2011 / May / 6 (22 releases)

6 May 2011

Download Website 06 May 23:23 comirror 0.1


comirror is a program that reads a Web comic or image gallery and saves the images it finds to the current working directory. It is especially useful for mirroring Web comics so they can be read offline.

Release Notes: Initial release. Use comirror-setup with comic URLs to set up the working directory, then run comirror to start downloading. The internal logic is still quite fragile, so it's not guaranteed to work for every site. But so far the results are good.

Download Website 06 May 23:23 MEPIS Linux 11.0


MEPIS Linux is a desktop Linux system that is also easy to configure as a dedicated server. It is designed for both personal and business purposes. It includes cutting-edge features such as a live/installation/recovery CD, automatic hardware configuration, NTFS partition resizing, ACPI power management, WiFi support, anti-aliased TrueType fonts, a personal firewall, KDE 3.1.2, and much more.

Release Notes: Configured with a kernel, the KDE 4.5.1 desktop, and many apps including LibreOffice 3.3.2, Firefox 4.0.1, VLC 1.1.3, Amarok 2.4.0, Kdenlive 0.7.9, Digikam 1.9.0, GIMP 2.6.10, and Inkscape 0.48.1.

Download Website 06 May 23:20 Wing IDE 4.0.2


Wing IDE is a software development environment for Python. It provides powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, testing, debugging, and search capabilities that reduce development and debugging time, cut down on coding errors, and make it easier to understand and navigate Python code.

Release Notes: This release adds "introduce variable" refactoring operation, support for using *.pi files to augment source analysis of *.py files, auto-completion for PySide Qt bindings, and syntax highlighting for comments in Django templates. This release fixes recognition of tags and attributes for HTML5, avoids problems with Ubuntu Unity, fixes matplotlib support for the GtkAgg back-end and missing default back-end, fixes syntax highlighting for Cython, VHDL, R, and several other file types, fixes failure to replace all search matches near the end of a file, and fixes about 40 other bugs.

No download No website 06 May 23:17 Plaspool 1.1


Plaspool is a KDE4 plasmoid that displays the CUPS spooling queue, i.e. the printing jobs managed by CUPS (Common Unix Printing System). Plaspool also displays an icon on the KDE4 taskbar when a job is processed. The jobs can be canceled when needed.

Release Notes: This release adds basic printers control, non-blocking dialog boxes, the ability to display more info on jobs, and bugfixes.

No download No website 06 May 23:16 Steadyflow 0.1.6


Steadyflow is a download manager which aims for minimalism, ease of use, and a clean, malleable codebase. It should be easy to control, whether from the GUI, commandline, or D-Bus.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to run custom commands at download finish and a remaining time indicator. It also features a few bugfixes and translation updates. The code has been ported to Vala 0.12, and the dependency on the deprecated dbus-glib library removed.

No download Website 06 May 23:14 nagstamon 0.9.6


Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor with a UI that resides in the systray or as a floating statusbar on your desktop. It informs you in realtime about the status of your Nagios, Icinga, Opsview, Ninja, Check_MK/Multisite, Centreon, or Thruk-monitored network. It alerts you with sound and visual notification. Failed hosts and services are easy to connect with by SSH, RDP, and VNC. Custom actions can be run on certain events. It works best with GNOME, but also with KDE, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Release Notes: This release comes with improved full Ninja support. A rewritten filtering mechanism allows new features like displaying icons in status overview popup indicating the states "acknowledged" and "scheduled downtime" for hosts and services. An added option allows playing notification sounds more than once. Nagstamon now uses BeautifulSoup instead of LXML and GTK UI Builder instead of glade to get rid of some dependencies. Besides small UI improvements, it includes minor and major bugfixes.

No download Website 06 May 23:12 kramdown 0.13.3


kramdown is a fast pure Ruby Markdown-superset converter. It uses a strict syntax definition and supports several common extensions.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes.

