2011 / November / 19 (10 releases)

19 November 2011

Download Website 19 Nov 10:41 task spooler 0.7.2


task spooler is a Unix batch system where the tasks spooled run one after the other. The amount of jobs to run at once can be set at any time. Each user in each system has his own job queue. The tasks are run in the correct context (that of enqueue) from any shell/process, and its output/results can be easily watched. It is very useful when you know that your commands depend on a lot of RAM, a lot of disk use, give a lot of output, or for whatever reason it's better not to run them all at the same time, while you want to keep your resources busy for maximum benfit. Its interface allows using it easily in scripts.

Release Notes: This release added optional separation of stdout and stderr (-E).

Download No website 19 Nov 10:40 Lector 0.3.0


Lector can help you scan your papers and create text documents. It lets you select areas on which you want to use OCR. Then you can run tesseract-ocr simply by clicking a button. The resulting text can be proofread, formatted, and edited directly in Lector.

Release Notes: This is the first release to support Win32 release. Support for spell checking and text formatting was added.

No download No website 19 Nov 06:49 Vendetta Online 1.8.98


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: Avalon Torpedoes now do 15,000 damage and require only 60 energy per shot. Newsposts and Events are no longer marked as 'New' once read. Station is shown in Login/PDA menu options for all platforms. Graphical enhancements were added for the NVIDIA Tegra 3. A condition where depositing credits into a guild bank took the player's credits but didn't deposit the credits into the guild account was fixed.

Download Website 19 Nov 06:40 MibianLib 0.1.1


MibianLib is an options pricing library offering the ability to calculate the price, the implied volatility, the Greeks or the put-call parity of an option using the Garman-Kohlhagen, Black-Scholes, and Merton models.


Release Notes: Enhanced performance.

Download Website 19 Nov 03:09 Gambatte 0.5.0-wip2


Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. It is based on hundreds of corner case hardware tests, as well as previous documentation and reverse engineering efforts. The core emulation code is contained in a separate library back-end (libgambatte) written in pure platform-independent C++. There is a GUI that uses Trolltech's Qt4 toolkit (gambatte_qt), and a simple command-line SDL front-end (gambatte_sdl). The GUI front-end contains platform-specific extensions for video, sound, and timers.

Release Notes: New features were added.

No download Website 19 Nov 03:04 gWaei 3.2.0.b1


gWaei is an easy to use and powerful dictionary program for Japanese to English translation. It organizes results by relevance and supports regex searches, tabs, spell checking, kanji handwriting recognition, and a console interface.

Release Notes: gWaei now requires GTK+ 3.2. The Windows have been rewritten to extend GtkWindow instead of just containing a GtkWindow. libunique is no longer a dependency. GtkApplication from GTK+ is now used instead. The program now handles large amounts of results better and no longer truncates them as early. Dictionary lines are no longer counted on startup, which makes it much quicker. MinGW is now automatically detected instead of requiring an option during configure. Unfortunately, it is still not supported as GTK+ 3 and D-Bus don't run well on Windows yet.

Download Website 19 Nov 03:00 rho 1.0.20


Rho is a small, very powerful console-based POSIX text editor and mini-IDE with Bash/Emacs key bindings. A configuration file allows the user to create macros using not only any internal function but anything available to a shell command. Keyboard macros (Ctl-Alt-A through Z) can be sourced into the editor for each kind of task, the next sourcing overwriting the last. Rho also allows an unlimited number of templates (sh, awk, python, etc.) to be injected into executable buffers which trap stdout and stderr.


Release Notes: The code for 40 numbered buffers or "macros" was removed as redundant. Vars.h was factored out into main.h (with the variable initializations) and vars.h (which will go away in refactoring). The eval.c file was refactored out into envars.c, ufuncs.c, macros.c, and utils.c. rho_help.txt was merged with macros.html so it is available in the editor. In order to break the old monolithic files into smaller ones, transitional header files are being created for all .c files. When this is done, the headers will be reworked into standard ANSI C. The first pass has been completed for 7 of the original 22 C files.

Download Website 19 Nov 02:59 gcc 4.6.2


The GNU Compiler Collection contains frontends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada as well as libraries for these languages. It is a full-featured ANSI C compiler with support for K&R C as well. GCC provides many levels of source code error checking traditionally provided by other tools (such as lint), produces debugging information, and can perform many different optimizations to the resulting object code.

Release Notes: This release fixes over 100 reported problems.

Download Website 19 Nov 02:58 LedgerSMB 1.3.5


LedgerSMB is an accounting and ERP framework which aims to provide solid accounting, industry-leading security, and support for rapid development of business tools re-using accounting logic to support workflows of any specific business.

Release Notes: This release corrects a number of high impact bugs in the areas of internationalization, including the use of UTF-8 characters in printed HTML invoices, a few cases of UTF-8 handling in user supplied inputs, and the like. A number of menu and permissions issues have also been fixed, along with some other bugs.

Download Website 19 Nov 02:57 tsdecrypt 4.0


tsdecrypt reads an incoming MPEG transport stream over UDP/RTP and then decrypts it using keys obtained from OSCAM or a similar CAM server. Currently supported crypto systems are Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Viaccess, Mediaguard (Seca), Videoguard (NDS), Nagra, DRE-Crypt, and Bulcrypt. BISS and constant code words are also supported. tsdecrypt communicates with a CAM server using the cs378x (camd35 over TCP) protocol or the newcamd protocol.

Release Notes: This release added support for calling an external notification program when an event occurs. Logging to local syslog was implemented. The NODELAY flag was applied to the CAMD connection in order to avoid errors when lots of EMM packets are sent in a very short time.

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