2011 / February / 10 (41 releases)

10 February 2011

No download Website 10 Feb 22:05 twapake 0.2


Twapake is a system administration utility for Slackware and Slackware-based operating systems only, making it easier to manage last installed packages and see the installation date of a package. It can print a simple list of N packages sorted by installed date to STDOUT. It can print a snapshot logfile to the /var/log/twapake/ directory. A snapshot is a list of all packages sorted by installed date at T time. The installed date is printed too, making it easier to see when a package has been installed on your system. You can remove the last N installed packages, print the packages installed since a chosen date, and launch a Curses User Interface for easy removal.

Release Notes: This release adds a --nlpkg (-n) option to use with -i to specify how many last packages have to be printed to STDOUT. It changes the output format of the twapake snapshot to be more human readable.

Download Website 10 Feb 22:04 LogAnalyzer 3.0.5


LogAnalyzer is a Web front-end for syslog and other network event data. It provides easy browsing, searching, basic analysis, and some graphics. Data is taken from databases or plain syslog text files, so LogAnalyzer does not require changes to an existing logging infrastructure. Depending on the log data present, it can process syslog messages, Windows event log entries, and some more exotic things. Its troubleshooting support enables users to quickly find solutions to problems seen in the log data. LogAnalyzer was previously called phpLogCon, and has been renamed since v3.

Release Notes: This release fixes a Javascript compatibility issue related to Internet Explorer in reports admin. It fixes a spelling error in the German language translation. It fixes a problem with German special characters (Umlaute) in Form captions. Some admin panels did not work properly because of this issue. Filters were ignored in chart generation if the according filter fields were not included in the chart data. The auto-increment value of the ID field is now reset if all data is cleared using the MySQL logstream maintenance functions.

No download Website 10 Feb 22:02 check_oracle_health


check_oracle_health is a plugin for the Shinken (Nagios) monitoring software that allows you to monitor various metrics of an Oracle database. It includes connection time, SGA data buffer hit ratio, SGA library cache hit ratio, SGA dictionary cache hit ratio, SGA shared pool free, PGA in memory sort ratio, tablespace usage, tablespace fragmentation, tablespace I/O balance, invalid objects, and many more.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that lead to numerous leftover temp files under Windows. Upgrading is recommended.

Download Website 10 Feb 22:01 patchutils 0.3.2


Patchutils contains a collection of tools for manipulating patch files: interdiff, combinediff, flipdiff, filterdiff, fixcvsdiff, rediff, lsdiff, grepdiff, splitdiff, recountdiff, and unwrapdiff. You can use interdiff to create an incremental patch between two patches that are against a common source tree, combinediff for creating a cumulative diff from two incremental patches, and flipdiff to transpose two incremental patches. Filterdiff is for extracting or excluding patches from a patch set based on modified files matching shell wildcards. Lsdiff lists modified files in a patch. Rediff, recountdiff, and unwrapdiff correct hand-edited (or otherwise broken) patches.

Release Notes: Interdiff had previously been putting absolute filenames in the input to the patch program. It now avoids doing this. Editdiff no longer runs rediff when no changes were made in the editor. The correct exit status is now set when the decompress option fails. A temporary file leak has been fixed. The documentation has been updated.

Download Website 10 Feb 22:00 PaulStretch 2.1


PaulStretch is a program for stretching audio data. It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching (like 50 times) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound or music to a texture. It features real-time playback capabilities.

Release Notes: This release adds saving/loading of parameters, Linux JACK support, longer stretches, bugfixes, and other small enhancements.

Download Website 10 Feb 21:58 JSoko 1.61


JSoko is a Java program for playing the game of Sokoban. It features path finding, auto push, auto solving, undo/redo, deadlock detection, and more.


Release Notes: The user settings file and the shortcut file are now always saved in the directory where the JSoko.jar is located. The start level collection has been renamed so that it is correctly loaded on case-sensitive operating systems. The graphical level browser doesn't crash anymore when just a few levels have been loaded.

