Download Website 31 Dec 17:27 sg3_utils 0.97


sg3_utils is a package of utilities for accessing devices that use SCSI command sets. Most utilities issue a single command and display the response, while some work at a slightly higher level. There are utilities for fetching INQUIRY data and VPD, mode, and log pages. There is support for modern SCSI transports such as SAS and FCP. The package is written for Linux and has been ported to FreeBSD, Solaris, Tru64, and Windows. There is an earlier version of this package for Linux 2.2 series kernels called sg_utils.

Release Notes: Support for memory-mapped IO with sgm_dd, extensions to sg_rbuf, a new sg_read command to read continually from the same offset, and placing the isosize command in the archive directory since it is available in the util-linux-2.10s (and later) package.

Download Website 31 Dec 17:25 perltidy 20011231


Perltidy is a Perl script indenter and beautifier. By default it approximately follows the suggestions in perlstyle(1), but the style can be adjusted with command line parameters. Perltidy can also write syntax-colored HTML output.

Release Notes: Fixes for several minor bugs, speed improvements on large files, and a new option, -oext, allows the default output file extension to be changed. 

Download Website 31 Dec 17:24 Deadman's Redirect 6.3


Deadman's Redirect is designed to replace whatever is loaded when you click on the Home button in your browser. It is a Web surfer's power tool that can be completely customized, using HTML, to fit the needs of the user. It allows for URL redirection as well as an interface to various search engines through its aliasing system. It also supports user-set aliases with functional arguments, RSS headlines, and a history of all the URLs that pass through it.

Release Notes: Bugfixes and speed improvements.

Download Website 31 Dec 17:24 Ethereal Realms 2.1.0


Ethereal Realms is a concept chat and role playing system that has acquired additional components such as social networking, galleries, and message boards. The code borrows themes from Plenty of Fish, Elfwood/Gallery, and the defunct WBS.


Release Notes: A new ability to customize aspects to realms in greater detail, a new ability to modify the used header, footer, communications panel, and separator bar, and a code and database cleanup.

Download Website 31 Dec 16:30 cvsd 0.9.4


cvsd is a wrapper program for CVS in pserver mode. It will run 'cvs pserver' under a special uid/gid in a chroot jail. cvsd is run as a daemon and is controlled through a configuration file. It is easy to configure and provides tools for setting up a rootjail and managing repositories.


Release Notes: The CVS command path is configurable, and configurable resource limits have been added to CVS execution.

Download Website 31 Dec 16:10 User-mode Linux 0.54-2.4.17


User-Mode Linux lets you run Linux inside Linux. It is a safe, secure way of running Linux versions and Linux processes. Run buggy software, experiment with new Linux kernels or distributions, and poke around in the internals of Linux, all without risking your main Linux setup. User-Mode Linux gives you a virtual machine that may have more hardware and software virtual resources than your actual, physical computer. You can assign your virtual machine only the hardware access you want it to have. With properly limited access, nothing you do on the virtual machine can change or damage your real computer or its software.

Release Notes: Updated to 2.4.17. UML consoles and serial lines may now be attached to host ports. It can be shut down by sending it SIGINT or SIGTERM. The GP registers are now properly stored in core files. Some buffer overruns in uml_net were fixed.

Download Website 31 Dec 16:10 Xplanet 0.92


Xplanet was inspired by Xearth, which renders an image of the earth into the X root window. All of the major planets and most satellites can be drawn, similar to JPL's Solar System Simulator. A number of different map projections are also supported, including azimuthal, Mercator, Mollweide, orthographic, and rectangular.

Release Notes: Better locale support for the date/time label. Marker file transliterations in Cyrillic, Japanese Katakana, and Korean Hangul are included.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:23 AutoGen 5.2.13


AutoGen is a tool designed for generating program files that contain repetitive text with varied substitutions. Its goal is to simplify the maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text. This is especially valuable if there are several blocks of such text that must be kept synchronized. Output is specified with a Scheme-enhanced output template. Input, if required by your template, may come from AutoGen definitions, CGI data, or XML files.

Release Notes: The file getdefs/proto.h: was previously left out of the distribution. A getdefs bug has been fixed: when an extracted value started on the line following the value name, it was prepended with the line prefix text.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:20 SmoothWall 0.9.9 SE


SmoothWall Express is a network firewall, designed with home and small business users in mind. It is based upon a security-hardened subset of the GNU/Linux operating system and is completely free to use, download, and distribute. SmoothWall Express offers facilities and features normally only seen in expensive commercial offerings.

