2011 / February (1075 releases)

February 2011

Download No website 23 Feb 16:28 white_dune 0.31beta123


white_dune is a graphical VRML97/X3DV editor, simple NURBS/Superformula 3D modeller, animation tool, and VRML97/X3DV commandline compiler in development. VRML97 (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is the ISO standard for displaying 3D data over the Web via browser plugins ("HTML for realtime 3D"). X3DV is the direct successor of VRML97. VRML97 and X3DV have support for animation, real-time interaction, and multimedia (images, movies, and sounds). white_dune can read, create, and display VRML97/X3DV files and let the user change the scenegraph/fields. It also has support for stereoscopic view via "quadbuffer"-capable stereo visuals, and support for 3D input devices like a joystick, spaceball, or magnetic tracker.

Release Notes: Deprecated fields were removed from Kambi extensions. New Kambi extensions LocalFog.volumetric* were added. Animation support of mesh C++ source export was added. A workaround was added for failed floating point write. A bug regarding failed Java source export was fixed. The input device settings dialogs were simplified. Transform based animation support of triangulated Java source export was added.

No download Website 23 Feb 16:27 0MQ 2.1.1


The 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel is a library which extends the standard socket interfaces with features traditionally provided by specialized messaging middleware products. 0MQ sockets provide an abstraction of asynchronous message queues, multiple messaging patterns, message filtering (subscriptions), seamless access to multiple transport protocols, and more.

Release Notes: This a stable release with several important bug fixes over 2.1.0 and no major functionality changes.

No download Website 23 Feb 16:24 Jaspersoft Studio 0.2.0


Jaspersoft Studio is a report designer for JasperReports. It is a full rewrite of iReport on top of the Eclipse platform. It allows you to create very sophisticated layouts containing charts, images, subreports, crosstabs, and much more. It can access your data through JDBC, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, Hibernate, CSV, and custom sources. It can publish your reports as PDF, RTF, XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, XHTML, text, DOCX, or OpenOffice.

Release Notes: This version introduces an enhanced input parameter dialog, element creation wizards, better hyperlink and subreport configuration dialogs, and various other bug fixes and improvements.

Download No website 23 Feb 16:16 ddsum 6


Inspired by dd5sum, ddsum includes the following features: support for md5, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384 and sha512 (plus any additional digests provided by OpenSSL); the ability to read source data and write it out while computing a message digest; the ability to compute multiple message digests with one pass of the source data; and the ability to verify that a message digest matches the data you have.

Release Notes: A check mode and the ability to compute multiple hashes in one pass were added.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:16 BalanceNG 2.316


BalanceNG is a modern, IPv6 capable software IP load balancing solution. It is small, fast, and easy to use and set up. It offers session persistence, different distribution methods (Round Robin, Random, Weighted Random, Least Session, Least Bandwidth, Hash, Agent, and Randomized Agent) and a customizable UDP health check agent in source code. It supports VRRP to set up high availability configurations on multiple nodes. It supports SNMP, integrating the BALANCENG-MIB with Net-SNMPD. It implements a very fast in-memory IP-to-location database, allowing powerful location-based server load-balancing.


Release Notes: The TNAT functionality is now working again with the default parameter settings. The Ubuntu JeOS VMware virtual appliance has been updated accordingly.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:14 FFpocket 0.8.0


FFpocket is a tool for using ffmpeg's features. It carries out the tasks of frame decoding from a video file, audio decoding from a multimedia file (video/audio) precise frame/time seeking including b-frames, audio downsampling and special minmax averaging. The source code is intented to be simple, human-readable and free of memory leaks. It can be used as a shared library by larger projects that want to incorporate multimedia features.

Release Notes: This is another maintenance release. Updates to the API were made for compatibility with the latest stable ffmpeg release. Among other changes are support for native compiling on Mac OS X and Darwin, preliminary Windows 7 support, and small fixes for crashes and segmentation faults.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:13 glogg 0.8.3


glogg is a multi-platform GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files. It is designed with programmers and system administrators in mind. glogg can be seen as a graphical, interactive combination of grep and less.

Release Notes: This version introduces bug fixes in display and behavior when several instances of glogg are running simultaneously. The filters dialog has been reworked as well.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:12 Reverse Snowflake Joins 0.37


Reverse Snowflake Joins is a tool that parses SQL Select statements and generates a diagram. In addition to joins, the diagram shows parts of the underlying SQL directly in the diagram. For example x=30, GROUP BY (year), SUM(profit), HAVING MIN(age) > 18.

Release Notes: A bug in which "select distinct a.id from a" did not display the id field in a graph was fixed.

