Download Website 31 Dec 21:31 WineX 1.0


WineX is a WordPress plugin that grabs the contents of a CellarTracker wine cellar once a day and stores them on a Web server allowing users to see a specific wine cellar on a site, in that Web site's theme.

Release Notes:

Download Website 31 Dec 21:31 ThemeX 0.1


The ThemeX plugin alternates a WordPress installation between two themes based on the time of day. The themes and start times for each are customizable through an administration interface.

Release Notes:

No download Website 31 Dec 21:30 JavaFBP 2.3


JavaFBP is a Java implementation of the concepts described in the book "Flow-Based Programming". It allows a developer to specify an application as a network of "black- box" components, which are implemented as long-running Java threads, connected by bounded buffer connections, over which data objects travel ("information packets"). The network is also specified as a Java program, which maps a visual connection diagram. The black box processes can be reconnected as desired to form different applications without having to be changed internally.

Release Notes: Component description now held in metadata, not in the introspect() method. The isConnected() method has been added for output ports. The directory packaging has been changed somewhat. The source is now available via the SourceForge SVN.

    Download Website 31 Dec 21:29 Dapper Dataflow Engine 0.95


    Dapper, or "Distributed and Parallel Program Execution Runtime", is a tool for taming the complexities of developing for large-scale cloud and grid computing, enabling the user to create distributed computations from the essentials: the code that will execute, along with a dataflow graph description. It supports rich execution semantics, carefree deployment, a robust control protocol, modification of the dataflow graph at runtime, and an intuitive user interface.


    Release Notes: A new, flexible logging infrastructure has been added. Initializers for logging structures have been moved out of the Server and Client classes and into drivers. Finite state machines have been updated to the new annotation-driven API. The source code has been normalized to have 8 spaces instead of tabs.

    Download Website 31 Dec 21:27 DataparkSearch 4.51


    DataparkSearch is a Web search engine tool. It features support for http, https, ftp, nntp, and news URLs, htdb virtual URL support for indexing SQL databases, text/html, text/xml, text/plain, audio/mpeg (MP3), and image/gif mime types built-in support, external parsers support for other document types, the ability to index multilangual sites using content negotiation, searching of all of the word forms using ispell affixes and dictionaries, stopwords and synonyms lists, boolean query language support, results sorting by relevancy, popularity rank, last modified time, and importance (a multiplication of the relevancy and popularity ranks), support for various character sets, and phrases segmenting for the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai languages. It has accent-insensitive search, mod_dpsearch for Apache, and support for internationalized domain names.

    Release Notes: CAS-based synchronization has been implemented for the i386/x86_64 platform. The ActionSQL, FastHrefCheck, SubDocCnt, andSubDocLevel commands have been added. Support for the KOI8-C (an extension of KOI8-R with old-Russian letters) charset has been added. HrefSection processing has been fixed in the XML parser. A $(url.directory) meta-variable has been added. An allin<section>: operator has been added to the search query language.

    Download Website 31 Dec 21:26 onPHP 1.0.8


    onPHP is an object-oriented framework aimed at rapid development of scalable robust applications with outstanding code reusability level. It also provides code generation tools to save your time, and a PHP extension (module) to save the CPU time of your servers.

    Release Notes: Various bugfixes and optimizations were backported from the trunk.

    Download Website 31 Dec 17:56 NCBI C++ Toolkit Dec 31 2008


    The NCBI C++ Toolkit provides portable libraries and applications for assisting genetic science. These include libraries for networking, SQL and BerkeleyDB access, CGI and HTML handling, ASN.1 and XML handling, sequence alignment engines, sequence retrieval engines, BLAST database engines, FLTK and OpenGL graphics toolkits, and basic system utilities.

    Release Notes: This release adds a method to compute column-specific pseudocounts in PSI-BLAST. It refactors the grid services library. It adds unit test framework and error logging for all File API classes. It fixes pthread support on IRIX. It enhances support of XML serialization. It fixes support for Sybase. It adds support for smaller lookup tables for small queries. It adds an API to retrieve GenBank loader statistics. It has assorted other enhancements, speedups, and bugfixes.

    Download Website 31 Dec 17:54 jGnash 2.0.3


    jGnash is a personal finance application written in Java. Java 7 is required. jGnash supports several account types, including investment accounts. It has support for split transactions, nested accounts, scheduled transactions, commodities, and currencies. It can import OFX and QIF files, excluding investment accounts and transactions. Data is stored in an XML format so it is easy to manipulate and read the data external to the program. jGnash also has scripting support to add custom reports and functionality.

    Release Notes: In addition to several obscure bugfixes, this release adds OFX support for credit cards and the OFX version 2 file format. Handing of automatic backups has been improved.

