2012 / October / 16 (25 releases)

16 October 2012

Download Website 16 Oct 22:52 Opticks 4.10.0


Opticks is similar to commercial tools like ERDAS IMAGINE, RemoteView, ENVI, or SOCET GXP. Unlike other competing tools, you can add capability to Opticks by creating extensions. It supports the following file formats: NITF 2.0/2.1, GeoTIFF, ENVI, ASPAM/PAR, CGM, DTED, Generic RAW, ESRI Shapefile, HDF5, AVI, MPEG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. It can zoom, pan, or rotate spatially large datasets. It can quickly layer GIS features, annotations, results, and other information over your data to provide context. It has many image display controls such as colormap, histogram, transparency, etc. Support for datasets larger than four gigabytes. Analysts can quickly combine steps using graphical wizards. Support for processing data in its native interleave of BIP, BSQ, or BIL. Extensions can add new processing algorithms, file formats, visualizations of the data, or data types.

Release Notes: This release is intended to replace 4.9.1 as the recommended release.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:52 Kamailio 3.3.2


Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) is a high-performance SIP (RFC3261) server with a flexible architecture and many extensions. The server implements proxy, registrar, redirect, and location SIP/VoIP services. It has support for UDP, TCP, TLS, and SCTP transport layers, DNSsec, ENUM, AAA via database, RADIUS, DIAMETER, gateways to SMS and XMPP, least cost routing, load balancing, NAT traversal, and call processing language. Kamailio implements SIMPLE presence and instant messaging extensions, and includes an embedded XCAP server and MSRP relay. It can be also used as a routing SIP sever for WebRTC via WebSocket.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release of Kamailio SIP Server, including fixes since the release of 3.3.1. Installations running previous 3.x.x versions are advised to upgrade.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:51 GLPI 0.83.6


GLPI (Gestion Libre de Parc Informatique) is an information resource manager with an administration interface. You can use it to build a database with an inventory for your company (computers, software, printers, etc.). It has functions to make the daily life of the administrators easier, including a job/request tracking system with mail notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network topology. It provides a precise inventory of all the technical resources (all their characteristics are stored in a database) and management and history of the maintenance actions and the bound procedures. It is dynamic and is directly connected to the users, who can post requests to the technicians.

Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:40 Snippetory


Snippetory is a general Java template engine based on passive templates. In passive templates, template code and logic are clearly separated from each other. The templates contains very simple mark up. By removing logic, templates are directly accessible, fully parametrized, and free of context, and can easily be reused. Navigation, code competition, and structuring of the code with methods and classes are supported.

Release Notes: This release fixes two minor bugs. A NullpointerException was thrown when calling render on the root template (the call will now be ignored instead), and binding of a StringBuffer or a StringBuilder caused a ClassCastException.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:39 fxmoviemanager 6.0


FxMovieManager is a file manager which can display thumbnails of movie files. It can also manage a playlist of movies and act as a simple front-end to MPlayer.


Release Notes: This release adds a file search engine able to present a list of files with matching names. The search can be executed with Find_Exact, Find_Case_Insensitive, Contains, or Contains_Case_Insensitive options. The application can now be built without the internal sdl/ffmpeg player in order to avoid compatibility problems with different installed versions of ffmpeg libraries. A building issue on Linux Ubuntu has been fixed.

No download Website 16 Oct 22:37 toprammer 0.10


Toprammer is software for the TOP2049 universal programmer. As all programming algorithm logic is implemented in software, it does not support all the devices that the original "Topwin" Windows software supports. However, support for new chips can be added, if needed.

Release Notes: This is a major feature update.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:33 Urd 1.6.0


Urd is a Web-based Usenet binary download manager. It stores the newsgroup information in a MySQL database and aggregates the articles into sets of a single download (e.g. one album or movie). The Web interface can be used to search with regular expressions. It uses its own downloading daemon that has support for scheduling downloads and updating databases. URD can also download directly from NZB files and even create NZB files. Further features include custom scripts, multiple languages, a template based Web interface, support for multiple servers, automatic par2 and unrar support, and an intuitive user interface.

Release Notes: There are quite a few bugfixes this time, albeit mostly for minor issues. The main changes are showing the number of comments in the spots overview, support for PostgreSQL version 9, and scaling of images.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:32 CorneliOS 2.10r16


CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of database application.


Release Notes: This release adds an updated CIOS Community Media Manager, CIOS Community Layer enhancements, CIOS App API enhancements, CIOS Edu API enhancements and bugfixes, CIOS ILS API enhancements and bugfixes, and updated system images, language kits, and stylesheets.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:31 Jackcess 1.2.9


Jackess is a pure Java library for reading and writing MS Access databases (currently supporting versions 2000-2007).

