Download Website 30 Dec 21:26 uClibc


uClibc (µClibc) is a C library for developing embedded Linux systems. It is much smaller then the GNU C Library, but nearly all applications supported by glibc also work perfectly with uClibc. Porting applications from glibc to uClibc typically involves just recompiling the source code. uClibc even supports shared libraries and threading. It currently runs on standard Linux and MMU-less Linux (also known as µClinux) systems with support for ARM, i386, h8300, m68k, MIPS, mipsel, PowerPC, SH, SPARC, and v850 processors.

Release Notes: Bugfixes and feature enhancements.

No download Website 30 Dec 21:23 DeVeDe 3.21.0


DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs (compatible with home players) from nearly any video format. It only uses Python, MPlayer, Mencoder, DVDAuthor, VCDImager, and mkisofs, so it has very few dependencies.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when creating a DVD with more than one page in its menu. Now FFMpeg is the default backend.

No download No website 30 Dec 21:19 Freeverb3 2.6.4


Freeverb3 is a signal processing library. It includes many types of audio processing effects and signal generators including a linear feedback shift register (LFSR) maximum length sequence (MLS) generator, multiple types of high quality mono+stereo reverb effects, a multi slot impulse response processor, multiband hardknee+softknee compressor and limiter, a stereo enhancer, a limiter, and many types of infinite impulse respose (IIR) and finite impulse response (FIR) filters. Also available is Freeverb3VST, a VST effects plugins package based on the Freeverb3 library.

Release Notes: Impuler2 MIDI loading bugs were fixed. Reverb algorithms are optimized. PPC64 is supported.

Download Website 30 Dec 21:16 GLib 2.31.6


GLib is a library containing many useful C routines for things such as trees, hashes, and lists. GLib was previously distributed with the GTK toolkit, but has been split off as of the developers' version 1.1.0.


Release Notes: GApplication's APIs for setting menus have completely been moved to GtkApplication. GActionGroup was remodeled, with the introduction of GRemoteActionGroup, to allow for properly dealing with platform data and Gdk threads on window actions. Minor API changes were made. Many bugfixes and memory leak fixes were made. Documentation was improved.

No download Website 30 Dec 21:15 Aspose.Diagram for .NET 1.8.0


Aspose.Diagram is a class library for working with MS Visio files. It is a pure .NET alternative for MS Visio Object Model. It enables developers to work with VSD and VDX files on ASP.NET Web applications, Web services, and desktop applications. It makes use of the advanced functionality of Visio's services to manipulate Visio documents on a server. A developer can open files and manipulate the elements of the diagram, from lines and fills to more complex elements, and then export to native Visio formats or XML.

Release Notes: This release includes support for an auto layout feature. You can set different styles of Flowchart and CompactTree layouts in your diagrams. Users can set the page size when rendering to TIFF format. Image and PDF rendering features have also been improved in this release. Moreover, rendering of element PolyLineTo and enhanced VSD file Rendering is also included in this release.

Download Website 30 Dec 21:13 RemoteBox 1.2


RemoteBox is a graphical tool which lets you administer guests or virtual machines running under VirtualBox on a remote server or even your local machine if desired. You may, for example, have a root server on the Internet, a server at home, or a server at work running VirtualBox but want to have the convenience of managing the guests easily from your local machine. The virtual machines run in headless mode, which means you don't need an active graphical display on the server but you can still connect and view the displays of the guests. The goal of RemoteBox is to provide a GUI that should be familiar to VirtualBox users while allowing them to administer a remote installation of VirtualBox. It does this via the VirtualBox API and SOAP interface, which are exposed when running the VirtualBox Web service. You can also use RemoteBox simply as an alternative interface for managing VirtualBox on your local machine.

Release Notes: This release has been rebased from GTK 2.16 to GTK 2.22 as the minimum version required, and has significant code optimizations. Support has been added for creating guest clones (Full, State, and Linked) and marking hard disk images as SSDs and DVD images as Live DVDs. The number of ports on a SATA controller can now be configured manually as well as manually controlling the port a medium is attached to. Support has been added for copying (including converting) hard disk images as well as setting their low-level type (Writethrough, Immutable, Multi-attach, etc.). Plus the usual plethora of GUI tweaks and minor bugfixes.

Download Website 30 Dec 21:05 Edt Text Editor 1.9


Edt is a simple text editor that emulates VAX VMS EDT. It uses the numeric keypad for common editing functions. It is easy to learn, efficient, and enables rapid editing. The editor has multiple buffers, handles large files, and is light-weight.

Release Notes: This release adds a check against accidentally attempting to edit a directory. It adds the ability to start an HTML file by inserting the HTML tags for header and page-body when you type "begin html" at the line-prompt. A Makefile and Sun keyboard map were also added.

