2011 / June (1030 releases)

June 2011

Download Website 01 Jun 21:45 vnStat 1.11


vnStat is a console-based network traffic monitor that keeps a log of hourly, daily, and monthly network traffic for the selected interface(s). It uses the network interface statistics provided by the kernel as information source. This means that vnStat won't actually be sniffing any traffic, and also ensures light use of system resources.

Release Notes: This release fixes a miscalculated memory allocation when creating interface list from /sys/class/net when /proc/net/dev wasn't available, which in turn could crash the daemon. Handling of the -HUP signal in the daemon has been corrected to properly update the database cache. The daemon now automatically creates databases for available interfaces if no databases are found during startup instead of requiring user interaction.

Download Website 01 Jun 21:43 poppler 0.16.6


Poppler is a PDF rendering library derived from xpdf. It has been enhanced to utilize modern libraries, and new features have been added. It also provides basic command line utilities.


Release Notes: A Unicode parsing bug and a JavaScript crash were fixed.

Download Website 01 Jun 21:43 cego 2.9.1


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: Several fixes are included.

Download Website 01 Jun 21:20 ejabberd 2.1.7


ejabberd is a multi-platform, scalable, distributed, and fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server. It includes Jabber services like Multi-User Chat, IRC transport, HTTP-Bind, Publish-Subscribe and PEP. It supports virtual hosting, connection to transports (gateways) to other networks, and connection to other Jabber servers. Other supported features are Web and command-line administration, encryption support (SSL and TLS), several authentication methods (embedded, external script, LDAP, PAM, and ODBC), varied storage methods (embedded, ODBC, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL), Jabber user directory, and translations in more than 20 languages.

Release Notes: A security fix to prevent a DoS attack. Other improvements and fixes.

No download Website 01 Jun 21:20 Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 4.0-RC2


Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is an enterprise ready browser-based communication suite. Users can read, send, and organize email messages and manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with the standards compliant components from the Horde Project. It bundles the separately available applications IMP, Ingo, Kronolith, Turba, Nag, and Mnemo. It can be extended with any of the released Horde applications or the Horde modules that are still in development, like a file manager, a bookmark manager, a forum, or a wiki.

Release Notes: This release adds an installation script. It allows you to overwrite default configurations. It adds a script for exporting/importing preferences from/to a backend. Improved POP3 support. A workaround for the Suhosin extension breaking valid requests. A fix for loading message previews from search results. Support for multiple address books in the search portal block. Composite address fields are enabled by default. Small bugfixes and improvements.

No download Website 01 Jun 21:19 Turba H4 (3.0.3)


Turba is the Horde contact management application. It is a production level address book, and makes heavy use of the Horde framework to provide integration with IMP and other Horde applications. It supports SQL, LDAP, Kolab, and IMSP address books.

Release Notes: Support for multiple address books in the search portal block. Composite address fields are enabled by default. Small bugfixes.

No download Website 01 Jun 21:18 IMP H4 (5.0.5)


IMP, the Internet Messaging Program, allows Web-based access to IMAP and POP3 mail servers and provides a range of features normally found only in desktop email clients.

Release Notes: Improved POP3 support. A workaround for the Suhosin extension breaking valid requests. A fix for loading message previews from search results. Small bugfixes.

No download Website 01 Jun 21:17 Horde Application Framework 4.0.5


The Horde Application Framework is a modular, general-purpose Web application framework. It provides an extensive array of classes that are targeted at the common problems and tasks involved in developing modern Web applications.

Release Notes: Debug code has been removed.

No download Website 01 Jun 15:22 Stantor-Domodulor 708c


Stantor-Domodulor is a home automation software system. It lets you manage electric and electronic facilities through Web pages and WAP 2 and 1 for smartphones. Stantor can drive Velleman k8000/k8055/k8061 boards, Ethernet and USB Arduino Mega, Uno and Duemilanove boards, X10 materials, USB webcams, and sound boards. Stantor correspondents can sent alerts via email and instant messaging. The Linux distributions supported are Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva.

Release Notes: The types of information (digital input, analog input, digital output, PWM output) pins of the Arduino Uno/Duemilanove board are automatically updated in the MySQL database. The types of information (digital input, analog input, digital output, PWM output) pins of Arduino Mega 2560/1280 boards are automatically updated in the MySQL database. The documentation was updated.

Download Website 01 Jun 15:21 m23 rock 11.2


m23 is a software deployment system for Debian GNU/Linux that allows you to install and administrate hundreds of clients via network. It can partition and format clients and install Debian, (K/X)Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, and CentOS operating systems on your virtual and physical clients. Group functions allow the comfortable update and installation of further packages during operation. Mass installation functions simplify your administration chores. m23 has a Web interface. Backup functions are implemented for server and clients.