Release Notes: This minor feature release adds some functionality to facilitate enforcing referential integrity and more convenient Database construction. An alternate FileChannel implementation is now provided that is entirely memory based for utilizing Jackcess in a wider array of scenarios.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:30 Tin Hat 20121015


Tin Hat is a Linux distribution derived from hardened Gentoo. It aims to provide a very secure, stable, and fast desktop environment that lives purely in RAM. Tin Hat boots from CD, or optionally USB pen drive, but it is not a LiveCD in that it does not mount any file system from the boot device. Rather, Tin Hat employs a massive squashfs image which expands into tmpfs upon booting. This makes for long boot times, but remarkable speeds during human-computer interaction.


Release Notes: The toolchain has been updated to Gentoo's hardened gcc-4.5.4, glibc-2.15-r2, and binutils-2.22-r1. The kernel has been updated to vanilla 3.2.30 plus GRSEC/PaX patches. About 240 packages have been updated.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:30 LIMA-CALLAO 0.6-rc-2


LIMA-CALLAO is an enterprise accounting program that respects the conventions and standards imposed by French law to businesses. It consists of an accounting engine (CALLAO) and a user interface for that engine (LIMA).

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs for the 0.6-rc-1 release. Amongst them : translation improvements, HTML report improvements, letter selection, and transaction deletion.

Download No website 16 Oct 22:30 SMTP4PHP 2011, 14th release


SMTP4PHP is a collection of PHP classes dedicated for composing and sending multipart/mixed email messages quickly and easily, with or without embedded images and/or attachments.

Release Notes: Bugfixes for "AUTH CRAM-SHA1" and "AUTH CRAM-MD5".

No download No website 16 Oct 22:29 Unofficial HAMP Loan Modification Calculat...


The Unofficial HAMP Loan Modification Calculator estimates loan modification calculations using JavaScript. The code is part of an independent effort to analyze the HAMP program created by the US government to find a way to make home loans more affordable. This calculator uses the loan modification procedures disclosed in public documents such as Treasury Supplemental Directive 09-01 and the MHA Servicers Handbook v4. It includes the calculations for HAMP Tier 1 and 2, with or without principal reduction. The user can easily run one calculation, watching each step in the process in detail, or quickly obtain graphs of multiple scenarios.

Release Notes: Calculates both HAMP Tier 1 and Tier 2 loan modifications. Adds "schedule of payments" and "sensitivity graph" functionality. The sensitivity graph shows how Total Loan Payments, Interest Rate, or other attributes of the modified loan vary as an input such as income or home value is varied. Provides a multicolored graph for effect of rule variations (e.g. Tier 1 vs Tier 2, principal reduction vs no principal reduction). The software now uses JQuery/underscore.js/jqPlot, not prototype.js. The License is changed to "GNU GPL v2.0 or any later version" for compatibility.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:24 evince 3.6.1


Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats, such as PostScript, PDF, single page and multi-page TIFF, DVI, DjVu, and others. It features page thumbnails, printing via the GNOME or GTK+ printing frameworks, and searching within the documents. It supports the displaying of PDF indexes, the displaying and editing of PDF annotations, and the viewing of encrypted PDF documents.


Release Notes: Custom CSS was added for EvView to avoid breaking the page frames. Offline help is now always shown using Yelp. Documentation was cleaned up. Translations were updated.

Download Website 16 Oct 22:22 Ganeti 2.6.1


Ganeti is virtual server management software built on top of Xen, KVM, and other open source software. It has been designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers and to provide fast and simple recovery after physical failures using commodity hardware.

Release Notes: There are many bugfixes.

No download No website 16 Oct 22:22 Opticks Extras 1.7.0


Opticks Extras is a set of official extensions for the Opticks application. The Spectral Processing extension adds multi-spectral and hyper-spectral processing capability to Opticks. The IDL Scripting extension integrates an IDL interpreter directly into the Opticks application. The Python Scripting Extension integrates a Python interpreter directly into the Opticks application.

Release Notes: IDL Scripting, Python Scripting, and Spectral Processing extensions for Opticks 4.10.0 have been released.

No download Website 16 Oct 12:33 Aspose.Diagram for .NET 2.7.0


Aspose.Diagram is a class library for working with MS Visio files. It is a pure .NET alternative for MS Visio Object Model. It enables developers to work with VSD and VDX files on ASP.NET Web applications, Web services, and desktop applications. It makes use of the advanced functionality of Visio's services to manipulate Visio documents on a server. A developer can open files and manipulate the elements of the diagram, from lines and fills to more complex elements, and then export to native Visio formats or XML.

Release Notes: This release supports exporting of Microsoft Visio diagrams to XAML format, can render diagrams on Linux Mono, and get connectors glued to a shape. A new API, Shape.GluedShape, has been introduced, allonwing you to get a list of IDs for all the connectors glued to a specific shape. Bugs with reading VSD files, incorrect text alignment, exporting from VSD to HTML, andoutput of new diagrams after conversion to XPS were fixed along with many other issues.

