footnotes and end notes, multiple-column documents, tables of contents, lists of tables, nested tables, rich text formatting, images, hyperlinks, JavaScript, annotations, bookmarks, headers, footers, and much more. The PDF content can be specified with API calls, XML files, or XSL-FO files. It also enables you to convert HTML, XSL-FO, and Excel files into PDF.

Release Notes: This release provides a better and enhanced XML to PDF conversion feature. The image transformation engine has been rewritten and is now based on ImageIO. The main benefits of the new engine are better support for different image formats and optimized image operations. Issues related to image to PDF conversion, XML transformation to PDF format, EndNote appearance in resultant files, PNG appearance in Adobe Reader when converted to PDF format, and many other issues were resolved.

Download Website 18 Oct 11:38 HORRORss 2.2.0


HORRORss is a set of Java classes to parse RSS files. It works with simple objects (POJOs) which represents the main items of RSS files like "channel", "image", and "item". The main features are ease of use, compatibility with all RSS/RDF specifications.

Release Notes: In order to solve some performance problems with Android due to the internal use of the SimpleDateFormat class, this new release adds the ability to add custom date parsers.

Download Website 18 Oct 11:38 HOL-TestGen 1.7.0


HOL-TestGen allows one to write test specifications in Higher-order logics (HOL). It can (semi-) automatically partition the input space, resulting in abstract test cases, and automatically select concrete test data. Automatic generation of test harnesses (in SML) is supported, and using a foreign language interface, implementations in arbitrary languages (e.g. C) can be tested.

Release Notes: This release was ported to Isabelle/HOL 2011-1. New examples were added. The jEdit-based user interface is now used by default.

Download No website 18 Oct 11:37 360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit and Repai...


360-FAAR (Firewall Analysis Audit and Repair) is an offline, command line, Perl firewall policy manipulation tool to filter, compare to logs, merge, translate, and output firewall commands for new policies, in Checkpoint dbedit, Cisco ASA, or ScreenOS commands. It is all contained in one file. It can read policy and logs for: Checkpoint FW1 (in odumper.csv / logexport format), Netscreen ScreenOS (in get config / syslog format), and Cisco ASA (show run / syslog format). It uses both inclusive and exclusive CIDR and text filters, permitting you to split large policies into smaller ones for virutalization at the same time as removing unused connectivity. It supports policy to log association, object translation, rulebase reordering and simplification, rule moves, and duplicate matching automatically. It allows you to seamlessly move rules to where you need them. 'print' mode creates a spreadsheet for your audit needs with one command.


Release Notes: This release reads Netscreen interface vip statements and adds them to the NATs table. Further consistency checks have been added to the policy build sections to more easily identify problem objects. The new htmlprintcsv.pl helper script converts 'print' mode output CSV files to HTML. Running the script without arguments displays info.

No download Website 18 Oct 11:37 httppp 1.4.0


httppp is a network passive probe to monitor HTTP response times in a non-intrusive way. It uses libpcap and libqpcap.

Release Notes: Major performance enhancements were made. Many linear or quadratic complexity algorithms were switched to constant or logarithmic, resulting in an improvement of more than 10 times when handling 100+ MB capture files. Complex regexp matching now uses as many CPU cores as available instead of only one, resulting in far faster file loading on modern computers when using complex regexps (such as those with | or [] and ending with a $).

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