Release Notes: A client name may be up to 64 characters long and can contain dots for use as a Web server. A client name is checked whether it is a valid domain name. Ubuntu can now be used as a server. Ubuntu can now be installed in text mode. The package source lists of Ubuntu 10.04 were expanded. Every m23HSAdmin function now sends detailed status messages to m23 server. Installation of grub was improved. Linux kernel was updated to version Small hardware detection was integrated into m23 boot media. An emergency NIC module loader was added. Hardware detection hwinfo was refined. m23hwscanner was improved. Many minor changes were made.

Download Website 01 Jun 15:17 Clash 4.0.3


The clash New Generation focuses on making a versatile OS environment for embedded systems allowing users to customize the resulting platform into routers, firewalls, 3G gateways, access points, an emergency rescue system, or even diskless clients.

Release Notes: 3G hotplug was fixed to look for and initiate ppp peer for the correct provider (queried from SIM). A LED management script was added.

Download Website 01 Jun 13:13 Airtime 1.8.2 RC2


Airtime lets you take total control of your radio station via the Web with intelligent archive management, powerful search, an easy playlist builder, a simple scheduling calendar, and rock-solid automated playout. Features include fades, cues, playlists, a programme calendar, Icecast, Shoutcast, and Soundcloud integration, DJ and station manager roles, JQuery widgets, Liquidsoap playout, and a record and rebroadcast functionality. Powerful media archive features 'watch' folders to allow stations to magically synchronize files, auto-import files, and has multiple directory support. Users can interact with it through any Web browser. It comes with an 'easy install' package.


Release Notes: This version fixes various editing show issues and airtime-pypo-stop/start causing playback issues. As this is a Release Candidate, it's not recommended for production environments.

Download Website 01 Jun 12:15 libssh 0.5.0


libssh is a C library to access SSH services from a program. It can remotely execute programs, transfer files, and serve as a secure and transparent tunnel for remote programs. Its Secure FTP implementation can play with remote files easily, without third-party programs other than libcrypto (from OpenSSL) or libgcrypt.

Release Notes: Huge parts of the libssh internals were rewritten to be able to be completely asynchronous in future. The whole network design passed from synchronous calls to an event-based asynchronous system. This release features many network improvements, bug fixes, Windows support, and unit tests.

Download Website 01 Jun 12:11 Tine 2.0 Maischa (2011/05) Release Candida...


Tine 2.0 is a Web-based groupware solution that focuses on usability and correctness. To achieve these goals, the project uses usability experts and covers most of the code by unit tests. It contains support for contacts, tasks, calendar, email, CRM, VoIP integration, a time tracker, ActiveSync, and a flexible rights management system.

Release Notes: The user quota is displayed in Felamimail. Group filters were implemented in Addressbook. The number of unread mail messages is shown in the page title. Lots of minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 01 Jun 11:13 LON-CAPA 2.10.0


LON-CAPA (The LearningOnline Network with CAPA) is a learning content and course management system. It offers an underlying shared content pool from which instructors across departmental and institutional boundaries can assemble granular learning content for their courses. It has strong assessment capabilities, both formative (homework and in-class using wireless PDAs) and summative (online and bubblesheet exams), with a one-source multiple-target strategy for the content. It offers students portfolio space in which they can stage materials for submission to projects, and provides a number of tools for synchronous and asynchronous student-student and student-faculty communication. LON-CAPA scales well with number of students, as load-balancing is possible across the whole network of servers at participating institutions.


Release Notes: This release features a cleaner, more consistent interface. Option-response problems can now have simple checkboxes. File management in portfolio space is more flexible. The release adds several domain-configuration options for managing load-balancing and session-offloading. The installation process was streamlined.

Download Website 01 Jun 11:07 SCCS 1.1-beta3


SCCS is an implementation of the POSIX standard Source Code Control System. It is based on the original UNIX SCCS code provided by Sun as part of OpenSolaris and was made portable to other platforms.

Release Notes: SCCS "admin -fy s.foo" now not only turns off keyword expansion but also turns off the "No iy keyword" warning for "admin", "delta", and "get". SCCS get now implements a new -o (original file date) option. Time stamp handling now is more robust and supports times before 1970 and times past 2068 (including 3000). 4-digit year numbers may be specified for the cut-off time. A verification/validation test suite has been added to "sccs/tests".

Download No website 01 Jun 11:06 Nuxeo Platform 5.4.2


Nuxeo Platform provides a framework and set of components to address document management and collaboration needs, including metadata/taxonomies, versioning, lifecyle management, workflow, relations, searching, reporting, transformation, auditing, and retention. Its flexible extension system, based on OSGi, allows developers to quickly configure and extend the platform by creating new components. Its default Web user interface, based on the JSF standard, uses AJAX to create a pleasant user experience. It can also be accessed by a rich client interface through the use of Web services, for instance using the Eclipse-based Nuxeo RCP rich client platform.