Download Website 16 Oct 12:30 4MLinux 4.1 Rescue Edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux 4.0 Rescue Edition, using 4MLinux 4.1 as a core system. The main applications are: X File Explorer 1.33, Midnight Commander, 4MLinux Backup Scripts 4.1, Partimage 0.6.9, Partclone 0.2.48, TestDisk 6.13, GNU Parted 3.1, Clam AntiVirus 0.97.6, 7-Zip 9.20, UNetbootin 581, and InfraRecorder 0.53. The supported filesystems are: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT, HFS, HFS+, jfs, Minix, NTFS, ReiserFS, and XFS.

No download No website 16 Oct 12:30 Katello 1.1


Katello is a systems management engine providing workflows for configuration management, subscription management, provisioning, and content management.

Release Notes: Initial Foreman packaging integration was implemented. Object labels and auto labelization were added. New API documentation was provided along with Prawn integration for PDF generation and a new systems custom info feature.

Download Website 16 Oct 12:29 JID 2.0.0 RC3


JID is a system which can deserialize, update, and reserialize a map of 100,000 entries in half a millisecond on an i7 at 3.40 GHz. Serialization/reserialization timings are largely independent of the size and complexity of the table entries. Incremental serialization/deserialization is used to achieve high performance.


Release Notes: With BMapJid's incremental deserialization/reserialization, you can update the serialized data (byte array) for a table with 100,000 entries in half a millisecond, making it possible to write high-performance databases in Java.

No download Website 16 Oct 12:26 Piklab 0.16.2


Piklab is an integrated development environment for applications based on PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers. Supported compilers are: the Small Device C Compiler, the GNU PIC Utilities, PICC compilers, the PIC30 toolchain, the C18 compiler, the JAL and JALV2 compilers, the CSC compiler, and the Boost compilers. Supported programmers: ICD2, PICkit, PICkit2, PicStart+, and most direct programmers. Supported debuggers: ICD2 and GPSim. A commandline programmer/debugger is also provided.

Release Notes: Many issues were fixed. Initial support for the PICkit 3 was added (18F2XX/4XX and 18F4520/18F4580).

Download Website 16 Oct 12:23 feh 2.7


feh is a fast, lightweight image viewer that uses imlib2. It is command line-driven and supports multiple images through slideshows, thumbnail browsing or multiple windows, and montages or index prints using TrueType fonts to display file information. Advanced features include fast dynamic zooming, progressive loading, loading via HTTP (with reload support for watching webcams), recursive file opening (slideshow of a directory hierarchy), and mouse wheel and keyboard control.

Release Notes: --min-dim and --max-dim options were added to limit processing to images within a certain width x height range.

No download Website 16 Oct 12:22 BAR: backup archiver program 0.17


BAR is backup archiver program to create compressed and encrypted archives of files that can be stored on a hard disk, CD, DVD, BD, or directly on a server via FTP, SCP, or SFTP. A server mode and a scheduler are integrated for making automated backups in the background. A graphical front end that can connect to the (remote) server is included.

Release Notes: This release added support for xdelta compression, support for libcdio for reading the contents of CD/DVD/BD devices/images without mounting them, support for the no-dump file attribute, and an --ignore-no-dump option (see lsattr, chattr). A --datbase-index-keep-time command line/config option was added. An optional time range was implemented for the max-band-width and index-database-max-band-width options to support different limits depending on the date/time.

No download Website 16 Oct 12:21 Quick Image Viewer 2.2.4


Quick Image Viewer (qiv) is a very small and fast GDK/Imlib image viewer designed to replace the classic image viewers like xv or xloadimage. It features setting an image as an X11 background with a user-definable background color, fullscreen viewing, a screensaver mode, brightness/contrast/gamma correction, real transparency, zoom, slideshow, support for external programs, and more. It runs on Linux (libc5/glibc), Solaris (SunOS), FreeBSD, and HP-UX.

Release Notes: A note about obsoleted GTK+ 1 was included along with more examples in qiv-command, center image correction, and many more fixes.

Download Website 16 Oct 12:20 LibrePlan 1.3.1


LibrePlan is a Web application for project planning, monitoring, and control. It is a collaborative tool to plan, monitor, and control projects and has a rich Web interface that provides a desktop-like user experience. All the team members can take part in the planning, which makes it possible to have real-time planning. It was designed for a scenario where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the work inside a company. It makes it possible to communicate with other company tools, providing a wide set of Web services to import and export data.

Release Notes: It is now possible to administer the roles and profiles for users imported from LDAP. A Catalan translation was included. Work reports and work report lines can now be removed through the Web service. An option to configure personal timesheet periodicity was added. The possible values are weekly, twice-monthly, and monthly. Font styles in generated PDFs were fixed. A new report called "Project Status" was created, using a new layout. Date formats throughout the whole application were fixed (reports included). They now follow the user's locale conventions.

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