Download No website 23 Feb 16:11 gEcrit 1.8.1


gEcrit is a source code editor oriented toward Python. It tries to keep the interface as clean as possible and keep the menus simple. It features all the common features a Python programmer might need, including an interactive Python interpreter and operating system shell. It supports a plugin system for expandability.

Release Notes: Spelling suggestions that show up after a space were implemented. An entry was added for this feature in the preferences window.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:10 pycups 1.9.54


pycups is a set of Python bindings for the CUPS API.

Release Notes: This release includes hooks for rpm-4.9.0 so that printer driver RPM packages can be tagged with information about which devices they support.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:09 Phraw 0.3


Phraw is a micro-framework intended for small Web sites. It is lightweight, flexible, and very fast to learn. It leverages Smarty as its template engine and does not require a database.

Release Notes: New features include redirects, detection and correction of the trailing slash, a new function for client error headers, a new function for success headers, a bulk route for static pages of arrays, the add_include_path() function, and the get_current_domain() function. The global variables DEBUG and RESOURCES_DIR are now set by default if they are not present.

Download No website 23 Feb 16:08 Mirror C++ reflection library 0.5.5


The Mirror C++ reflection library provides both compile-time and run-time meta-data describing common C++ program constructs like namespaces, types, enumerations, classes, their base classes and member variables, constructors, etc. and provides generic interfaces for their introspection. It also provides several high-level utilities based on the reflected meta-data like a factory generator, which generates, at compile-time, implementations of object factories which can create instances of arbitrary 'reflectable' type.

Release Notes: Reflection templates that can be used instead of the type reflection macros were added. The intrinsic meta-function templates that can be used in meta-programming algorithms were updated and added. Minor updates were made in the wxWidgets-based factory generator plugin. Updates and additions were made to the simple stream writers. Documentation updates were done.

Download Website 23 Feb 16:07 rsyslog 5.7.5


Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd. Among others, it offers support for on-demand disk buffering, reliable syslog over TCP, SSL, TLS, and RELP, writing to databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more), email alerting, fully configurable output formats (including high-precision timestamps), the ability to filter on any part of the syslog message, on-the-wire message compression, and the ability to convert text files to syslog. It is a drop-in replacement for stock syslogd and able to work with the same configuration file syntax.

Release Notes: This is a maintainance release. Most importantly, it contains a fix for regressions in imuxsock that could cause loss of information and also induce problems in other tools such as logcheck.

No download Website 23 Feb 15:51 ctioga2 0.2


ctioga2 is a command-line plotting utility. It enables users to make publication-quality plots of data and mathematical functions quickly. It is a complete rewrite of the old ctioga, and is much more flexible, with quite a few additional features.

Release Notes: This releases fixes a few small but annoying bugs concerning legends. Online documentation was also updated.

Download Website 23 Feb 15:45 AFD 1.4.3


AFD is a program to automatically distribute files either locally or to remote hosts. The files are distributed by using FTP or SMTP, and can be sent in parallel and with priority. It provides a GUI to monitor and control the distribution and extensive logging of all activities.

Release Notes: A search button was added to all dialogs showing DIR_CONFIG data. In afd_ctrl, dir_ctrl, and mon_ctrl, one can quickly change the font size by pressing Ctrl and "+" or "-". Parent and child synchronization were added for the dir_check process, which solves the nasty problem that could lead to more than one of them running distributing data. The bug in which AFD goes in an endless loop when specifying an unknown pexec option was fixed.

Download Website 23 Feb 15:43 Postfix 2.8.1


Postfix is an attempt to provide an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program. Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and hopefully secure, while at the same time being sendmail compatible enough to not upset your users.

Release Notes: This release fixes one "signal 11" bug with SMTP server debug logging, and cleans up some code and documentation.

Download Website 23 Feb 15:42 MoSSHe 11.2.23


MoSShE (MOnitoring in Simple SHell Environment) is a simple, lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring of a handful of typical/critical Internet systems. It supports email alerts and SLA monitoring out of the box, and whatever you can script. The system is programmed in plain (Bourne) SH, and made to be compatible with BASH and Busybox so it can easily be deployed on embedded systems. Monitoring is designed to be distributed over multiple systems, usually running locally. As no parameters are accepted from the outside, checks cannot be tampered or misused from outside. The system is designed to allow decentralized checks and evaluation as well as classical agent-based checks with centralized data accumulation. Agent data is transferred via HTTP, so available Web servers can be co-used for agent data transfer. Each agent creates simple (static) HTML pages with full and condensed status reports on each system, allowing simple local checks.