Release Notes: This is version 0.9.9 fully patched with fixes 1-6.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:19 TCL File Server 3.6-8


TCL File Server is an IRC File Server made in TCL. It supports common features and some others.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and improvements as well as 2 big security fixes.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:19 Install Kernel 0.8.2


Install Kernel (ik) is a bash script that installs the Linux kernel and automatically sets up LILO or GRUB. It also saves your kernel configuration each time you do an install. This allows you to restore the newest configuration file when you make a new kernel. This script is intended for two groups of people; people new to compiling kernels, and people who are tired of moving files around and editing their bootloader configurations every time they install a new kernel.

Release Notes: The hardcoded link check for the modules has been fixed. Another module check has been added which is used to check if the user once had modules off and then turned them back on. The check works by verifying the state of the modules (whether they are on or off) by checking the config file. One less command is used for removing and linking the new System.map when installing the kernel.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:18 PCX Firewall 1.1


PCX Firewall is an iptables firewalling solution that uses Perl to generate static shell scripts based upon the user's configuration settings. This allows the firewall to startup quickly, as it does not have to parse config files every time it starts.

Release Notes: This release uses XML::LibXML instead of XML::XPath. Core Perl modules now install into the Perl tree. Support has been added to disable services or zone paths in the config file. You can now match MAC addresses when using limitFrom. A bug that would cause some paths to be skipped over if a zone was disabled and a path was processed referencing that zone has been fixed.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:12 PCX Firewall 2.11


PCX Firewall is an iptables firewalling solution that uses Perl to generate static shell scripts based upon the user's configuration settings. This allows the firewall to startup quickly, as it does not have to parse config files every time it starts.

Release Notes: The Perl modules are now installed into the Perl tree. A single shell script 'firewall' is now generated with the contents of stopfw, startfw, and restartfw integrated into it. An installation script is now available which actually puts the files into place and enables the use of the iptables.pcx rc script.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:11 Getleft 1.0beta2


Given a URL, Getleft will try to download all links. As it goes, it modifies the original HTML pages so that the absolute links get changed to relative links, and links to active pages get changed to the resulting pages. It supports thirteen different languages.

Release Notes: This release has updated translations and several minor bugfixes.

Download Website 31 Dec 14:11 Sidebar in a Can 1.0.1


Sidebar in a Can is a tool that randomly generates fresh sidebars. It provides a very low-maintenance sidebar, and allows Web masters to turn an intimidating amount of static content into an attractively small amount of dynamic content.

Release Notes: A bug in optimized mode that put the content-type line at the beginning of the HTML file has been fixed. The installer now allows installation in sidebar's public HTML directory. Optimized mode now powers the JonathansCorner.com front page.

No download Website 31 Dec 12:03 POI 1.0


The POI project contains several components for dealing with popular OLE 2 formats in Java. POIFS is a pure Java implementation of the OLE 2 Compound document format. HSSF is a pure Java implementation of Excel 97-2003 XLS file format based on POIFS. HSSF Serializer is a pure Java serializer for Cocoon 2 that uses the Gnumeric XML format to output XLS. Full documentation of the POIFS file format is included. It is useful if you wish to output reports in the Excel file format, or if you have existing XML documents that you need to get into Excel. HSLF provides initial support for PowerPoint 97-2003 and HWPF provides limited support for Word 97-2003. POIFS can be used to read any OLE2 stream.

Release Notes: This is the first official, stable release.

No download Website 31 Dec 11:53 valiases 2.2.6


valiases mimics the sendmail behavior of evaluating aliases for mail sent to one or more virtual mail addresses. It checks whether any of the (visibly) addressed mail accounts of an email message matches one of the configured aliases, and resends mail to the alias replacement. If you don't have access to /etc/aliases but you need it, this program is for you.

Release Notes: This release has proven stable over the course of several months of use.