No download Website 10 Feb 21:57 GoAnywhere Director 3.50


GoAnywhere automates and secures the exchange of data with your customers, trading partners, and servers. It allows your organization to consolidate all of its data transmission and processing needs under one solution with a single point of control and administration. With GoAnywhere, customers save a significant amount of time and money by eliminating the custom programming and manual steps traditionally required. It supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Open PGP encryption, ZIP, GZIP, Excel, XML, and CSV standards. It connects to the database servers of DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and Informix.


Release Notes: This release connects to enterprise Message Queues and also provides access to files and folders on Network Shares. It includes new wizards to set up monitors that can scan for new, modified, and/or deleted files in targeted folders. It automatically reconnects and resumes file transfers when server connections break for FTP, FTPS, and SFTP protocols. High Availability (HA) allows GoAnywhere Director configurations and logging data to be stored in customer database systems including SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2 for IBM i.

Download Website 10 Feb 21:55 cmus — C* Music Player 2.3.4


cmus is a small, fast, and powerful console music player for Linux and *BSD. It supports almost all common file formats, SHOUTcast/Icecast streaming, and multiple output plugins. cmus features multiple media library views, a playqueue, a directory browser, powerful filters, and vi-style search and keybindings. It also features gapless playback, ReplayGain, Unicode support, and customizable color schemes.

Release Notes: This release features an ability to restore the playback volume after restart (when using PulseAudio output plugin), APE files support (using the FFMPEG input plugin), better cross-compiling support, and a handful of bugfixes. Everybody is encouraged to upgrade.

Download Website 10 Feb 21:53 phplist 2.10.13


phplist is a mailing list and newsletter manager that allows posting via a Web page. It works well when used for announcements, and can handle very large email address lists. Users can sign up to multiple lists, but will only receive a single copy of cross-posted messages. When signing up, users can identify their geographical location, and messages can be targetted to these. You can add place holders in your email that will be replaced with personal details (such as the person's name). Users can update their own information, and unlike many other mailing list systems, they can change their email address. HTML emails are supported.

Release Notes: Some additional security checks have been added.

Download Website 10 Feb 21:52 JStock - Free Stock Market Software 1.0.5x


JStock is stock market software for 26 countries. It provides a stock watchlist, an intraday stock price snapshot, a stock indicator editor, a stock indicator scanner, and portfolio management. Free SMS/email alerts are supported. It integrates seamlessly with Android.

Release Notes: Stock Watchlist can load results from Stock Indicator Scanner. You can use arrow keys to move around the yellow boxes of Investment Flow Chart. The user does not need to press Enter explicitly when purchasing stock. This release will automatically switch to the appropriate page when a user tries to activate a portfolio or watchlist. There is a a confirmation dialog box to prevent users from clicking the uninstall icon accidentally. An indicator of scanning completion progress will be displayed on the status bar. 5 bugs have been fixed.

Download No website 10 Feb 16:44 RepairsLab 1.0.5


The RepairsLab system allows you to manage the entry and exit of equipment repair in a small workshop for repairs or service center. The application allows the printing of a "Repairs sheet" for each device and manages the state of repair. Inside the Repairs ticket, you can enter the features of the delivered and the state of repair. The system provides management of different master data for definition of states of repair, customers, types of equipment, trademarks, and models. You can print a paper "Repairs sheet" in duplicate to store paper and as a delivery receipt for the customer.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance without adding any new functionality. All users of previous 1.0 releases should upgrade to this release.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:41 Tomb 0.9.2


Tomb is a system to make strong encryption easy for everyday use. A tomb is like a locked folder that can be safely transported and hidden in a filesystem. Its keys can be kept separate; for example, you can keep the tomb on your computer and its key on a USB stick. Tomb is written in code that is easy to review and links shared components: it consists of a ZShell script and desktop integration apps; it uses standard GNU tools and the cryptographic API of the Linux kernel (dm-crypt) via cryptsetup.