    Download Website 31 Dec 17:38 GtkHash 0.2.1


    GtkHash is a utility for computing message digests or checksums. Currently supported hash functions include MD5, MD6, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD, TIGER, and WHIRLPOOL.

    Release Notes: This release fixes progress bar display for large files. It removes the dependency on libglade.

    Download Website 31 Dec 17:37 PoDoFo 0.7.0


    PoDoFo is a C++ library to work with the PDF file format. It also includes also a few tools. It includes classes to parse a PDF file, modify its contents in memory, write the changes back to disk, and create new PDF files. The PoDoFo tools are simple tools built around the PoDoFo library. These tools are primarily examples of how to use the PoDoFo library in your own projects, although they offer useful features for working with PDF files.

    Release Notes: Many improvements to podofoimpose, the PDF imposition tool, most notably support for Lua plan files. Full Unicode support on Windows and Linux. Initial work on font subsetting. Fixes for a few memory leaks, several parsing issues, and countless smaller bugs.

    Download Website 31 Dec 17:36 Childsplay 1.0-pre1


    Childsplay is a suite of educational games for young children, like gcompris but without the GNOME environment. It uses the SDL libraries to provide smooth animation and stores the results of each child in a database.

    Release Notes: This release has many bugfixes and translation updates.

    Download Website 31 Dec 14:41 Builder 0.01


    Builder is a Perl module that uses a building block approach to render XML, HTML, CSS, and more.

    Release Notes:

    Download Website 31 Dec 14:23 JSch 0.1.41


    JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. It allows you to connect to an sshd server and use port forwarding, X11 forwarding, file transfer, etc. You can integrate its functionality into your own Java programs.

    Release Notes: This release has fixed minor bugs in canceling remote port-forwarding and ls for empty directory in sftp. The support for some ciphers in ctr mode and arcfour was added.

    No download Website 31 Dec 14:17 Contentteller 1.0.2


    Contentteller is a content management system designed for sites of all sizes and types. It is powerful but simple to use, and search engine friendly out of the box. It has support for multiple Web sites, caching for high traffic Web sites, the ability to import and update everything from RSS feeds, POP3 email accounts, news servers, PAD, CompatDB XML files, a powerful template and style system, integration with 3rd party applications such as vBulletin, UBB.threads, phpBB 3.0, WBB, SMF, and Invision Power Board.

    Release Notes: A logout problem in Invision Power Board 2.x integration was fixed. Small problems in AdminEditQueueFile were fixed. An problem in CompatDB import was fixed. Problems in search functions were fixed. A problem on the news archive pages was fixed. The vBulletin 3.7/3.8 integration scripts were updated. TinyMCE was updated. A problem in the CompatDB sync script was fixed. A link to the admin section was added in the main menu. A breadcrumb navigation facility was added to the template editor.

    Download Website 31 Dec 14:08 CloudVPN 1.0


    CloudVPN is a secure decentralized mesh networking tool. It allows applications to use it as a mesh transport layer for packet routing, easily creating mesh ethernet VPN, secured audio/video broadcasting or communication channels, etc. It can create secured networks with special or weird topologies, so it's very easy to create connection schemes with clustered/decentralized servers, topologies with better throughput, ring-like topologies for failover, long-line for passing through many routes, or tree topology for optimizing inter-server bandwidth needs.

    Release Notes: All things that were supposed to be done are now done. Testing is complete. The application model is complete.

    Download Website 31 Dec 14:07 Himerge


    Himerge is a GUI for emerge (Gentoo's Portage system) written in Haskell using gtk2hs. The main idea is to simplify browsing the entire portage tree, and allow running the most basic and common options from the emerge command. It also offers several handy tools, like global and local use flags browsers, inspired by UFED (the Gentoo Linux USE flags editor). It also uses eix (a small utility for searching ebuilds with indexing for fast results) as a back-end command to show package information in HTML/CSS format, so you can access a package's Web site for a quick glance.

    Release Notes: An important bug in the search box was fixed. Now all the packages of an inexact search will be correctly displayed in the Web panel.

    Download No website 31 Dec 14:06 VStar Blog Engine 1.1


    VStarBlogEngine is a lightweight multi-user/single-blog engine intended for bloggers who need a simple, fast, and reliable blogging platform. It is built as an alternative to existing heavily-armored blog engines, such as Wordpress, Drupal, and others. It features fast and secure blogging, quick threaded commenting with CAPTCHA, multi-language support with UTF-8 database encoding, subscription to comments, tags support, spam filtering, RSS support, LiveJournal cross-posting, and Wordpress database import. It does not feature self-registration, OpenID, a visual editor, plugins, widgets, etc.

