2011 / February (1075 releases)

February 2011

Download Website 01 Feb 14:50 rsyslog 6.1.3


Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd. Among others, it offers support for on-demand disk buffering, reliable syslog over TCP, SSL, TLS, and RELP, writing to databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more), email alerting, fully configurable output formats (including high-precision timestamps), the ability to filter on any part of the syslog message, on-the-wire message compression, and the ability to convert text files to syslog. It is a drop-in replacement for stock syslogd and able to work with the same configuration file syntax.

Release Notes: This release brings a number of enhancements. First of all, it provides new functionality in the form of an experimental MongoDB output plugin and various message parsers. The latter greatly increases rsyslog’s ability to handle common malformed syslog message formats. Also, ommysql now allows a much more fine-grained control over MySQL settings. A number of performance enhancements were also made.

Download Website 01 Feb 14:43 databene benerator 0.6.4


Benerator is a performance test data generation tool. It can be used to completely synthesize test data or import and anonymize production data. Its emphasis is on generating valid data even for complex constraints and on being platform-independent. You can define generators for your business domain, exchange them freely (under GPL) with colleagues, and reuse them for creating data for different target platforms. It is highly extendable, supporting a wide range of service provider interfaces, and can execute scripts in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, and other script languages.

Release Notes: This release adds major enhancements to Benerator's functionality: The transcoding feature enables a user to transfer full or partial table content from one database to another, reassigning and transforming foreign keys. DB Sanity enables Benerator to check pre- and post-conditions in a database. As minor improvements, database metadata handling performance has been increased, and several technical and domain components have been added, extended, or improved. All known bugs have been fixed and the manual has been corrected, updated, and completed.

Download No website 01 Feb 14:41 astateful 0.2.3


astateful is a unique approach to Web development. It incorporates a solid theoretical foundation based on Dynamic Programming in which a Web site is programmed in such in a way that it can be "solved" using a 'top down' or 'bottom up' approach. It is very scalable. Caching and encryption are included by default. It has a steep learning curve.

Release Notes: A new evaluation routine, EvaluateLinear, was added, which can take the results generated by the two previous routines and parse them in linear time. The result is a great speed gain. Code cleanup was done to all evaluation methods and the Core.

Download Website 01 Feb 14:39 dupeGuru Music Edition 6.0.0


dupeGuru Music Edition is a tool to find duplicate songs in your music collection. It can scan filenames, tags, or contents. dupeGuru ME is efficient. It can find your duplicate files in minutes, thanks to its quick fuzzy-matching algorithm. dupeGuru ME not only finds filenames and tags that are the same, but it also finds similar ones. For example, dupeGuru ME, with the right settings, can determine that "The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army" and "White Stripe - Seven Nation Armies" are duplicates. dupeGuru ME is customizable. You can tweak its matching engine to find exactly the kind of duplicates you want to find. dupeGuru ME is safe. Its engine has been especially designed with safety in mind. Its reference directory system as well as its grouping system prevent you from deleting files you didn't mean to delete. It lets do whatever you want with your duplicates. Not only can you delete duplicates files that dupeGuru ME finds, but you can also move or copy them elsewhere. You can also easily weed the bad duplicates out, thanks to the Power Marker.

Release Notes: The UI was redesigned. dupeGuru was internationalized and localized into French. The format of the help file was changed. Crashes when reading malformed songs were fixed. Folders added through drag and drop are added to the recent folders list. A debugging mode was added.

Download Website 01 Feb 14:38 TaskJuggler 0.0.10


TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful project and to-do list management tool. Its new approach to project planning and tracking is far superior to the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools. It has already been successfully used in many projects and scales easily to projects with hundreds of resources and thousands of tasks. It covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project. It assists you during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planing, and risk and communication management.

Release Notes: The format used for report columns with list items can now be configured. The daemon and Web server APIs have been cleaned up. Clarity uploads for actual data now can contain free-time and vacation information. Numerous user-reported bugs and some crashes have been fixed.

No download Website 01 Feb 14:37 Padre 0.80


Padre is an IDE for Perl developers. It provides syntax highlighting for many languages, but for Perl it also provides refactoring tools.


Release Notes: The memory footprint was reduced. Various fixes were made to the find in files dialog and other components of Padre. The German translation was updated. Saving a file without an extension gives you a list of possible extensions.

Download Website 01 Feb 14:33 Airtime 1.6 RC1


Airtime lets you take total control of your radio station via the Web with intelligent archive management, powerful search, an easy playlist builder, a simple scheduling calendar, and rock-solid automated playout. Features include fades, cues, playlists, a programme calendar, Icecast, Shoutcast, and Soundcloud integration, DJ and station manager roles, JQuery widgets, Liquidsoap playout, and a record and rebroadcast functionality. Powerful media archive features 'watch' folders to allow stations to magically synchronize files, auto-import files, and has multiple directory support. Users can interact with it through any Web browser. It comes with an 'easy install' package.


