2012 / January / 11 (35 releases)

11 January 2012

Download Website 11 Jan 22:36 makepp 2.0rc2


Makepp, a build program that has a number of features that allow for reliable builds and simpler build files, is a drop-in replacement for GNU make. It supports almost all of the syntax that GNU make supports, and can be used with makefiles produced by utilities such as automake. It is called makepp (or make++) because it was designed with special support for C++, which has since been extended to other languages like Swig or embedded SQL. Some features that makepp adds to make are: greatly improved handling of builds that involve multiple makefiles (recursive make is no longer necessary); automatic scanning for include files; rebuilds triggered if build command changes; checksum-based signature methods for reliable builds, smart enough to ignore whitespace or comment changes; extensibility through Perl programming (within your makefile); repositories (automatically importing files from another tree); and build caches (not recompiling identically what a user of the same cache already did).

Release Notes: Only few minor bugs were reported since rc1, and all have been fixed. The major change is installation of HTML documentation in a new format, the same one that is also used for the newly designed Web site.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:32 librxe 0.9


librxe and its accompanying demo utility rxenum calculate the size of sets described by regular expressions, optionally enumerating each and every item and offering random access to any item. This is useful for learning about regexes, computing dictionary-based rainbow tables, etc.

Release Notes: Initial public release.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:31 openDIAS 0.7.3


openDIAS (Document Imaging Archive System) provides document imaging with OCR. You can scan documents (with SANE) or import ODF documents and then assign tags. It can store all your letters, bills, statements, etc. in a convenient, safe, and easily retrievable way.


Release Notes: This release introduces major new functionality and polishes the code and user interface. Overall, it is a solid increase in functionality and quality.

No download Website 11 Jan 22:28 Gitblit 0.8.0


Gitblit is a pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories. It's designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups which want to host centralized repositories.

Release Notes: This release adds a Groovy push hook script mechanism with an example sendmail.groovy push script. It adds a new UserService to make user management simpler and more flexible. It adds an aggregate repository activity page with a filters menu. It adds Teams to simplify administration of user-repository permissions. It adds Gravatar integration. It adds a copy-to-clipboard function for the repository URL. It supports serving a gh-pages branch, if one is available.

Download No website 11 Jan 22:26 LeechCraft 0.4.98


LeechCraft is a modular Internet client. It allows you to browse the Web; read RSS/Atom feeds; download files via BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP; automatically download, play, or stream podcasts (and other media files); and much more.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. A couple of rare segfaults were fixed in Aggregator. It fixes the context menu for non-Latin nicks in Azoth. It fixes the AdiumStyles module and its interoperation with Acetamide. It fixes windowing/parenting issues in Kinotify (hopefully, at least).

Download Website 11 Jan 22:25 WANPIPE 3.5.24


WANPIPE S-series is a family of intelligent multi-protocol WAN and ADSL adapters that support data transfer rates up to 8Mbps. All WAN protocols supported by WANPIPE are implemented in firmware and run on the card. An advantage of an intelligent adapter is that it offloads the system CPU and improves stability. By adding a Sangoma WAN/ADSL component to the Linux kernel, one can create a powerful multi-T1/ADSL router/firewall with proven reliability of Linux. Sangoma S-series cards support an optional on board T1/E1 CSU/DSU that eliminates all external components of a traditional routing solution: i.e. T1/E1 line can be directly connected to the card. WANPIPE supports the following protocols, ATM, ADSL, Frame Relay, PPP, MULTILINK PPP, CHDLC, X25(API), BitStreaming (API), BiSync(API), and SDLC(API). Furthermore, WANPIPE supports custom API development such as: Credit card verification, Voice-over IP, Satellite Comm. All device drivers are part of the standard Linux Kernel distribution.

Release Notes: This release adds an MTP1 msu/lssu filter option, LINEAR mapping of A108 ports for use with T3Mux, HW Echo Cancellation Clock failover, and Global Poll IRQ mode for efficient high density HDLC TX/RX. It has been updated to Linux 2.6.39 and 3.0.1. There are numerous bugfixes.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:24 The Legend of Edgar 0.96


The Legend of Edgar is a 2D platform game with a persistent world. When Edgar's father fails to return home after venturing out one dark and stormy night, Edgar fears the worst: he has been captured by the evil sorcerer who lives in a fortress beyond the forbidden swamp. In The Legend of Edgar, you take on the role of Edgar as he ventures across the world, battling fearsome creatures and solving puzzles while trying to find and rescue his father.