Release Notes: This is a feature update. Round-robin data can be created for each check. Simple graphs can be made using gnuplot.

No download Website 23 Feb 08:35 freedomeditor


freedomeditor is a Web-based GUI focused on creating an extensively modular Web development environment (with filesystem browsing functionality) that uses multiple integrated Web development environments.

Release Notes: The file menu was cleaned up, now only showing relevant options. The file browser now contains an image preview mode. The Refresh and the go-to-parent-folder button were repaired, due to a bug occurring when browsing a folder with a space in its name.

Download Website 23 Feb 08:34 Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.25


Rasqal is a C library for querying RDF graphs, supporting the SPARQL, RDQL, and LAQRS languages. It provides APIs for creating a query and parsing query syntax. It features pluggable triple-stores and matching interfaces, query engines for executing the queries, an API for manipulating results as bindings, and multiple ways to format the results to XML, CSV, TSV, and JSON. It uses the Raptor RDF parser to return triples from RDF content, and can alternatively work with the Redland RDF library's persistent triple stores. It is portable across many POSIX systems.

Release Notes: SPARQL 1.1 query draft support was added for ABS(), CEIL(), FLOOR(), RAND(), ROUND(), TZ(), and BIND(expr AS ?var). SILENT with DROP and CLEAR was fixed. ENCODE_FOR_URI() was fixed not to preserve language and datatype of argument. GROUP BY was fixed to allow an optional AS ?var. An expression evaluation context class was added to store state for use with evaluating expressions. Triple-quoted literals over-quoting and their use with language and datatypes were fixed. Random seed initializing support was added. The query engine execution was fixed in several cases. rasqal_query_set_store_results() now actually works.

Download Website 23 Feb 08:32 Clonezilla live-testing 1.2.8-6


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2011/Feb/23). Partclone was updated to 0.2.18. The failure of the -hn0/-hn1 option in some cases was fixed. The problem regarding failure to skip "Check image" was fixed.

Download No website 23 Feb 08:32 Avro Editor 0.69.2d


Avro Editor is a viewer and editor for Avro binary files. Information is displayed as a tree and can be updated, saved as XML or HTML, and compared to another saved file.

Release Notes: This version picks up the latest Avro (4.1) and RecordEditor jars. There is an improved File Export and Edit Options dialogs and a number of minor GUI changes.

Download Website 23 Feb 08:29 The Aime Interpreter 2.20110220


aime is a simple, C-like programming language and an interpreter, both designed to be embeddable in applications. The language is straightforward, trivial, and direct. Its syntax is simpler than that of C, while still providing for full object management, higher order functions, and references. The interpreter is secure and expressive, allowing comprehensive control over program execution and providing powerful methods of application integration.

Release Notes: A bug in the IO library was fixed. The bug was causing the applications to crash. A new and faster way to interpret programs is available. Determining the source location of the instruction that failed execution is now possible for one shot (for non step by step, that is) program execution.

Download No website 23 Feb 08:28 Khayyam 0.2011.02.22


Khayyam is a program for composing 3D scenes for rendering (similar to Poser and DAZ Studio). It can import character and scene models from many model formats (Poser, MD5, BSP, OBJ, 3DS, Collada, and formats used in most Illusion games). There is support for basic object placement, scaling, posing skeletal characters, and lighting. Scenes can be exported in POV-Ray format for rendering. Khayyam is implemented as a shell program using many libraries from the Floyd and Sodipodi projects.

Release Notes: This snapshot adds support for importing prepackaged Poser material and pose files (pz2 file format). Also, transparency maps are now automatically added to texture images. Many bugs were fixed, most notably the deformation sphere placement that caused some vertices to displace during transformations.

Download Website 23 Feb 08:26 FreeIPMI 1.0.2


FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. It has a number of useful features for large HPC or cluster environments.

Release Notes: This release contains a number of bug fixes, documentation fixes, and support for OEM sensors. The --ignore-unrecognized-events option is supported in ipmi-sensors to handle motherboards with non-compliant events. OEM sensors and interpretations are supported on Supermicro X7DBR-3, Supermicro X8DTL-3F, Supermicro X8DT3-LN4F, and Dell Poweredge R210. Workarounds were added for HP Proliant DL585G7 in ipmi-sel. Workarounds were added for BMCs that do not allow you to duplicate usernames in bmc-config.

Download No website 22 Feb 22:42 neslisp 0.0.13


neslisp is a LISP compiler suite for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It compiles lisp code to assembly code for the 6502 processor architecture.


Release Notes: Lisp syntax that is implemented for this version: when, loop, < ,> ,+, -, =, defun, and function call.

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