Release Notes: This version provides a reliable audio playout with sub-second precision, an improved interface with modern usability features, advanced user management supporting roles, and a Google-style calendar to schedule and move shows and playlists.

Download Website 01 Feb 14:32 apt-dater 0.8.5


apt-dater provides an ncurses frontend for managing package updates on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. It supports Debian-based managed hosts as well as rug (openSUSE) and Yum (CentOS) based systems.

Release Notes: A key mismatch in the history view was fixed. A selector positioning bug was fixed. Sudo is not used on apt-dater-host status with aptitude. Configure should check if popt.h is available. The "[screen] enabled" configuration option was dropped, since it doesn't work any more. Unknown yum based hosts (reported on Fedora) due to bad package status interpretation were fixed.

Download No website 01 Feb 11:45 mutt themes 0.1


mutt themes provides a diverse set of themes for mutt running in 256-color xterms.

Release Notes: Initial version.

No download Website 01 Feb 11:42 MKVToolNix 4.5.0


mkvtoolnix is a set of tools that allow users to display information about, extract streams from, merge several streams into, and split Matroska media files. Supported video stream types include streams from AVIs, Ogg/OGM, RealVideo, MP4 files, and MPEG program streams as well as verious elementary streams (h264/AVC, MPEG1/2, VC1, Dirac). Supported audio formats include AAC, (E)AC3, DTS/DTS-HD, FLAC, MP2, MP3, RealAudio, and Vorbis. Several subtitle formats are supported, including SRT, SSA, ASS, VobSub, and many others.

Release Notes: VP8 video tracks can be read from Ogg files. Invalid UTF-8 strings no longer cause mkvmerge to abort. Several cases of invalid memory access were fixed. mkvinfo has a new "--track-info" feature. The "Default duration" header field is set for DTS tracks. mkvextract uses proper exit codes in case of errors. The documentation was updated.

Download Website 01 Feb 11:41 Monitorix 2.0.0


Monitorix is a lightweight system monitoring tool designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible. It has been created to be used under production Linux/UNIX servers, but due to its simplicity and small size may also be used on embedded devices as well.

Release Notes: This new version is a complete rewrite, including new features and graphs and cleaned up code. A number of aspects in some graphs were updated and enhanced, many bugs were fixed. crond is no longer required. Instead, Monitorix is now a complete standalone Perl daemon that is started and stopped like any other system service.

No download Website 01 Feb 11:41 zfec 1.4.16


zfec is a fast, portable, and programmable implementation of erasure coding. It includes a C library, a Python library, and a command-line tool. Erasure coding is also known as "forward error correction", which is the generation of redundant blocks of information such that if some blocks are lost then the original data can be recovered from the remaining blocks. The RAID-5 algorithm is an erasure code, but while RAID-5 can recover from the loss of any one element, zfec can be parameterized to choose in advance the number of elements whose loss it can tolerate.

Release Notes: Improved tests and packaging.

No download Website 01 Feb 11:40 pycryptopp 0.5.29


pycryptopp provides a few useful cryptography algorithms for Python programmers, based on the excellent Crypto++ library (which is written in C++).

Release Notes: Improved tests and packaging.

No download Website 01 Feb 11:40 synaptiks 0.5.1


synaptiks is a KDE touchpad tool consisting of a system settings module for touchpad configuration and a tray application for touchpad management. The system settings module allows you to configure basic as well as advanced touchpad settings. The tray application can switch your touchpad on or off, either manually using a global shortcut, or automatically, if external mice are plugged or while the keyboard is active.

Release Notes: This release fixes an installation error caused by handbook files missing in the source tarball.

Download Website 01 Feb 11:40 Tahoe-LAFS 1.8.2


Tahoe-LAFS (Least Authority File System) is a decentralized data store. It distributes your filesystem across multiple servers, and even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire filesystem continues to work correctly and to preserve your privacy and security.

Release Notes: This stable bugfix release added compatibility with the recently-released Twisted 10.2 and corrected a number of minor issues.

No download Website 01 Feb 11:33 libnodelay 1.0.0


libnodelay is an LD_PRELOAD library for disabling Nagle's algorithm. Disabling Nagle's algorithm can result in a performance improvement for latency-sensitive applications that use TCP. Using the library may be easier than digging through a mess of code and confusing or obscure configuration options.

Release Notes: TCP_NODELAY is now enforced when calling setsockopt(), too. The NODELAY environment variable is read at startup and may be used to force TCP_NODELAY to be off for testing purposes. The project is now dual-licensed under the GPLv2 and LGPLv3 for compatibility with GPLv2-only applications.

Download Website 01 Feb 11:32 Marathon 2.0


Marathon is a GUI test tool that allows you to play and record scripts against a Java Swing UI. It's written in Java, and uses Python and Ruby as its scripting language (the emphasis being on an extremely simple, readable syntax that customers/testers/analysts feel comfortable with). Marathon includes a recorder, editor, player, and debugger to simplify working with test scripts.