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with some level exits not activating, so now the Crypt is accessible. User home directory lookup is now more reliable on Linux.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:23 Suricata 1.2rc1


Suricata is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation and its supporting vendors. The engine is multi-threaded and has native IPv6 support, file extraction capabilities, and many more features. It's capable of loading existing Snort rules and signatures, and supports many frontends through Barnyard2.

Release Notes: Auto-detection of interfaces with checksum offloading was added. HTTP and SMTP parser event matching was added. Unixsock output options were added. Performance was improved. IPS mode was improved. File inspection and extraction was improved.

No download Website 11 Jan 22:17 DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0.5


DataNucleus AccessPlatform is a standards-compliant Java persistence product. It is fully compliant with the JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO3, JPA1, JPA2 and JPA2.1 Java standards, and provides a REST API. It complies with the OGC Simple Feature Spec for persistence of geospatial Java types. It allows access to all popular RDBMS available today, together with the MongoDB, LDAP, NeoDatis, JSON, Excel/ODF spreadsheets, XML, BigTable, HBase, and Neo4j databases.


Release Notes: Support for persistence to JSON has had major improvements: datastore identity was added, versioning was added, support for relations was added, and support for many other Java field types was added. RDBMS datastores support for multiple sql-types for a jdbc-type was added. RDBMS handling of non-transactional queries was improved to not load all results at execution when retaining the connection. Support for bulk load of objects from the L2 cache was added. Various other minor fixes were made.

Download No website 11 Jan 22:15 validate.args 1.5.3


validate.args is a Lua module that provides a framework for validation of arguments to Lua functions. It can also be used to validate complex data structures.

Release Notes: This is a major upgrade from the last freecode update.

Download No website 11 Jan 22:12 sVimPy 0.1


sVimPy is a very small Python virtual machine intended for use in microcontroller projects. At the moment, it supports about 3/4 of all opcodes used in python3k. Most data types are supported. The intended goal is to use this VM in environments like Atmel's ATmega chips (2-8kb RAM). The microcontroller bootloader is still missing (no arduinos left for experimentation). Classes are not supported. Features include: function calling, a stack based VM, garbage collection, very low memory usage, an interactive debugging console, dictionaries and tuples, iterations, VM single stepping (game loop usage is possible), C function calling, a small memory footprint, fast performance, the ability to be used as a library in other projects, a simple API + code, possible usage as a small deployment executable for Python projects.

Release Notes: Initial release for testing.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:08 aria2 1.14.1


aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. It has a powerful segmented downloading ability, downloading a file from multiple sources and multiple protocols and utilizing your download bandwidth to the maximum. It supports downloading a file from HTTP(S)/FTP and BitTorrent at the same time, while the data downloaded from HTTP(S)/FTP is uploaded to the BitTorrent swarm. Using Metalink's chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file like BitTorrent.

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that prevents the --checksum option from working correctly. It also fixes the bug where a log file was not created if a warn level log was created before the log file was opened. Now aria2 doesn't assume the download has completed just because file size matched. The old behavior is problematic, because aria2 just assumes the download is completed, but in reality it is not.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:06 Libiqxmlrpc 0.11.1


Libiqxmlrpc is an object-oriented library that represents an XML-RPC solution for both client and server. It supports HTTP and HTTPS, both single-threaded and multi-threaded computation models on the server side, method interceptors, and other features.

Release Notes: This release fixes xml-writer compatibility with libxml2-2.6.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:06 GNU ddrescue 1.16-rc1


GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or block device (hard disk, CD-ROM, etc.) to another, trying to rescue the good parts first in case of read errors. GNU ddrescuelog is a tool that manipulates ddrescue logfiles, shows logfile contents, converts logfiles to/from other formats, compares logfiles, tests rescue status, and can delete a logfile if the rescue is done.


Release Notes: The "-E, --max-error-rate" option now checks the rate of actually failed reads, not the growth of error size, and shows the error rate in the error message. Quote characters in messages have been changed as advised by GNU Coding Standards.

Download No website 11 Jan 22:05 emexis-webmail 3.2beta


EMEXIS WEBMAIL is a Webmail application based on SquirrelMail. SquirrelMail client is a complete Webmail system, but due to the concern of making it compatible with many browsers and systems, its interface has become a little impaired. EMEXIS WEBMAIL was developed with the intention of solving this deficiency. It comes with all functionality of the original Squirelmail, but with an interface that is much more friendly for the user. It mostly uses the mechanisms for handling messages from Squirrelmail.


Release Notes: This release adds new resources: iCalendar support, vertical display mode, export and import of events, and notifications of events.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:03 PAC


PAC provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet connections, including usernames, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, and macros. It is similar in function to SecureCRT or Putty. It is intended for people who connect to many servers through SSH. It can automate logins and command executions.