Release Notes: The tomb-open wizard now correctly guides you through the creation of new tombs and helps when saving the keys on external USB storage devices. The status tray now reliably closes its tomb.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:25 HTSQL 2.0.1-FINAL


HTSQL a high-level query language and Web service gateway for relational databases. It comes with source code and is royalty free for any use with open source database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. Licenses for using HTSQL in conjunction with proprietary databases such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle can be purchased.

Release Notes: This is the first full release of HTSQL, including basic formatting and translation. It currently works with PostgreSQL and SQLite. Support for MySQL is forthcoming. Since HTSQL's feature set is growing so fast, using the development trunk is still recommended.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:22 Gammu 1.29.90


Gammu (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is a cellular manager for various mobile phones/modems. It supports a wide variety of Nokia, Symbian, and AT devices (Siemens, Alcatel, Falcom, WaveCom, IPAQ, Samsung, SE, and others) over cables, infrared, or BlueTooth. It contains libraries with functions for ringtones, phonebook, SMS, logos, WAP, date/time, alarm, calls, and more (used by external applications like Wammu). It also includes a command line utility that can make many things (including backups) and an SMS gateway with full MySQL and PostgreSQL support from the PHP interface.

Release Notes: This is the first release with S60 support, screenshot functionality for Nokia DCT4, and much more.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:21 Milk 0.3.7


Milk is a machine learning toolkit in Python. Its focus is on supervised classification with several classifiers available: SVMs (based on libsvm), k-NN, random forests, and decision trees. It also performs feature selection. These classifiers can be combined in many ways to form different classification systems. For unsupervised learning, milk supports k-means clustering and affinity propagation.

Release Notes: Logistic regression was added. Demos are included in the source and documentation. Cluster agreement metrics were added. An nfoldcrossvalidation bug when using the origins parameter was fixed.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:18 BalanceNG 3.216


BalanceNG is a modern, IPv6 capable software IP load balancing solution. It is small, fast, and easy to use and set up. It offers session persistence, different distribution methods (Round Robin, Random, Weighted Random, Least Session, Least Bandwidth, Hash, Agent, and Randomized Agent) and a customizable UDP health check agent in source code. It supports VRRP to set up high availability configurations on multiple nodes. It supports SNMP, integrating the BALANCENG-MIB with Net-SNMPD. It implements a very fast in-memory IP-to-location database, allowing powerful location-based server load-balancing.


Release Notes: The IPv4 location database has been updated to the latest release (ip-to-country.csv). The IPv6 location database has been updated to the latest release (IpToCountry.6R.csv). IPv4 ICMP TTL exceeded packets are now silently discarded (modules "classic" and "arp"). An additional "interface" column has been added to the output of "show networks".

No download Website 10 Feb 16:13 Opera 11.01


Opera is a full-featured Internet tool, most notably a fully standard conforming Web browser. Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like a password manager, mouse gestures, native Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support, an email program, RSS newsfeeds, and IRC chat. It is designed to be fast and highly customizable.


Release Notes: Several security vulnerabilities were resolved, such as large form inputs allowing execution of arbitrary code, the possibility of clickjacking attacks against internal "opera:" URLs, Web page access to files on the user's computer, and an issue where email passwords were not immediately deleted when deleting private data. Several further minor bug fixes and improvements were made.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:09 Bazaar VCS 2.3.0


Bazaar is a simple decentralized revision control system. Decentralized revision control systems give users the ability to branch remote repositories to a local context. Users can commit to local branches without requiring special permission from the branches that they branched from.

Release Notes: This release marks the start of another long-term-stable series. In this series, only bugfix releases will be made and it will be supported until August 2012. The 2.1 and 2.2 series will also continue to get bugfixes. This is a bugfix and polish release over the 2.2 series, with over 130 bugs fixed and performance improvements. Some enhanced features include commits on stacked branches, upgrades of related branches, shortcut URL schemes for Ubuntu and Debian on launchpad and better conflict resolution. Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series.