No download Website 06 May 23:11 DB2 9.7.4


DB2 is a database management system that offers industry leading performance, scalability, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux to z/OS. Its Web Control Center offers administrators an easy-to-use interface for maintaining databases, and can be run from any Java-enabled Web browser. For Java developers, DB2 UDB for Linux offers support for JDBC and SQLJ, and Net.Data allows for the creation of dynamic data diven Web applications. DB2 UDB for Linux allows you to harness the power of user-defined types and functions and support for Binary Large Objects.

Release Notes: A new aggregate function LISTAGG (from Oracle), multiaction triggers, writable BEFORE triggers, default arguments for functions, and non-constant LIKE patterns. DB2 Text Search (based on Lucene) has been updated. It is now faster and more configurable.

Download Website 06 May 23:09 xCHM 1.20


xCHM is a cross-platform GUI frontend for CHMLIB, written with wxGTK. It is able to display the topics tree, work with displayed pages history, print the current page, work with bookmarks, change fonts and fast search through all the pages of the loaded .chm document. Being indirectly dependent on GTK+, the possibility of changing GTK+ skins makes xCHM theme-friendly.

Release Notes: Everyone building xCHM for x86_64 (64-bit) platforms should grab this update. It fixes a nasty bug that crashed xCHM when the CHM document was just "right", if the application's been built for a 64-bit system.

Download Website 06 May 23:07 (R)?ex 0.4.0


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This version includes many new features: hardware and information gathering, package management, file distribution (with support for file templates), task dependencies, sysctl support, service/daemon management, and bugfixes.

Download Website 06 May 23:06 KDE Software Compilation 4.6.3


For users on Linux and Unix, KDE offers a full suite of user workspace applications which allow interaction with these operating systems in a modern, graphical user interface. This includes Plasma Desktop, KDE's innovative and powerful desktop interface. Other workspace applications are included to aid with system configuration, running programs, or interacting with hardware devices. While the fully integrated KDE Workspaces are only available on Linux and Unix, some of these features are available on other platforms. In addition to the workspace, KDE produces a number of key applications such as the Konqueror Web browser, Dolphin file manager, and Kontact, the comprehensive personal information management suite. The list of applications includes many others, including those for education, multimedia, office productivity, networking, games, and much more. Most applications are available on all platforms supported by the KDE Development. KDE also brings to the forefront many innovations for application developers. An entire infrastructure has been designed and implemented to help programmers create robust and comprehensive applications in the most efficient manner, eliminating the complexity and tediousness of creating highly functional applications.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and translation updates.

Download No website 06 May 11:57 MilanUI 0.1rc1


MilanUI is a lightweight user interface kit for touch enabled devices and more.


Release Notes: This is the first release of MilanUI. It has been used in the Draqie Touch Table until now. It incorporates its own very simple widget set, a desktop (rootController) application for running the MilanUI applications, and more.

Download Website 06 May 11:57 Octave daemon 0.1.0 alpha


Octave daemon is a network daemon for GNU Octave, implemented in PHP. The package also contains a PHP client for connecting to the daemon. Native PHP applications can also use the connector class to run ad hoc Octave instances, circumventing the daemon altogether (which can be useful for development or small projects).


Release Notes: This is the first alpha version. This should be stable enough for testing by parties who are not necessarily interested in developing this package.

No download Website 06 May 11:54 MOSIX Linux


MOSIX is a cluster operating system targeted for distributed computing on Linux clusters and multi-cluster private clouds.

Release Notes: This release for Linux kernel is for academic and non-profit use. It includes an upgraded version of the VCL 1.6 GPU cluster platform for running unmodified OpenCL 1.1 applications transparently on a GPU cluster.

Download Website 06 May 11:51 Aspose.Pdf for .NET 5.2.0


Aspose.Pdf is a .NET PDF component to write PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports form field creation, document, text and page properties, color space, text, heading, and attachment settings. It lets you create PDF documents by using its API with XML templates and XSL-FO files. It also converts HTML, XSL-FO, and MS Word to PDF. Other features include image formats and security features, hyperlinks, the ability to add footnotes, automatic fitting to content in a table, decimal Tab stops, HTML tags, and keeping paragraphs together when breaking pages.

Release Notes: This release includes support for converting raster images such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF, and for converting of Scalable Vector Graphics images into PDF format. Some of the issues reported earlier have fixed. Some new features were added, like ignoring unrecognized CSS tags when converting HTML to PDF, creation of transparent form fields, and compatibility with Mono.