Release Notes: In raw recording mode when Tab is pressed, a "null" keystroke is added to the script. If Enter is pressed in "select" mode in Text Field, it is not added to script. An illegal invocation on non-EDT while a script is recording is fixed. hasModuleFunctions() in runtime/script should improve the editor's performance. The setText collection component that retries was back-ported from version 3.0. A marathon.FORCE_GET_NAME property was added. If set to true, component#getName() will be given highest priority.

Download Website 01 Feb 11:31 dos2unix 5.2


dos2unix includes utilities to convert text files with DOS or Mac line endings to Unix line endings and vice versa. It is an update of Benjamin Lin's implementations.

Release Notes: ISO mode now supports the same code pages as SunOS dos2unix. Generated documentation files have been removed from the source package. Form Feed is treated as a valid text character. 7bit and Iso mode can be used in Mac mode.

Download Website 01 Feb 11:30 WebGUI 7.9.21


WebGUI is a content management framework built to allow average business users to build and maintain complex Web sites. It is modular, pluggable, and platform independent. It was designed to allow the people who create the content to manage it online, rather than content management taking up the time of busy IT staff. WebGUI comes with a full host of features including shopping cart, subscriptions, forums, photo galleries, FAQs, link lists, blogs, SQL reports, a Web services interface, and a very configurable user privilege and profiling system.

Release Notes: This stable release contains fixes for 11 bugs in Calendar, UTF-8 for Storage, and the Collaboration System. There were a number of template changes. If you have made copies of the default template set, you will need to duplicate these changes by hand. WebGUI now depends on Data::ICal for creating and reading iCal feeds for the Calendar.

Download Website 01 Feb 04:05 Gallivant 0.3.0


Gallivant is a simple GPS and map application utilizing maps from the OpenStreetMap project.

Release Notes: This version adds supports for adding points of interest (POIs) to the map. Also new in this release is GPSD-NG support and some notifications that can appear in the status bar.

No download Website 01 Feb 04:04 Ding Framework 0.26


Ding is a PHP framework that provides dependency injection (by Setter, Constructor, and Method), Aspect Oriented Programming, XML, YAML, Events support, and some JSR 250/330 annotations as bean definition providers, lightweight, can be deployed as a PHAR file, simple, and quick MVC, syslog, TCP client and server with non-blocking sockets, timers, and custom error, signal, and exception handling, PAGI integration (for the Asterisk gateway interface), and PAMI integration (for Asterisk management). It is similar to Java's Seasar and Spring.

Release Notes: @Required was added for setter methods to enforce requried dependencies.

Download Website 01 Feb 04:04 When 1.1.25


When is an extremely simple personal calendar program, aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic. It can keep track of things you need to do on particular dates. It's a very short and simple program, so you can easily tinker with it yourself. It doesn't depend on any libraries, so it's easy to install. You should be able to install it on any system where Perl is available, even if you don't have privileges for installing libraries. Its file format is a simple text file, which you can edit in your favorite editor.

Release Notes: This version fixes a problem with error handling for dates that aren't formatted correctly.

Download Website 01 Feb 04:03 crosstool-NG 1.10.0


crosstool-NG is a versatile toolchain generator, aiming at being highly configurable. It supports multiple target architectures, different components (glibc/uClibc...) and versions. crosstool-NG also features debugging utilities (DUMA, strace...) and generation tools (sstrip...).

Release Notes: Support for gold and plugins has been added to binutils and gcc. The build procedures for glibc and eglibc have been reunified. Scanning of /etc/ld.so.conf and support for RPATH tags has been added to the cross-ldd. Support for building statically linked toolchains has been added. Major components (gcc, binutils, Linux kernel, glibc) have been updated to their latest versions. The documentation has been updated, and many bugs have been fixed.

No download Website 01 Feb 04:03 oobash 0.36


oobash is an oo-style framework for bash 4 written in bash. It provides tools for rapid script development and huge libraries.


Release Notes: Class.generator can now create classes with more than one attribute. __attribute and __destructor private functions were added along with System.currentTimeNanos.

Download Website 01 Feb 04:02 Pantheios 1.0.1 (beta 211)


Pantheios is a C/C++ logging API library. It offers an optimal combination of complete type-safety, very high efficiency, genericity, and extensibility. It is simple to use and extend, highly portable (platform and compiler independent), and it upholds the C tradition of only paying for what you use. Pantheios supports logging of message statements of arbitrary complexity, consisting of heterogenous types. Pantheios supports filtering of log messages based on severity level.

Release Notes: An erroneous implementation of pantheios_be_file_flush() in be.file was fixed. be.file now hides false positives given by MSVCRT memory leak reporting. A widestring trailing nul character in bec.WindowsSyslog was fixed. pantheios::init() and pantheios::uninit() are now exposed in the documentation. Non-functional improvements were made to the implementation of pantheios_getPad(), including the ability to adjust buffer size at compile time. STLSoft 1.9.108 is now required.

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