Download Website 10 Feb 16:01 deheader 0.6


deheader analyzes C and C++ files to determine which header inclusions can be removed while still allowing them to compile. This may result in substantial improvements in compilation time, especially on large C++ projects. It also sometimes exposes dependencies and cohesions of which developers were unaware.

Release Notes: The return-status macros from sys/wait.h were added to the portability list.

No download Website 10 Feb 16:00 PeaZip 3.6.1


PeaZip is a cross-platform file archiver utility that provides a unified portable GUI for many open source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX, etc. Creates 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, and ZIP files. It extracts more than 150 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX, and more. Features of PeaZip include extracting, creating, and converting multiple archives at once, creating self-extracting archives, split/join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, an encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, and export job definitions as scripts.

Release Notes: File navigation was improved. The browser can now rename multiple files at once. The sort function keeps the context of previously sorted columns. The middle mouse button can be used to navigate up one level. A total of 129 file extensions are supported. Language files were updated with the latest available translations.

Download Website 10 Feb 15:57 chan-sccp-b 3.0_RC3.1


chan-sccp-b is an extension of the original chan-sccp implementation for the Asterisk soft-PBX. It lets you hook up a Cisco/SCCP Phone to your Asterisk server using the SCCP protocol, which works a lot better than the SIP firmware on the same phone. It provides full phone functionality instead of just a simple SIP channel provider. It offers functionality like shared lines, hotline functionality, guest login, dynamic speeddials, private line automatic ring-down (PLAR), personal softkey configurations, Dundi support, SCCP extended dialplan functions, manager support, and custom device state buttons.


Release Notes: A major overhaul of the locking system was done. socket_poll is used instead of socket_select. sccp_pbx_wrapper was added to ease the migration towards support for Asterisk 1.8. Bugfixes and improvements were made for locking, socket handling, the configure script, lots of small bugs reported by users, and the documentation.

Download Website 10 Feb 15:53 reposurgeon 1.0


A tool for editing version-control repository history, reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata and removing commits. It works with any version control system that can export and import git fast-import streams, including git, hg, bzr, CVS, and RCS. It can also read Subversion dump files directly, and can thus be used to script production of very high-quality conversions from Subversion to any supported DVCS.

Release Notes: Cleanup was done with Pylint.

Download Website 10 Feb 15:49 python-jabberbot 0.12


python-jabberbot is a Jabber bot framework for Python that makes it easy to write simple Jabber bots. One can use these Jabber bots to provide information about running systems, to make Web sites interact with Jabber-enabled visitors, or notify the bot owner about updates or changes that are monitored with custom Python scripts.

Release Notes: This release adds support for private subscription domains. A JabberBot can now listen only to subscriptions from its own domain or from a specific target domain, ignoring all other domains. The default behavior is still the same as in previous versions (no restrictions in subscriptions).

Download Website 10 Feb 15:49 urlwatch 1.12


urlwatch is a script intended to help you watch URLs and get notified (via email) of any changes. The change notification will include the URL that has changed and a unified diff of what has changed. The script works out of a single directory, so there is no need to install anything. State files are kept in the same folder. The script supports stripping parts of a page that are always changing through the use of a filter hook function. It is typically run as a cronjob.

Release Notes: This release is a minor maintenance update, making the creation of filters less error prone by accepting and handling a None return value as a "do not filter" indicator.

Download Website 10 Feb 15:46 IPA 2.1


IPA is a pluggable, flexible, general-purpose accounting system. It supports static and dynamic rules, limits, sublimits, and thresholds. It works with external accounting, database and statistics modules. Accounting is done per specified period of a week. Complete documentation is included.

Release Notes: The source code was optimized and simplified. New parameters were added. The logic of work was improved.

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