Download Website 06 May 06:27 GNUmed 0.9.4


GNUmed is a comprehensive scalable software solution for electronic medical practices with an emphasis on privacy protection, secure patient centric record sharing, decision support, and ease of use. It is intended to become a sophisticated decision support system that will elevate the quality of medical care that can be delivered.

Release Notes: This release brings a fix for gm-remove_person.sh, which did not properly delete persons, a fix to enable running arriba without an active patient, a wrapper around Python's deficient strftime(), a fix for an exception on displaying date deceased, and other bugfixes.

No download Website 06 May 06:25 Next ESA SAR Toolbox 4B-0.6 beta


The Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) is used for reading, post-processing, analyzing, and visualizing the large archive of data from ESA SAR missions, including ERS-1 and 2 and ENVISAT, RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR-X, ALOS PALSAR, and Cosmo-Skymed.

Release Notes: Lots of bugs were fixed. This is a stable beta.

Download No website 06 May 06:23 aura 1.7


"aura" is a desktop (X root window) background setter. It picks images randomly from specified paths, skipping those that are too small or have inappropriate aspect ratios, and rescales them by cropping solid margins, resizing with cubic interpolation and then the liquid rescale algorithm to fit the desktop with as little quality loss as possible. Images are labelled in the corner using embedded tags. It can changes images on a timed basis or when triggered by SIGHUP or the CLI, and tracks previous and blacklisted images.


Release Notes: A regression in subsequent image updates with gconf and xfconf was fixed. Cleanup of temporary files was added.

No download No website 06 May 06:21 naken430asm 2011-05-05


naken430asm provides a development kit for the Texas Instruments MSP430 line of microcontrollers. It currently includes a cross-platform command-line assembler, disassembler, and simulator with no external dependencies.


Release Notes: Bug fixes.

Download Website 06 May 06:20 Observium


Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring system focused primarily on Cisco and Linux networks but includes support for a wide range of network hardware and operating systems. Observium has grown out of a lack of easy to use NMSes. It is intended to provide a more navigable interface to the health and performance of your network. Its design goals include collecting as much historical data about devices as possible, being completely autodiscovered with little or no manual intervention, and having a very intuitive interface.


Release Notes: Poller and discovery flexibility were improved. Improvements and fixes were made to the Web GUI. Support was added for a number of new OSes and devices such as VMWare ESX and Force 10. Support was added for many new services and MIBs such as OSPF, CEF Statistics, and VPN statistics for ASA. Many changes were made to the underlying codebase to make it easier for people to provide patches and add features.

Download No website 06 May 06:19 Pagekite.py 0.4.1


Pagekite is software to make servers on "localhost" visible to the wider Internet. It can be used by Web developers to show off their works in progress to clients or colleagues, embedded developers who need direct access to devices in the field, or as an alternative to dynamic DNS for individuals/hobbyists who would rather host their own content than rely on 3rd party hosting. It creates and maintains a tunnel between your server on localhost and a remote "front-end" (a reverse proxy). Only the front-end has to have a visible IP address; the server itself can reside on a heavily firewalled computer, a mobile device, or even an anonymous node on the Tor network.

Release Notes: This release adds a built-in HTTP server for instantly making a directory of static files on localhost into a publicly visible Web site. The command-line interface was also improved and there is a text-mode wizard for creating new "pagekites".

Download No website 06 May 06:17 libjc 2.1.5


libjc is a framework for event-driven development in C. Programs that use it can perform an arbitrary number of operations simultaneously and in the background, and later wait for some or all of them to complete. The source package includes the core library along with a few objects, each of which is able to perform a set of related operations. This framework consumes significantly less memory than standard libraries, and it scales well to multiprocessor systems.

Release Notes: The X11 client now supports SEND_EVENT requests. The configuration library can parse command line arguments. A clone of the xev program was added to test and demonstrate usage of the X11 client. Other test programs were also added. This release also adds a "getting started" document, which explains how to get started using libjc in applications. Bugs were also fixed and other minor improvements were made.

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