Download Website 31 Dec 10:08 Gnumeric 1.0.0


Gnumeric is a powerful and easy to use spreadsheet using GNOME. Its goal is to provide a full featured spreadsheet and a smooth migration path for people and organizations currently using proprietary applications. It provides more sheet functions and greatly improved accuracy when compared to Microsoft's Excel. A plugin system lets you extend Gnumeric, adding functions, I/O formats, and real time data capabilities. The existing Python, Guile, and Perl plugins let you define complex functions. Gnumeric is capable of reading and writing MS Excel (XLS and Office Open XML), and reading Lotus, Applix, Quattro Pro, OpenCalc (ODF), XBase, DIF, SYLK, HTML, Psion, MPS, oleo, sc, misc. text formats, and its native XML. It can also generate Latex, HTML, and others.

Release Notes: This is supposed to be the first stable release. Testing for lingering bugs would be greatly appreciated by the authors.

Download Website 31 Dec 10:02 PHPortal 0.1


PHPortal is a PHP application development environment similar to Zope. It is a pipeline or tunnel application that can help you quickly create dynamic Web applications such as portal and intranet sites. It comes with membership, search, news, and more. Its easy-to-use tools allow teams to productively and safely work together. It provides access to databases and other legacy data. Its support for Web standards such as SMTP, POP, FTP, and XML-RPC allows you flexibility and interoperability. It consists of a number of components which work together to provide a complete, yet flexible, application server package. It includes an XML-RPC server, an object-oriented database schema, a search engine, a database virtual file mapping system, a Web page templating system, a Web-based development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support.

Release Notes: The license is now the LGPL. This release introduces an automatic setup and a working management library that is getting closer to completion.

Download Website 31 Dec 09:04 myBeasties 0.24


myBeasties is a highly flexible evolutionary programming module. It is designed to be extendable and customisable for maximum use by the Perl developer. Many species of genotypes can be evolved, and these can be used to build phenotypes of any size or complexity. These can be as simple as a list or as large as a whole class of objects.

Release Notes: The Rater now allows genotypes to breed within groups, much akin to village selection. This powerful tool increases variation, and avoids convergence on local optima. A new frontend has been added that take cares of the setup and running of your population. A new module, named MyBeasties::Simple, has been added. A lot of extra functionality was added with the recursive groups_mating method.

Download Website 31 Dec 08:53 PRepS 1.7.2


PRepS is a problem reporting and tracking system similar to Gnats, only simpler to use. Currently, PRepS is best used with smaller projects or projects where all developers have access to the same network. For more "remote" projects, Gnats may be a better choice.

Release Notes: Popup menus were added in several edit and list widgets. Bugs introduced in previous versions were fixed. Various user interface enhancements were implemented.

Download Website 31 Dec 08:33 sed 3.55


Sed, the GNU Stream Editor, copies the named files (standard input default) to the standard output, edited according to a script of commands.

Release Notes: This release improves the POSIX-ocnformance of the regular expression matcher.

Download Website 31 Dec 08:25 udpcast 20011231


UDPCast allows to send data simultaneously to many destinations on a local net. This can for instance be used to install entire classrooms of PCs at once. The advantage over using other methods (nfs, ftp, whatever) is that udpcast uses Ethernet's multicast abilities: it won't take longer to install 15 machines than it would to install 2. The tool comes with a busybox bootdisk for easy loading of the tool. However, udpcast can also be started from the command line of an already installed system, and can be used for other purposes than just system installation.

Release Notes: socklib was fixed so that it no longer requires the presence of the in_addr_t type. The --mcast-addr flag was ignored in previous version, and has now been fixed. A new --mcast-all-addr flag was added in order to override the default broadcast/multicast address used for finding peers.

Download Website 31 Dec 06:22 AdslShare 0.2


AdslShare aims to be a powerful file sharing tool. It is built with modularity in mind. Each piece of the software is a plugin that can be loaded at start time. It currently has a GTK+ 2.x interface and a Gnutella protocol plugin. Planned features include the ability to download from different hosts, resume downloads and uploads, a new protocol with a more intelligent download engine, and a scripting interface.

Release Notes:

Download Website 31 Dec 06:19 Krename 1.7


Krename is a very powerful batch file renamer for KDE which can rename a list of files based on a set of expressions. It can copy/move the files to another directory or simply rename the input files. Krename supports many conversion operations, including conversion of a filename to lowercase or to uppercase, conversion of the first letter of every word to uppercase, adding numbers to filenames, finding and replacing parts of the filename, and many more. It can also change access and modification dates, permissions, and file ownership.

Release Notes: A warning if started by root, a link to the new krename website (http://krename.sourceforge.net), and an "Add Dir Recursively" button have been added. The find-and-replace bug that could crash krename has been fixed.

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