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1 October 2012

Download Website 01 Oct 20:39 Qtractor 0.5.6


Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application. The initial target platform is Linux, using the infrastructure of the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI. It is meant to be a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home studio.

Release Notes: LV2 plug-in State Files support has been fixed. An unused files clean-up removal process has been added. A brand new Edit/Insert empty range action is now featured. MIME Document types and icons have been implemented. Improved plug-in state resilience. French and Japanese translations.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:38 Sutekh 0.8.2


Sutekh is a card collection manager for the game called "Vampire: the Eternal Struggle" (VtES). Card information is stored in an SQL database backend. Current functionality includes parsing information from the official VtES card list and rulings files, exporting of decks to HTML and ARDB XML files, flexible filtering of lists of cards, backing up and restoring of the card database, configurable selection of which card information is displayed, and basic deck analysis.

Release Notes: Minor updates and bugfixes. This release includes more robust support for dealing with the cardlist encoding changing, and fixes several small bugs that have been reported since 0.8.1 was released.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:38 SALI 1.5.6


SALI (Sara Automatic Linux Installer) is a tool that allows you to install Linux on multiple machines at once. It support several protocols for downloading by way of aria2 to install a machine. For example, BitTorrent and rsync are supported. SALI originates from SystemImager and still uses the same philosophy. It is a scalable method for performing unattended installation. SALI is mostly used in cluster setups.


Release Notes: Fedora uses different commands for grub2 installation, so the grub2_install function now detects which commands must be used.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:37 GroupOffice groupware and CRM 4.0.108


GroupOffice is a groupware suite that takes your office online, implementing online collaboration and CRM. It allows you to share projects, calendars, files and email online with co-workers and clients. It is easy to use and fully customizable. It also features synchronization with PDAs and Outlook.


Release Notes: This release comes with some important bugfixes and translation updates. Upgrading is recommended.

No download Website 01 Oct 20:37 DR14 T.meter 1.0.10


DR14 T.meter is a commandline tool for computing the Dynamic Range of your music according to the procedure used in the offline meter released by the Pleasurize Music Foundation. It is very useful to measure how loud your music is and to understand that a good quality album always has a good dynamic. It's also useful for understanding the effects of the so-called loudness war.

Release Notes: This release adds plot track with zoom and track navigation.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:37 FLENS 2012-10-01


FLENS is short for Flexible Library for Efficient Numerical Solutions. This C++ can be used as a builing block for the implementation of other (higher-level) numerical libraries or numerical applications. It is a C++ library (requires a C++11 conform compiler). Easy install, as FLENS is headers only. It gives you Matrix/vector types for dense linear algebra; a generic (i.e. templated) implementation of BLAS; and a generic reimplementation of LAPACK. If high performance BLAS libraries like ATLAS, GotoBLAS, etc. are available, you simply can link against them and boost performance.

Release Notes: This release fully supports all matrix/vector types specified by BLAS (i.e. matrices with band, packed, or full storage formats and dense vectors). In addition, sparse matrices with coordinate and compressed storage formats are available. The tutorials were extended to exemplify how users can integrate new matrix/vector types into FLENS. They further demonstrate how matrix views can easily be utilized to implement numerical high performance algorithms.

Download No website 01 Oct 20:36 Portofino 4.0.7


Portofino is a system that makes it possible to create a Web application from an existing database in 30 seconds. Connect to the database, configure your preferences, and enjoy your new application.

Release Notes: This release adds a "tables" administration page to edit information about tables, columns, and relationships in a user-friendly way. It also contains various improvements and bugfixes, especially for persistence and CRUD pages.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:35 YB.ORM 0.3.2


The YB.ORM library aims to simplify writing C++ code that has to deal with SQL databases. The goal is to provide a convenient interface like SQLAlchemy (Python) or Hibernate (Java). The library itself is cross-platform and supports a variety of SQL dialects: SQLite3, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and Firebird. Integration with Boost, Qt4, and wxWidgets is built-in. In a typical usage scenario, you would describe your database schema and table relationships in a simple XML-based format, generate SQL code to populate database schema with tables, generate C++ classes, add application-specific logic to the classes, and use these classes in cooperation with the Session object to query objects from the database, create new or modify/delete existing objects, or link and unlink objects using relations. Simple serialization to XML is supported along with connection pooling.

Release Notes: A new more intuitive syntax for filters in queries via operator overloading. When querying a tuple of domain classes, there will be issued a query with a join of corresponding tables. The query object has the new methods .one() and .count() in addition to the method .all(). Tutorial3: Querying objects has been added. A couple of subtle bugs have been fixed. The Auth sample is improved, using the application singleton for creating sessions.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:34 email2trac 2.6.2


email2trac is a utility that converts email messages to Trac tickets. It features HTML message conversion, attachments, updating of tickets via email, command line options, a configuration file, Unicode support, spam detection, workflow support, and support for FullBlogPlugin and DiscussionPlugin.