Download Website 30 Dec 21:04 ultimix 1.5.150


Ultimix is a framework for developing Web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs, etc.) It includes multi-language support, permits management, an MVC mini framework, package structure, a template engine, a Javascript library, a simple GUI library, a caching system, and CAPTCHA.


Release Notes: The package 'database::oracle_database' was refactored. The package 'gui::context' was refactored. The package 'user::user_markup' was refactored. The package 'page::page_markup' was refactored. The package 'gui::video_markup' was refactored. The package 'core' was refactored. An error in the 'permit::group_markup' was fixed. An error in the 'user::user_markup' was fixed. An error in the 'page::page_markup' was fixed. The documentation was updated.

Download No website 30 Dec 21:02 Loadbars 0.3.1


Loadbars is a small script that can be used to observe CPU loads of several remote servers at once in real time. It connects with SSH (using SSH public/private key auth) to several servers at once and vizualizes all server CPUs and memory statistics right next each other (either summarized or each core separately). Loadbars is not a tool for collecting CPU loads and drawing graphs for later analysis. However, since such tools require a significant amount of time before producing results, Loadbars lets you observe the current state immediately. Loadbars does not remember or record any load information. It just shows the current CPU usages like top or vmstat does.

Release Notes: The --cluster option (which reads the ClusterSSH config file /etc/clusters/) now also supports clusters of clusters. The --hosts option allows the username to be specified, e.g. "./loadbars --hosts user1@server01,user2@server02" will connect to server01 using user1 and server02 with user2.

Download Website 30 Dec 21:00 Bloo 1.35


Bloo is an object-oriented implementation of full-featured blog software, based on the Phoo Phramework.

Release Notes: Various feature enhancements.

Download Website 30 Dec 20:57 Stella 3.5


Stella is a freely distributed multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator. Since its original release, Stella has been ported to many diverse operating systems. Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows are currently supported in the mainline codebase.

Release Notes: This release features many improvements to joystick and mouse handling and an internal logging system. It also includes an updated OpenGL backend, fixes for certain sound issues, and several debugger improvements. Finally, Stella is now DonationWare.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:45 Window Switch 0.12.8


Window Switch is a tool that allows you to move applications between networked computers. The windows appear where you need them, as they were. You no longer need to save and send documents to move them around; simply move the view of the application to the machine where you need it.


Release Notes: This release contains some important bugfixes (a threading issue was causing application freezes, and it now correctly drops dead connections), and also some new or improved features, including support for VirtualBox sessions, support for setting the timezone and locale when starting a session, faster startup, better window layouts (avoiding the squishy effect), and support for setting the keyboard map to use with rdesktop/xfreerdp.

No download Website 29 Dec 22:45 Data Crow 3.9.11


Data Crow is a movie, video, book, image, software, and music cataloger/media manager. Data Crow uses MusicBrainz, Amazon, IMDb, and many other Web services to retrieve the information for you. It is highly customizable, easy to use, and feature rich. It helps you to keep track of your loans, allows you to create reports, enables you to create your own modules (using wizards) and, most importantly, enables you to easily manage all your collections.

Release Notes: Various fixes related to upgrading and online services as well as some small improvements.

Download No website 29 Dec 22:44 Paranoid 0.33


The Paranoid modules provide a number of routines that are intended for use in strict and taint-safe scripts. The modules cover a variety of tasks from command-line argument parsing to process and network management. All of the modules use a debug trace framework for diagnostic output that is easily used and extended for application code as well.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in Paranoid::Network::Socket because of which detection of imported symbols in the local namespace wasn't working correctly. This primarily impacted Perl 5.14 installations.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:42 Gtk2-Perl Glib 1.242


Gtk2-Perl is the collective name for a set of Perl bindings for GTK+ 2.x and various related libraries. These modules make it easy to write GTK+ and GNOME applications using a natural, perlish, object-oriented syntax.

Release Notes: This release changes addresses in GPL license notices, fixes a typo in default pspec values in Glib::GenPod, and deletes a duplicate key in %basic_types in Glib::GenPod.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:32 Galera wsrep provider 2.0 Beta


Galera wsrep provider is a dlopenable generic replication library which implements the wsrep provider API. It provides very efficient synchronous replication, and multi-master and "parallel applying" capabilities for opaque data buffers. Its primary focus is data consistency. A transaction is either committed on every node, or not at all. It works anywhere TCP works, including on WAN, and can utilize UDP multicast where available. It is used by the MySQL-wsrep patch project to create true multi-master MySQL/InnoDB clusters.