    Release Notes: Incorrect syntax inside of the English version of the settings.php file was fixed. An INSERT INTO string inside of the database.sql file was fixed. The SITE_LANGUAGE variable was fixed in multiple places. A link to the absent style.css file was removed from head.inc. A database error while adding posts through the admin interface was fixed. A style was fixed for the external table in admin.php. Left-right arrows were added. A number of PHP warnings were fixed. Width and height were added for the number of comments appearing in LJ. A problem with the older/newer order of posts was fixed.

    Download Website 31 Dec 14:03 Linux Test Project 20081231


    Linux Test Project is a joint project started by SGI, OSDL, and Bull developed and maintained by IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, SUSE, Red Hat, Oracle, and others. The project goal is to deliver tests that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux. Currently it contains more than 1000 syscall test cases, I/O and AIO stress test cases, a few Linux kernel device drivers, a well maintained fork of the Open POSIX Testsuite, a real-time test suite, and more.

    Release Notes: Numerous PIDNS tests were added. CPU Controller Latency tests were added. Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) API device driver tests were added. Options were added for block devices to runltp. ioctl03 and inotify03 tests were added. Autoconf is used for some more tests. Pounder21 updates were made. Ltp network, network stress, adp, autofs, exportfs, ro only fs, isofs, dmmapper, fslvm, fsnolvm, scsi_debug, sysfs, tirpc, and SELinux tests were integrated into runalltests. Fixes were made for numerous other tests.

    Download Website 31 Dec 11:08 Foswiki 1.0.0 beta 2


    Foswiki is wiki software, supporting the editing of Web pages in an ordinary Web browser by end users. What makes Foswiki special is that it supports the embedding of active and passive macros that enhance the page content (e.g. with global or dynamic information) and allow end-users to build applications that store and process data in a structured manner.

    Release Notes:

    No download Website 31 Dec 11:07 Echo3 3.0.beta3


    Echo3 is a framework for developing rich Web applications. From the developer's perspective, Echo3 behaves as a user interface toolkit, like Swing or Eclipse SWT. AJAX technology is employed to deliver a user experience to Web clients that approaches that of desktop-based applications. Echo3 applications can be created in either client-side JavaScript or server-side Java code using a component-oriented and event-driven API.

    Release Notes: Major changes in this release include framework-wide support for small or large DPI fonts, support for right-to-left languages, and significant updates to "Extras" components such as CalendarSelect, TabPane, and WindowPane. CalendarSelect has a much improved appearance relative to the previous version, and features animation when changing the displayed month or year. TabPanes now scroll when too many tabs are present to fit on the screen at once. WindowPanes and SplitPanes feature rollover effects.

    Download Website 31 Dec 11:05 Xataface DataGrid Module 0.1


    The Xataface DataGrid Module is an add-on module for the Xataface application framework that adds an editable grid component to your applications. It uses the Ext JS JavaScript library to create the grid. It allows users to edit records, add new rows, sort rows, reorder columns, show/hide columns, and toggle to full-screen mode. Changes are automatically saved in the background by AJAX. The module is fully integrated into the Xataface permissions system.

    Release Notes:

    Download Website 31 Dec 10:27 rdup 0.6.4


    rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the Plan9 way of doing backups. rdup itself does not backup anything; it only prints a list of the names of files that have changed since the last backup. It also handles files that are removed, allowing for correct incremental backups. Auxilary script that implement a backup strategy are included.

    Release Notes: The Perl conversion utilities were reimplemented in C as rdup-tr. This utility can be used for all kinds of file transformations (encryption, compression, etc.) and can generate tar, pax, cpio, or rdup ouput. With this release, there are no Perl dependencies left. All shell wrappers and other scripts were dropped from rdup. Numerous little bugs were also fixed.

    Download Website 31 Dec 10:21 Developer's Image Library 1.7.5


    Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library utilizing a simple syntax to load, save, convert, manipulate, filter, and display a variety of images with ease. It is highly portable and has been ported to several platforms, including the Pocket PC.

    Release Notes: The documentation and Valve Texture Format (.vtf) support were improved. Some bugs were fixed.

    Download Website 31 Dec 10:21 Gtk VNC Viewer 0.4


    GTK VNC Viewer is a script that provides a GUI for connecting to VNC servers. It remembers the credentials of known servers, so connecting to a VNC server is just one double-click away. Servers are shown in an icon view.

    Release Notes: It's now possible to specify an alternate port, and Launchpad translations have been integrated.

    No download Website 31 Dec 10:20 mail-wrapper 1.9


    Mail-wrapper is a script to encapsulate the sendmail call from Web pages and do different checks before subsequently sending the mail messages.

    Release Notes: A warning to admin if some limits are reached was added. An admin field was added. Per day limits were added.

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