Download Website 23 Dec 23:52 Twistr 0.7.5


Twistr is a very simple Tumblr client. It currently allows you to create text and photo posts. It is based around cURL and core utils, and is in an early development cycle.

Release Notes: Minor fixes: code cleanup, API calls reordered for clarity, and API fixes.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:51 cx_Logging 2.1


cx_Logging is a Python extension module that supports logging in a similar fashion to that supported by the logging module available in Python 2.3 and up. It also supports a C interface that allows applications to perform logging independently of Python.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Python 2.7 and Python 3.1 and 64-bit Windows. Some performance improvements were made, and integration with the Windows platform was improved.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:49 XBPS 0.7.1


The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is a binary package system designed and implemented from scratch. Its goal is to be fast, easy to use, bug-free, featureful, and portable as much as possible. There is a well documented API provided by the XBPS Library that is the basis for its frontends, to handle binary packages and repositories.

Release Notes: Some fixes for the xbps-repo and xbps-uhelper apps due to API breakage in 0.7.0. Minor bugfixes and improvements.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:49 LinkChecker 6.1


With LinkChecker, you can check HTML documents and Web sites for broken links. It features recursion, robots.txt exclusion protocol support, HTTP proxy support, i18n support, multithreading, regular expression filtering rules for links, and user/password checking for authorized pages. Output can be colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV, or a sitemap graph in DOT, GML, or XML format. Supported link types are HTTP/1.1 and 1.0, HTTPS, FTP, mailto:, news:, nntp:, Telnet, and local files.


Release Notes: The GUI interface can automatically find the user's Firefox bookmark file. Several checking bugs have also been fixed.

No download Website 23 Dec 23:48 Date::Manip 6.20


Date::Manip is a Perl module for handling Gregorian dates. Operations such as comparing two times, calculating a time a given amount of time from another, or parsing international times are all easily done. The library is oriented towards the type of operations people tend to think of rather than those operations used routinely by computers.

Release Notes: Recurrences were reworked in a slightly backward incompatible way to improve their usefulness. The time zone DB was updated.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:47 Open Administration for Schools 5.25


Open Administration for Schools (OAfS) is a Web-based school administration package. Open Admin does demographics, attendance, discipline, report cards, and has an online gradebook and parent viewing function. It is designed for elementary, K-12, and high schools. It generates plain HTML and uses LaTeX for PDF generation. It also includes special education and division-wide central office modules (all schools run on the same server with different virtual sites; two sites per school, one for teachers, and one for the office). Parent functions are by separate parent/school site.

Release Notes: Online scripts to allow setting all report card features, as well as back-ground colors and logos. Just the start of online configuration. New installation scripts to simplify the install process for Debian/Ubuntu. New Student Enroll/Withdraw scripts. Updated reading assessment scripts (DRA) for date range selection and equivalent grade.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:47 XWiki 2.7


XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java that supports many popular features of other Wikis like the Wiki syntax, version control, attachments, security, and searching, but also many advanced features like templates, database and dynamic development using scripting languages (Velocity, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more), an extension system and skinability, J2EE scalability, an XML/RPC remote API, statistics, RSS feeds, PDF exporting, WYSIWYG editing, an Office viewer and importer, and a lot more.


Release Notes: This is the last major release of the 2.x development cycle (there will still be bugfix releases on the 2.7.x branch, if needed). The next release is going to be 3.0. This is a stabilization release, with no major new features to highlight.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:46 CELT audio codec 0.10.0


CELT (Constrained Energy Lapped Transform) is an ultra-low delay audio codec designed for realtime transmission of high quality speech and audio. This is meant to close the gap between traditional speech codecs (such as Speex) and traditional audio codecs (such as Vorbis).

Release Notes: This release brings many quality improvements, mostly through better bit allocation. It also fixes many bugs and regressions, most notably with VBR support. The bit-stream is not compatible with version 0.9.x.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:46 VirtualBox 4.0.0


Oracle VM VirtualBox, formerly Sun xVM VirtualBox and innotek VirtualBox, is a family of x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use.


Release Notes: VirtualBox was reorganized into a base package and Extension Packs. The GUI, now called “VirtualBox Manager”, received major rework, supporting complete machine deletion, creation of desktop shortcuts, sortable VM list, and guest window preview. The VMM now supports more than 1.5/2 GB guest RAM on 32-bit hosts. New virtual hardware, an Intel ICH9 chipset and Intel HD Audio, was added. Open Virtualization Format support was improved, including support for OVA, and better performance on import and export. Other enhancements and various bugfixes were made.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:45 VBoxAdm 0.0.23


VBoxAdm is a Web-based management tool for Postfix. It handles virtual domains and aliases, and provides a vacation auto-responder and a spam scanning SMTP proxy for use as a Postfix pre-queue filter.

Release Notes: This version ships with a custom roundcube plugin and improves caching within the SMTP proxy.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:43 ZABBIX 1.8.4rc3


ZABBIX is an enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, and other IT resources. It supports distributed and Web-based monitoring, auto-discovery, real-time monitoring, SLA assurance, trending, and more.

Release Notes: This release candidate contains bugfixes only.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:43 isl 0.05


isl is a library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints. Supported operations on sets include intersection, union, set difference, emptiness check, convex hull, (integer) affine hull, integer projection, and computing the lexicographic minimum using parametric integer programming. It also includes an ILP solver based on generalized basis reduction and operations geared towards polyhedral compilation such as dependence analysis, scheduling, and AST generation.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the extended PolyLib format and includes minor improvements to dependency analysis, Bernstein expansion, and parametric integer programming, amongst others.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:31 CryptoHeaven 3.3.1


CryptoHeaven offers secure email and online file sharing/storage. Its main features are secure and highly encrypted services such as group collaboration, file sharing, email, online storage, and instant messaging. It integrates multi-user based security into email, instant messaging, and file storage and sharing in one unique package. It provides real time communication for text and data transfers in a multi-user secure environment. The security and usability of CryptoHeaven is well-balanced; even the no-so-technically oriented computer users can enjoy this crypto product with very high level of encryption.