Release Notes: Adds support for trac version 1.0.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:33 Tine 2.0 Joey (2012.10) Release Candidate 1


Tine 2.0 is a Web-based groupware solution that focuses on usability and correctness. To achieve these goals, the project uses usability experts and covers most of the code by unit tests. It contains support for contacts, tasks, calendar, email, CRM, VoIP integration, a time tracker, ActiveSync, and a flexible rights management system.

Release Notes: This release brings the new HumanResources application, the new linking panel (including linking of files that have been added to the Filemanager), Calendar interface and sync improvements, and many more new features and bugfixes.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:33 ultimix 1.5.251


Ultimix is a framework for developing Web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs, etc.) It includes multi-language support, permits management, an MVC mini framework, package structure, a template engine, a Javascript library, a simple GUI library, a caching system, and CAPTCHA.


Release Notes: Performance was improved. The JavaScript API was extended. The installation script was fixed. The advert manager was refactored. Entity managers were refactored. An SVN repository was added. An error in the caching system was fixed. Unit tests were added to all packages (about 300 unit tests were created). Activate/deactivate buttons were added to the user manager. An advertising subsystem was added. The number of unit tests has reached 350. Numerous bugfixes. Documentation was improved.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:32 recordmph 0.20120927


Recordmph records the music play history for the Mylene audio player.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:32 DataCleaner 3.0.1


DataCleaner is a data quality analysis tool that allows you to perform data profiling, validating, and minor ETL-like tasks. These activities help you administer and monitor your data quality in order to ensure that your data is useful and applicable to your business situation. It can be used for master data management (MDM) methodologies, data warehousing projects, statistical research, preparation for extract-transform-load activities, and more.

Release Notes: The primary bugfix in this release was about restoring the mapping of columns and specific enumerable categorizations. For instance, in the new Completeness analyzer, after reloading a saved job, the mapping was not always correct. Internal improvements have been made, making it easier to deploy the Web application in environments using the Spring Framework. The visualization settings in the desktop application have been improved by automatically taking a look at the job being visualized and toggling displayed artifacts.

No download Website 01 Oct 20:31 GromJS 1.7.18


GromJS is a Server-Side JavaScript interpreter based on Mozilla's SpiderMonkey core script engine which provides a complete ASP-like environment for JavaScript scripting on a Web server. It includes a persistent operation mode (executing multiple scripts with a single process for extreme performance), session management, direct read/write access to Web server files and directories, support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases, system program execution and pipes, HTTP file upload and authentication, cookies, CGI environment variables, and more.

Release Notes: This release includes various new features, improvements, enhancements in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases support, and additions to documentation and code examples.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:30 phlyMail 4.3.52 (4.4 Beta)


phlyMail is a groupware, webmailer, and PIM. It offers unlimited nested groups, unlimited POP3/IMAP profiles, quotas, an integrated address book, a calendar with multiple reminders and event repetitions, a file manager with an integrated WebDAV server, the ability to send faxes, SMS support (which lets you send SMS, get reminded of events via SMS, and get email notification via SMS), a bookmark manager, themes, and multilingual support. It uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME and SSL connections. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is included. Through its modular design, it's easy to add completely new features as modules, which can be plugged into the system.

Release Notes: This build fixes the update process by moving a lengthy task into crontab, fixes creating IMAP folders, and improves keyboard navigation in mail folders. Having incorrect credentials (e.g. changed password) for IMAP accounts no longer drops all their associated messages from the index.

Download Website 01 Oct 20:30 (R)?ex 0.33.1


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: It is now possible to add fstab entries if a partition is mounted or created. It is possible to use custom template engines like Template::Toolkit for configuration files.

Download No website 01 Oct 20:29 FusionInventory Agent 2.2.6


FusionInventory Agent is an generic inventory agent that can collect information from various sources including the local machine, network, and remote devices. It also has the ability to send Wake on LAN requests and deploy software. The agent can be used with GLPI, Uranos, Rudder, Pulse2, and OCS Inventory.

Release Notes: This release fixes installation with older MakeMaker versions, does not generate HTML versions of man pages, and has minor fixes to the dependencies list. It has a better fix for size parsing with HP RAID controllers, and implements a model-specific hack for ACER screens serials. Parsing of newer ifconfig output, such as used on Fedora 17, is fixed.

Download Website 01 Oct 01:13 Grace 5.1.23


Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for X Windows System and Motif (recent versions of Lesstif should be fine too). Grace is a descendant of ACE/gr, also known as Xmgr.

Release Notes: Bugfixes.

Download Website 01 Oct 01:12 SchemaCrawler 9.1


SchemaCrawler is a Java API which makes working with database metadata as easy as working with ordinary Java objects. It is also a database schema discovery and comprehension and schema documentation tool. You can search for database schema objects using regular expressions, output the schema and data in a readable text format, and find potential design issues with lint . The output is designed to be diff-ed against other database schemas. SchemaCrawler supports almost any database which has a JDBC driver, but for convenience is bundled with drivers for some commonly-used RDBMS systems. SchemaCrawler works with any operating system which supports Java.

Release Notes: The SchemaCrawler jar is bundled as an OSGi bundle. There are new examples for scripting with Ruby, Groovy, and Python.

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