Release Notes: This is a new major feature release featuring incremental state transfers (replaying of missing transactions to catch up with the cluster). This is a beta preview.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:27 Conquest: Divide and Conquer 1.2.4


Conquest is a simultaneously-executed turn-based tactical combat game placed in a dark and distant future. Play the role of a futuristic commander. Divide your armies and conquer the world. Position satellites to reveal your opponents. Launch missiles to annihilate big armies, but watch out for incoming drop pods behind your back. Standing in your path to victory are other commanders like yourself. Fight them off one by one and prove you are the greatest of the great. The combination of fast gameplay and randomly generated maps equals intense, restless nights of battles for cities. Drag and drop your way to victory.


Release Notes: This is a minor update, primarily adding better language support, a French translation,and some of the most-requested tweaks.

No download Website 29 Dec 22:26 Phing 2.4.9


PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a project build system based on Apache Ant. You can do anything with it that you could do with a traditional build system like GNU make, and its use of simple XML build files and extensible PHP "task" classes make it an easy-to-use and highly flexible build framework. Features include file transformations (e.g. token replacement, XSLT transformation, Smarty template transformations), file system operations, interactive build support, SQL execution, CVS operations, and much more.

Release Notes: This release adds the WaitFor task and fixes various issues.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:23 SOTESHOP 5.2.3


SOTESHOP is e-commerce software that includes all you need to sell effectively via the Internet. The program is up and running immediately after installation. It manages the entire shopping process, from portfolio presentation, through submitting orders, to online payments, etc.


Release Notes: This release adds new addons (integrations) for Footprint analytics, PhpBB, LiveChat, Google+, Twitter, and Piwik, sale for verified customers, a new easy installer, a TinyMCE editor update, data importation from OSCommerce, and system optimization.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:19 ThinLinc 3.3.0


ThinLinc is a fast and versatile remote desktop solution. It is based on open source software such as TigerVNC, SSH, and PulseAudio. The ThinLinc server software can be used to publish Linux/Unix desktops and applications to thin clients. The system also supports Windows Remote Desktop Services and VirtualBox. ThinLinc supports redirection of sound, serial ports, disk drives, local printers, and Smart Card readers. Clients are available for a wide variety of platforms. When used with the VirtualGL software, ThinLinc can deliver high performance graphics with OpenGL applications in a thin client environment.

Release Notes: New platforms, including Mandriva Enterprise Server and Unity 2D, are now supported. All server components are available as 64-bit versions. The performance on high latency networks has been improved. Four new translations have been added: Dutch, French, Russian, and Turkish. The OS X client has been translated. The functionality of the Web administration interface has been improved.

Download Website 29 Dec 22:18 Zero Install Injector 1.5


Zero Install is a decentralized cross-distribution software installation system. It allows software developers to publish programs directly from their own Web sites, while supporting features familiar from centralized distribution repositories such as shared libraries, automatic updates, and digital signatures. It is intended to complement, rather than replace, the operating system's package management. 0install packages never interfere with those provided by the distribution.


Release Notes: A progress indicator was added for 0store optimize. Native Java JREs and JDKs are now detected on Windows. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 29 Dec 14:46 AqBanking 5.0.20


AqBanking is a modular and generic interface to online banking tasks, financial file formats (import/export), and bank/country/currency information. AqBanking uses backend plugins to actually perform the online tasks. HBCI, OFX DirectConnect, and EBICS are currently supported. AqBanking is used by GnuCash, KMyMoney, Pecunia, AqBanking-CLI, and QBankManager.

Release Notes: This release provides support for the latest Pin/TAN modes for HBCI (HKTAN5). It also contains code to support "Optical chipTAN" with AqFinance being the first application to make use of it.

Download Website 29 Dec 14:46 HWSD 1.0.2


HWSD is a daemon and library for the discovery and announcement of hardware resources using ZeroConf. It enables auto-configuration of ad-hoc GPU clusters and multi-GPU machines through multi-platform GPU and network device discovery.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in the wgl module when using the Windows software renderer, and fixes the installed FindGPUSD.cmake script.

Download Website 29 Dec 14:45 Build CC 0.3


Build CC is a simple script that automates the building of cross compilers using the GNU toolchain.

Release Notes: Updated download links for tools, and initial support for compiling on Solaris 10.

Download Website 29 Dec 14:44 4MLinux 3.1-server-edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux-3.0-server-edition, using 4MLinux-3.1 as the core system. The servers controlled by the inetd daemon are FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo is also available. The programming environment includes the CGI version of PHP 5.3.8, the minimal version of Perl 5.14.2, SQLite 3.7.9, and cURL 7.23.1. It is also possible to download Java (JRE 1.6.0_26) with muCommander 0.8.5 and JAP (the latest Java Anon Proxy). The main security components are 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables and Clam AntiVirus 0.97.3.

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