Release Notes: This release changes chat slide-up windows. It changes audible notification sounds. It adds an option to disable online status notifications globally and per-contact.

Download Website 23 Dec 23:31 xombrero 1.138


xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It strives to be vi-like and is suited for heavy keyboard users.


Release Notes: Session cookie timeout. A session cookie accept policy. Fancier CSS for the "GUI". Print support, including to PDF. A spinner to indicate loading is underway. Search within tabs now can be used globally. A smaller X on tabs to maximize Web page real estate. A cookie white list for domains. A JavaScript white list for domains. A runtime toggle to to enable/disable JavaScript. Non-persistent history. A non-persistent download manager.

No download Website 23 Dec 23:19 perl-Sedna 0.004


perl-Sedna is a Perl driver to connect to the Sedna XML database.

Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

Download Website 23 Dec 16:15 Ganeti 2.3.1


Ganeti is virtual server management software built on top of Xen, KVM, and other open source software. It has been designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers and to provide fast and simple recovery after physical failures using commodity hardware.

Release Notes: For impexpd, OpenSSL compression is disable in socat if possible. The unittest coverage report was changed to exclude test scripts. A script to check version format was added.

No download No website 23 Dec 14:16 SmartGit/Hg 2.0.1


SmartGit/Hg is a graphical user interface for Git and Mercurial which can work with SVN repositories. It supports cloning from common repository providers (e.g., GitHub, Assembla), assists Git newbies, and also offers the advanced, powerful Git features. It provides several tools to help create clean commits, for example by allowing the user to commit just parts of changes files and reordering and squashing unpushed commits. If you are using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, SmartGit/Hg can work easily with pull requests (creation, resolving) and commit comments. SmartGit/Hg ships with a built-in SSH client, file comparer, and merge tool which are capable of syntax coloring for many languages.


Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of bugs. It is recommended to update.

Download Website 23 Dec 14:15 ngIRCd 17.1


ngIRCd is a portable IRC daemon written from scratch. It is easy to configure, supports server links (even with original ircds) and runs on hosts with changing IP addresses (such as dial-in networks). Currently supported platforms are AIX, A/UX, Darwin/Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, SunOS/Solaris, and Windows with Cygwin.

Release Notes: The manual pages and documentation have been updated. A bug in the DNS error handling code that could prevent the daemon from establishing new server-links has been fixed. Support for numeric 329 "channel creation time" has been added.

No download Website 23 Dec 14:13 SDL_Perl 2.525_4


SDL_perl is a package of Perl modules that provides both functional and object-oriented interfaces to the Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl 5. This package does take some liberties with the SDL API, and attempts to adhere to the spirit of both the SDL and Perl.

Release Notes: Module::Build::SDL, a helper for creating SDL based modules, was added. AudioSpec callbacks now use *_TLS_CONTEXT macros.

No download Website 23 Dec 14:12 PPI 1.214_01


PPI allows you to parse, analyze, and manipulate Perl (without Perl). It provides a Perl parse that is the basis of tools like Perl::Critic and Perl::MinimumVersion.

Release Notes: A bug in line-spanning attribute support was fixed. index_locations on an empty document will no longer warn. Other bugs were fixed.

Download Website 23 Dec 14:11 ORLite 1.47


ORLite is an object-relation system specifically tailored for SQLite that follows many of the same principles as the ::Tiny series of modules.

Release Notes: Read-only support for views was added.

Download Website 23 Dec 14:11 QueueMetrics


QueueMetrics is a queue log analyzer that measures a number of metrics of queue and agent activity for the Asterisk PBX. It offers detailed reports, real-time panels, and start pages for agents. It also drives a wallboard and has an XML-RPC data interface.

Release Notes: When updating over yum, it is now possible to keep the license and properties. Full compatibility with Asterisk 1.8 was verified. A script was added to refresh view of DB tables, check AMI connections, and view configuration. The Agent Occupancy (AG09) Report was added.

Download Website 23 Dec 14:03 ELOG Electronic Web Logbook 2.8.1


ELOG Electronic Web Logbook is an electronic logbook with a Web interface. It can be used to maintain personal or shared logbooks, with the ability to add attachments to logbook pages. Logbook entries can be categorized with user-defined classes, and queried using filters on these classes. Automatic email notifications can be generated on new entries based on the classes. The ELOG server is a small stand-alone C program, which runs under Linux and Windows. No other packages are required. The logbooks are saved in plain ASCII files for easy and fast access.


Release Notes: Several minor new features and bug fixes were collected over the last five months.

No download No website 23 Dec 13:56 Vendetta Online 1.8.160


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: The VoiceChat technology was upgraded to a new version. The ice shaders were fixed for the Android version.

Download Website 23 Dec 11:44 Armadillo C++ Library 1.1.0


Armadillo is a C++ linear algebra library (matrix maths) aiming towards a good balance between speed and ease of use. The API is deliberately similar to Matlab's. Integer, floating point, and complex numbers are supported, as well as a subset of trigonometric and statistics functions. Various matrix decompositions are provided through optional integration with LAPACK and ATLAS numerics libraries. A delayed evaluation approach, based on template meta-programming, is used (during compile time) to combine several operations into one and reduce or eliminate the need for temporaries.

Release Notes: This release has more flexible submatrix views and faster matrix inverse via explicit handling of triangular matrices.

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