Release Notes: A new WSS (Windows SharePoint) connector has been added. OpenSocial portal integration and OAuth support have been enhanced. HTML5 support was added for drag'n'drop, facets for documents, local configuration, etc.

Download Website 01 Jun 11:04 TCPDF 5.9.088


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This version includes some improvements and a PHP4 bugfix for barcode classes.

No download Website 01 Jun 07:07 jmxtrans 119


jmxtrans is effectively the missing connector between JMX and whatever logging or graphing package that you can dream up. jmxtrans is very powerful tool that reads JSON configuration files specifying servers/ports and JMX domains/attributes and then outputs the data in whatever format you want via special "Writer" objects that you can code up yourself. It does this with a very efficient engine design that will scale to querying literally thousands of machines. The core engine is pretty solid and writers are included for cacti/rrdtool, graphite, and stdout.

Release Notes: The -f option is allowed. Duplication of Server/Query in JSON files is removed.

Download Website 01 Jun 07:02 IMSettings 1.2.3


IMSettings is a framework that delivers Input Method settings and applies the changes immediately, so it will take effect without restarting applications and the desktop.

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed.

Download Website 01 Jun 07:01 Coreboot 6613


Coreboot (formerly known as LinuxBIOS) is a project that aims to replace the normal BIOS with a little bit of hardware initialization and a payload. Payloads can include a compressed Linux kernel, FILO, GRUB2, OpenBIOS, Open Firmware, SmartFirmware, GNUFI (UEFI), Etherboot, ADLO (for booting Windows and OpenBSD), Plan 9, or memtest86.

Release Notes: Numerous bugs were fixed. Conformance was fixed. Windows support was improved. Boot-time speedups were made.

Download Website 01 Jun 07:00 MeTA1 1.0.Alpha2.0


MeTA1 is a modularized message transfer agent (MTA) consisting of five (or more) persistent processes, four of which are multi-threaded. A queue manager controls SMTP servers and SMTP clients to receive and send email messages, an address resolver provides lookups in various maps (including DNS) for mail routing, and a main control program starts the other processes and watches over their execution. The queue manager organizes the flow of messages through the system and provides measures to avoid overloading the local or remote systems by implementing a central control instance. It is simple to configure using a C-like syntax and is secure and efficient.

Release Notes: Due to enhancements for adaptive timeouts and easier configuration modifications, there are some changes in the DEFEDB format and the configuration of connection_limits.

    Download Website 01 Jun 06:58 Apache Traffic Server 2.1.9


    The Apache Traffic Server (TS or ATS) is a modular, high-performance reverse proxy server, generally comparable to Squid. It was created by Inktomi, and distributed as a commercial product called the Inktomi Traffic Server, before Inktomi was acquired by Yahoo!. Traffic Server has been actively used inside of Yahoo for over 4 years, serving billions of requests every day. As of fall 2009, Traffic Server is an Open Source project, and in April 2010 the Apache Traffic Server was promoted to a top-level project of the ASF.


    Release Notes: Both feature improvements and stability improvements were made. Literally hundreds of issues were closed since the last freshmeat announcement. All users of ATS are urged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

    Download Website 01 Jun 06:56 Mandriva 2011 Beta 3


    Mandriva is an RPM-based Linux distribtion. It excels at usability and simplicity, features thoroughly preconfigured KDE and GNOME desktops, and includes cool tools like supermount (transparent access to removable media) and DiskDrake (a full-featured graphical hard-drive partitioner). Unlike former versions, Mandriva is not a tuned-up Red Hat, but a very mature Linux distribution on its own. Mandriva is published by a company, but is a completely open and transparent free-software project.

    Release Notes: DKMS drivers and non-free firmware were added for improved out-of-the-box functionality of hardware. A new UI theme is used for widgets, KDM, and the KDE environment. New features were added in the system panel (rosapanel), stack folders, and system start menu (SimpleWelcome, also known as ROSA Starter). The TimeFrame feature was added, which provides semantic desktop capabilities to the initial menu, allowing you to easily browse your files by date. A mass-rebuilding procedure was carried out to improve the system stability for supported packages. Lots of bugfixes and package updates were done.

    Download Website 01 Jun 06:54 OpenNode 1.1 RC1


    OpenNode is a server virtualization solution that provides an easy-to-use (CentOS/RHEL based) bare-metal ISO installer that supports both OpenVZ container-based and KVM full virtualization technology on the same host. The OpenNode ISO installer will set up a minimal CentOS server system with the following features: a RHEL kernel (provided by OpenVZ project) modified to support both openvz and kvm virtualization, libvirt management interface support for openvz and kvm hypervisors, func (https://fedorahosted.org/func/) client support for central management purposes, and VM template downloads provided by the opennode TUI utility.

    Release Notes: The kernel with OpenVZ and KVM hypervisor stacks and the vzctl utility were updated to the latest versions. The initial OpenNode 1.1 ISO installer was released. System packages were rebased to CentOS 5.6.

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