Release Notes: This release adds an option under "Preferences" to check for new PAC versions on demand (clicking a button). It adds <Ctrl><left/right> to switch between TABs. It fixes a bug that prevented PAC from entering '#' (hash) starting passwords in RDP (rdesktop) connections. It fixes a minor bug that prevented saving the forwarded port for SSH connections under some circumstances.

Download Website 11 Jan 22:02 GLib 2.31.8


GLib is a library containing many useful C routines for things such as trees, hashes, and lists. GLib was previously distributed with the GTK toolkit, but has been split off as of the developers' version 1.1.0.


Release Notes: GObject's type checks for overriding properties were loosened. GWeakRef was introduced as a new API for weak references. GHashTable was expanded with new convenience APIs for use as a set. GSocketConnection gained an API for managing connection status. A native OS X backend was added to GSettings. Various bugs were fixed.

No download Website 11 Jan 22:00 beaTunes 3.0.12


beaTunes is an iTunes companion app capable of automatically analyzing your music collection to help you build better playlists. It analyzes BPM (beats per minute), silence at the beginning or end of a song, and the color (based on frequency spectrum) of a given song. Some of the data is stored through iTunes, and some is stored by beaTunes itself. beaTunes can suggest albums that would complement your music collection, display music charts, and help you find and fix errors in your song meta data, like typos and wrong genres. It also allows you to blog about selected songs or playlists.

Release Notes: This release fixes issues with importing track numbers and ignoring multiple release year solutions. There are small changes to MissingFile inspection. It has been migrated to Discogs APIv2.

Download Website 11 Jan 21:59 Project Estimate Tracker v0.1.2 r125


Project Estimate Tracker (PET) from shadowfax.org.uk is designed to allow teams to track progress and time spent on projects. It allows team members to set up new Projects and Tasks and record estimates of task completion. As the project moves on, completion estimates may be revised to reflect changes, delays, etc. It also contains a time-sheet component that allows team members to record time spent against tasks.

Release Notes: This is a compatibility release to esnure PET works with the current release of Smarty (v3.1.7). It fixes several issues with templates due to changes in Smarty. It has an improved mechanism for time-sheet update to ensure changes are always saved. It removes obsolete user interface buttons. It has a new function to export time-sheet data directly to Excel pivot tables using XML.

Download Website 11 Jan 21:57 abcm2ps 6.6.2


abcm2ps is a commandline program which converts ABC to sheet music in PostScript or SVG format. It is an extension of abc2ps which can handle many voices per staff.


Release Notes: This is the new "stable" release.

No download Website 11 Jan 21:57 Pomm RC3


Pomm is an object oriented database access framework. It is not an ORM, it is an Object Model Manager. It offers an alternative approach from an ORM to using databases in Web development. It allows developers to leverage PostgreSQL's features to shape data structures which fit business processes while keeping an eye on performance.

Release Notes: Entity classes have been cleaned for better use with the sf2 form component. There is a new Inspector class for database introspection with you own tools. There are more tests and more convenient methods.

Download Website 11 Jan 21:56 glogg 0.9.0


glogg is a multi-platform GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files. It is designed with programmers and system administrators in mind. glogg can be seen as a graphical, interactive combination of grep and less.

Release Notes: This release introduces a couple of new features. There is now an overview of the matches on the right hand side for quickly locating matches in the file. The user can also mark any interesting lines and see them in both the filtered view and the overview.

Download Website 11 Jan 21:55 uim 1.7.2


uim is a multilingual input method framework. It aims to provide a flexible development platform and useful user environment for input methods. It works in many environments, including general desktop systems such as GNOME or KDE, and even in a console. It also supports Linux Zaurus and Mac OS X.

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with text acquisition with selected text. Related to this, the Qt4 bridge now supports the text acquisition API with the QTextEdit widget.

Download Website 11 Jan 21:54 Opa Build 1056


Opa is a web development platform. It comprises a programming language, a Web server, a database, and a distributed execution engine. All of these are tightly integrated.

Release Notes: An available preview for new (JS-inspired) syntax. Initial support for MongoDB and CouchDB. Numerous improvements and bugfixes.

Download Website 11 Jan 21:52 BIRD 1.3.5


BIRD is a dynamic routing daemon for UNIX-like systems. It should support all routing protocols used in the contemporary Internet, such as BGP, OSPF, RIP, and their IPv6 variants. It also features a very flexible configuration mechanism, and a route filtering language.

Release Notes: Protocol templates, a deterministic MED option for BGP, support for link-local addresses in BGP and static protocols, and several bugfixes.

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